Mayoral Debate 5116 for Wehnimer's Landing

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Judge Renpaw conducted this debate on March 18 between the three candidates, Puptillian, Cruxophim, and Kylinarr. Only questions and answers appear here. Transcribed by TownCrier correspondent, Irar, with the thanks of everyone involved.

Renpaw asks, "What is a good time frame for the Hendoran soldiers to return home, and what do you propose be done with the outpost when they do?"

Speaking thoughtfully to Renpaw, Cruxophim states, "I have nothing against relations with the Hendorians, but I fear that this is a case of 'offer an inch, take a foot'."

Speaking casually to Renpaw, Cruxophim says, "Having said that, I'm not inherently against the Outpost... but they need to understand, clearly, that their jurisdiction applies there, and only there."

Speaking wryly to Renpaw, Cruxophim adds, "And I'm sure we all have our suspicions about... certain shrines there."

Speaking thoughtfully to Renpaw, Cruxophim continues, "If they do agree to certain terms set forth, once decided, I think that it would make an excellent fortification for our own town."

Speaking wryly to himself, Cruxophim mutters, "Once that shrine is dealt with."

Puptilian says, "The Hendors told us they were here for a goal and that goal was to bring more stability to this area. I believe that with their help we have gone a long way to bring back the stability in this area when it comes to certain criminal elements."

Puptilian says, "The Rooks seem to be more desperate. We help to break what was possibily a union with them and the Bayrunners, and hopefully soon we will break the union between the Rooks and the Kings."

Puptilian says, "I dont see why in the next year they couldn't start lowering the number of soldiers here. At that point I like to see it used as an embassy for the Empire. A place for a representative can come and continue to improve relations...AFTER we tear down the shrine and throw it in the bay."

Kylinarr says, "A good time frame would have been several months ago. Unfortunately our current mayor not only says on his campaign sign that he won't fall apart, he failed to add that he rolls over to Hendor."

Kylinarr says, "If things remain as they are, it's fairly apparent that the Hendorans won't be going home anytime soon, if ever. I mean, we were told that the Hendorans on the docks would remain searching for illicit cargo for a few weeks or a month or so at most, yet months later they remain with no sign of withdrawing."

Kylinarr says, "As mayor, I'd coordinate with Earl Jovery for the removal of the Hendorans over the next three to six months at most. I'm sure there will be some resistance from Thadston, which is why I don't intend to include him in the negotiation."

Kylinarr says, "Once the outpost is abandoned, perhaps we can remove the blood marble altar and let not only the Koarites set up a shrine there, but any religion who wishes as the place is fairly large."

Renpaw asks, "Do you think the Brotherhood of Rooks are good, or bad for this town? Will you work with them, or against them and if so, how?"

Kylinarr says, "I think the Brotherhood of Rooks are a detriment to the town overall. Having said that, even after the opportunity to be pardoned was given the Rooks still use children to attack and attempt to murder citizens of the town. Not something that can be condoned by a mayor, or anyone who cares about Wehnimer's Landing."

Kylinarr says, "Rysus has declared himself king. Again not something good for the town overall. Several merchants still are active within the Rook organization, so first I'd try to find out who and address why they feel it necessary to work against the town council and mayor and the citizens as opposed to fixing their grievances."

Kylinarr says, "I would definitely oppose those who would do harm to the town. I believe the surest way to do this is attack them from within. Get those who do feel it necessary to side with them to find more economic prosperity and reason to follow the town laws and aid the town. By doing what? Talking, not arresting everyone in sight. Not exactly a pardon. They remain with the Rooks, they go down. Jail at best. They attack townsfolk more dire consequences."

Puptilian says, "We know that the Rooks are part outsiders that help start the organization but also have many of our own town as members. I could go on and on about the many things they have done but we all know what it equals up to. Murder, thief, extorition. I will tell you all the something similiar to what I told Rlen. While I am mayor it is Rook Season."

Puptilian says, "They have proven that even if they occasionally help this town their actions against this town do more damage then not. We do everything we can to break the Rooks while doing what we can for the town and its people to make it so they do not have a source of new members."

Puptilian says, "Improve the conditions of town, improve the conditions for its people, and we will bleed their source of members."

Cruxophim calmly states, "I agree that, first and foremost, it is important to remember that many of the Rooks are citizens of this town, as well. They are people, just like you and I, and while some are doubtless evil and malicious to their very core, many have simply been lured and brainwashed into committing deplorable acts by promises of saving this town. Something I have, admittedly, been intimately acquainted with in the past."

Speaking firmly to Renpaw, Cruxophim says, "We are all aware that this will not be an easy knot to untangle, nor is there a single elegant solution to resolving it."

Cruxophim firmly adds, "However, I believe that what we need to do is give them something to believe in again, something that is not some shadowy organization. We need to make the Landing something that those people, the ones who are simply misguided, can believe in again."

Cruxophim calmly says, "And those are assessed and found to be guilty, should rightly be punished."

Cruxophim calmly continues, "If we restore the people's faith in our town, our beloved home, those swords can fight by our side once again. Thankfully, the root of the problem has partly been dealt with already."

Speaking quietly to Puptilian, Cruxophim whispers aloud, "Were you expecting more call for bloodshed?"

Renpaw asks, "Do you believe Prelate Chaston of the Church of Koar is a threat to our town? If so, what are your plans to keep us safe?"

Speaking firmly to Renpaw, Cruxophim declares, "Absolutely."

Speaking evenly to Renpaw, Cruxophim says, "There are forces at play within that man. We've all seen it, in glimpses and shadows."

Speaking seriously to Renpaw, Cruxophim says, "And to be truthful, I believe that the Landing is about to face an adversary like none it has ever seen... an insidious evil, one hidden behind a veil of light."

Speaking simply to Renpaw, Cruxophim says, "That is why I am running for mayor now. I make no secret of having some experience with... certain things, in the past. And while I may be reformed, I truly believe that that knowledge -- and the knowledge of many of the people of our town -- may become invaluable in the dark days to come."

Speaking sincerely to Renpaw, Cruxophim says, "Like Pup, like Kylinarr, like everyone here... I want what is best for this town. I want it to survive the coming days..."

Speaking seriously to Renpaw, Cruxophim declares, "And I will do whatever is necessary to see that it does."

Puptilian says, "The Prelate has proven through the Blameless that their order is not only a threat to this town but to all people that think, act, and look differently then the Prelate himself."

Puptilian says, "As mayor I have proven one thing and that is that I can bring people together to meet the threat. I would look not to our town but our allies close and far. I would reach out to the Hendor Outpost, I would reach out to Icemule and Teras, and Zul. I will reach out to all the people in the area."

Puptilian says, "And bring them all together to meet this threat as one people. This threat is bigger then the Landing. We can't do this alone and I will do what I do best. Bring people together as one."

Puptilian says, "That is why I and many from different beliefs all signed the letter speaking out against Prelate Chaston."

Kylinarr says, "Do I think Chaston is a threat to the town? Yes. What would I do about it? For one thing I agree in this instance with Thadston. Do not allow Blameless to be housed here."

Kylinarr says, "Will that prevent the threat? No. Will it slow it? Possibly. So how do we keep it safe? Right now that is hypothetical at best. We don't know what the exact threat will be."

Kylinarr says, "We keep vigilant. We look for any signs of change like we've seen in Casiphia. We make sure those we notice such change in are kept outside the loop. We continue bolstering the town's defenses."

Kylinarr says, "We resist in every way, shape and form we can any signs of insurrection overt or covert. As mayor I would also send rather than openly but more secretive scouts, or knowledge seekers, or if you'd prefer to term it, spies - to see what they could learn of Chaston."

Kylinarr says, "I'd also like the blood marble studied more closely. It almost seems as if that's the way from afar that those who have visited here are communicating and possibly being controlled by the pieces of it they wear. Break the bond, break the control."

Kylinarr says, "We definitely need to foster our alliances with others, as Pup stated. However, as in the past, much of what makes the Landing great in my eyes has come from within. We accept aid, but we rely as we always have upon our strength and unity from within."

Renpaw says, "I intend to call the next speaker down from the balcony, but one slight change."
Renpaw says, "With a smaller field of candidates this year, I will be randomly changing the speaker order if the question is addressed to you all."
Renpaw asks, "Stormyrain, please come down?"
Stormyrain asks, "My question is for each of you, if you would please?"
Stormyrain asks, "As you all know there are several types of magic that are currently outlawed or forbidden within the walls of the Landing. One of them is blood magic. What is your stance, should you become or continue to be Mayor, on blood magic within the town walls?"

Puptilian says, "Many may or may not know but Blood Magic like any other type of magic can be used for good or bad. Its not the magic itself that is good or evil but the use of it."

Puptilian says, "I have taken council to a few that know the magic and ask their opinions over the years, even before my time as Mayor."

Puptilian says, "While as I have said that there are good uses for the magic there is just as much bad. The real issue is that its an obscure and under trained magic with no real teachers or schools to help those that follow this path."

Puptilian says, "Because of that you find even when intentions are good, the magic can go very bad. For that reason, for the reason its a magic that many can't control I have to think for the safety of the town and maintain that its use be illegal in town."

Kylinarr says, "We know that blood magic, even within the very walls of Wehnimer's has been used for both the good and for the horrendous."

Kylinarr says, "My position on this is to allow the town council to leave the laws regarding this, and as one potential voter asked me for demon summoning, and still another about dueling within town - leave them all as is and allow the town council to change the laws if they feel fit to do so."

Kylinarr says, "Frankly, we have more pressing issues than whether to allow one's summoned demon to carry one's shopping - which was the very reason for allowing the demon within town that someone told me they'd use it for - and I would prefer that we focus on potential threats to the town as well as its economic prosperity."

Kylinarr says, "I will when elected mayor make sure that those more pressing issues are addressed. Rooks, Chaston, Hendor, Trade."

Cruxophim amicably states, "I fully agree that blood magic -- nor any other type or classification of magic -- is neither innately 'good nor evil'. The greater part of handling such magic is the responsibility of the weilder, and having the faith that -- let's be honest -- they know what they're doing."

Speaking thoughtfully to Renpaw, Cruxophim muses, "We have an army of very capable and intelligent sorcerers at our disposal. Why should they be punished by what are, quite frankly, rather archaic laws?"

Cruxophim firmly states, "I would very much like to see some of those restrictions abolished, because... honestly, I have confidence in our citizens to do the right thing. And if not, hey..."

Cruxophim wryly reasons, "We have some experience with cleaning up demonic messes."

Cruxophim calmly says, "As Kylinarr pointed out, we do have bigger things to worry about... which is precisely why I don't think our citizens should suffer such restrictions."

Hapenlok says, "Good evening one and all."
Hapenlok says, "My question is for Cruxophim."
Hapenlok says, "And you're going to love this."
Speaking to Cruxophim, Hapenlok asks, "So, it seems that you've glossed over bits of your past, say, giving yourself freely to Barnon Slim? and Also, giving yourself freely in the service of Elithain Cross, both acts where were greatly against the town's best does that make you worthy to lead these people?"

Speaking simply to Hapenlok, Cruxophim replies, "Because, like many of us... people can change."

Speaking firmly to Hapenlok, Cruxophim lectures, "We all learn from our mistakes, and grow better for them. Sometimes those mistakes are trivial, and sometimes they are costly.... but at the end of the day, I prefer to believe that we have faith in one another not to, say, burn the town down."

Speaking seriously to Hapenlok, Cruxophim says, "Freedom is important, and an important part of freedom is the ability to make mistakes, and learn from them."

Speaking offhandedly to Hapenlok, Cruxophim states, "As for trustworthiness... I've rescued the fallen, defended the gate, and healed the wounded as much as anyone here. You make your own decisions."

Speaking flatly to Cruxophim, Hapenlok says, "An excellent non-answered answer. i've still got my eye on you."

Rowmi crisply says, "My question is for you three, if you please."
Rowmi lightly asks, "All of this talk of danger and war and zealots and the Empire aside, what will you do to nurture our most valuable resource: our people. More specifically, how will you help miss Surofee tend to the Orphanage?"

Kylinarr says, "As mayor I'd help oversee and encourage fundraising activities such as raffles and sales with proceeds going the orphanage. We already have several groups around own doing that. Some of the meager town's coffer silvers can be allocated to keep the orphanage running, but we all know that the funds are not as much as any might hope they would be."

Kylinarr says, "I'd continue coordinating with the groups who do regularly and semi-regularly run such functions to bring in additional silver for the orphanage and encourage anyone who cares about both the city and its people to do as they have done, support the orphanage."

Rowmi understandingly says, "Encourage the norm, yes, quite."

Speaking thoughtfully to Rowmi, Cruxophim says, "I've always stood behind the Orphanage as a necessary part of the Landing. I supported it, both financially and, well... served in its defense in the dark times."

Speaking absently to Rowmi, Cruxophim muses, "Someone, I believe, suggested the idea of a stronger program to find those orphans good homes... something I would also like to support. And, of course, we can always support the institution at large through further fundraisers -- something I would be fully behind -- but that's already been covered."

Speaking regretfully to Rowmi, Cruxophim says, "The Taladorian war, alas, has left many children orphaned and many parents bereft of their children. I believe with greater promotion and support, we can help to rectify this sitation with more expedience."

Speaking cheerfully to Rowmi, Cruxophim says, "Again, I trust to the inguinity of our people to find more solutions to this. That is largely my desire, to be truthful -- I trust in our people. ALL of them."

Rowmi understandingly says, "Find them homes, indeed, leave it to the people, mm."

Puptilian says, "Both of the candidates have said to focus on the most important things, dealing with Chaston or stone or outside forces. They seem to forget we have a Marshal and Militia that is charged with dealing with outside threats. As Mayor the most important thing you can do is protect the people of the town."

Puptilian says, "Many groups in town have taken it in their hands to help the orphange. The best thing I can do is stand back and let the good people of this town do what they have done best for those kids."

Puptilian says, "Give the people more work to make money."

Puptilian says, "Give the people the ability to grow more food, to be able to send and receive more trade for goods that are needed."

Puptilian says, "That is why over the last year and my goal for the next year when I am mayor is to continue to grow the trade and improve the lives of all people."

Rowmi understandingly says, "Do nothing specifically but trust that bettering the town will benefit the children."

Speaking amusedly to Rowmi, Cruxophim adds, "Also, we should also perhaps develop some means to prevent these children from constantly wandering out into areas where they don't belong."

Maylan bitterly exclaims, "As we are all aware, there is a lair housing Kiramon scum in Darkstone Castle. Despite the efforts of many noble citizens to cull this blight, the Kiramon scum remain. Their presence is an affront to every Aelotian citizen in our town and I will tolerate it NO LONGER! We are no longer slaves and we need not fear them!"
Maylan imploringly says, "My question for each of you is this. If elected, will you use your mayoral authority to aide me in my quest to rid our realm of all filthy Kiramon scum once and for all? Your specific ideas for dealing with this matter are appreciated."

Speaking jokingly to Maylan, Cruxophim concludes, "Simple. We irritate Hapenlok beyond all measure, point him at them, and tell him to go nuts."

Speaking cheerfully to Maylan, Cruxophim exclaims, "Beyond that, I would certainly not be adverse to weekly hunting parties designed to scour that filth from the earth!!"

Speaking thoughtfully to Maylan, Cruxophim agrees, "The more I think about it, the more I like that idea. I would love to see volunteers to lead such expeditions."

Speaking gently to Maylan, Cruxophim whispers aloud, "Such a thing is important to remember. We must never allow that to happen to our citizens."

Speaking to Maylan, Kylinarr says, "While not entirely an Aelotian problem, the scourge of the kiramon unfortunately has troubled Darkstone for many years. When I aided the first Aelotian arrivals to Elanthia from at the time we knew not where, I helped slay many kiramon. They breed almost as fast as rabbits it seems."

Speaking to Maylan, Kylinarr says, "Darkstone is outside the sphere of influence of the landing laws. Having said that, if you wish to follow in the spirit of L'Naere to help give life by taking those of the kiramon, it would be encouraged. When elected mayor, I will appoint you to help coordinate hunts to exterminate these foul beings. You will have my full support."

Puptilian says, "Having a love that is Aelotoi I have been told many stories of her time in their camps as a child. I can only imagine what that is like."

Puptilian says, "I can understand fully why there is deep hate for the kiramon and why you would seek their complete destruction."

Puptilian says, "As mayor, you have to look at all issues that plague the town and realize that you can not solve them all. You have to work with the council, work with the militia, and the many groups in town to decide what can or can not be done at the moment."

Puptilian says, "At this time, we are still rebuilding even today from the war we have done for the last several years."

Puptilian says, "I think the best use of resources is to allow the groups that continuously attack them to help keep their numbers down."

Maylan lets out a scream of rage.

Puptilian says, "Until we can find the right time and manpower to deal with them completely."

Puptilian says, "That said, if you feel strongly about this Maylan, I give you the best advice. Join the Militia, work with the Marshal that is charged with the town's protection, and work with them to do what is needed in your eyes."

Maylan violently shakes her head in the negative, causing several strands of hip-length hair to fall free from its bindings.

Oeath asks, "With all the vast resources the Turamzzyrian Empire has in minerals, people, and food would it not be wiser to petition to become part of an Empire that can build an Outpost in less time than it takes for us to repair a wall, fight off krolvin ships with an armada of its own, and better the saftey of its citizens to a greater degree versus underground ogranizations? Why is our independence so important?"

Puptilian says, "This town was founded because people wanted to be outside the rule of the Empire. Its been breed into the people of this town to be independent."

Puptilian says, "Why is it important? Many people here agree that we want to rule ourselves. This, what we are doing now, is one of the many freedoms we have. To vote for those that represent the people."

Puptilian says, "To walk in lands where they are told what they can or can not believe in."

Puptilian says, "To walk lands where you can go to jail for saying someting wrong."

Puptilian says, "Or even hanged for saying those things."

Puptilian says, "You have to be in that land to realize how much freedom we have here and why its important. Its not something you can put to words as you have to live it and experience it to understand why each of us here will die for these freedoms."

Puptilian says, "Over the last year I have had many disagree with me. I have had many that have said words that would peel paint and direct it at me. And every single time someone ask me why I allow it, its a simple answer."

Puptilian says, "Because we have that freedom and its the greatest thing to let people execute that freedom."

Kylinarr says, "Why does someone choose to leave home when they grow up? The answer is simple. There's no choice. It's part of life. It's what you do."

Kylinarr says, "The way I see it, Wehnimer's Landing and its citizens have always prided themselves on their independence, regardless of whether the Empire considers it a protectorate or not. We have no choice."

Kylinarr says, "Anyone who lives here would likely be welcomed if they moved to Solhaven, or Vornavis, or any of the other cities within the Empire where they could petition to become citizens."

Kylinarr says, "Taxes, a certain expectation on way of life, instead of the freedom to go out and, within the confines of the laws of the city, do as one pleases, is part of why I call landing home."

Kylinarr says, "Why not become part of the Empire? I, and those who live here answer simply - we have no choice - and we prefer it and our freedom that way."

Speaking diplomatically to Oeath, Cruxophim lectures, "Well, freedom is important for a variety of reasons. Freedom encourages growth, change, exploration, and prosperity; those under a yoke cannot always achieve their full potential, and that concept applies to our town just as much as it applies to any individual. Freedom of speech, freedom to practice whatever religion one chooses -- or the freedom to embrace no religion, as well -- are all vital to the healthy continuation of our town. We are not the Empire, we are THE place where refugees and the hopeful come to sow the seeds of a better tomorrow. The illusion of safety, to me, is simply not worth the trade-off."

Speaking grimly to Oeath, Cruxophim states, "I have seen tyranny, and I have seen oppression in more forms that you would believe. Throughout my life, I have experienced -- and even risked -- enslavement to grow, to learn, and ultimately... to defend our town."

Speaking seriously to Oeath, Cruxophim declares, "And you'd better believe that I would fight for those freedoms, the freedoms of our townspeople -- every last one, no matter how much their views differ from mine -- so long as there is fire in my heart."

Speaking amusedly to Oeath, Cruxophim says, "So no, I don't believe that aligning ourselves with the Empire would be beneficial to us, in the long run."

Lylia says, "This question is to Kylinarr."
Lylia says, "Why are you so bloody arrogant that you think you can mock a constituent and still expect her vote? At least the current Mayor has heard my requests about extra-planars."
Lylia says, "And Cruxophim has entertained my suggestions. You mocked them publicly. Do you feel this is a worthwhile tactic to earn votes -- to be derisive and use citizens' concerns as grist for your speeches?"

Speaking to Lylia, Kylinarr says, "I'm sorry if you feel that shopping is more important than trade, the Church of Koar, and the fact that there are other threats upon the doorstep."

Lylia simply says, "I believe I have said my piece. Thank you for your time."

Speaking to Renpaw, Kylinarr says, "It seems that having a demon to carry one's baggage is rather more important than the town's well being to some."

Ososis says, "Greetings. I would like to ask the candidates another question that revolves around the youth of the landing."
Ososis asks, "Old enough to leave the orphanage, but too green to really take off. Many of them feel left out in various scenarios and I feel that this hurts not only our town, but the lands as a whole. The sheer number of turnips is a force that is often ignored. I would like to know what actions you plan to take to bolster not only our young population, but also to help them realize their potential and give them the opportunity to return the favors of the landing?"
Ososis says, "Crux twitched first, so you can start."

Ososis grins at Cruxophim.

Cruxophim laughs softly, trying to hide his amusement.

Renpaw says, "Cruxophim, Puptilian, Kylinarr."
Renpaw says, "I'll be the "Judge" of that."

Speaking to Ososis, Cruxophim says, "I absolutely agree with this assessment. We were all turnips, once upon a time, and those young people who are new to our town? One day, they may make the vital difference between our survival and our absolutely extinction. I deeply and profoundly understand this, trust me."

Speaking passionately to Ososis, Cruxophim continues, "While there are already a number of means to assist with this, I have ideas for a number of programs to help encourage people to assist those new to our town, among other tasks. There are a number of kind folk in this town, and I -- once again -- have faith in the people to step forward and do what is right."

Speaking wryly to Ososis, Cruxophim states, "Perhaps that's -because- so many distrust me, but that's neither here nor there."

Speaking cheerfully to Ososis, Cruxophim says, "We could use more turnips, once in a while. Keeps things interesting."

Puptilian says, "This issue is one of many reasons I keep pushing hard for trade. With increase trade, there is a need to fill orders from our trade partners."

Puptilian says, "As that continues to increase, the blacksmiths will need more workers."

Puptilian says, "The farmers, the loggers, everyone will need more people to increase output to meet the increase needs of trade."

Puptilian says, "On top of that, I want to expand the shipyards and by doing so will open up more opportunities for people to learn that trade and yet another place these young adults can find work."

Puptilian says, "Then there are the groups and organizations existing today."

Puptilian says, "If they have the right heart and head for it there are the two orders of Knights they can work for. The Adventure Guild is always looking for new people to work bounties."

Puptilian says, "No greater idea then to go join the militia, learn and grow within their ranks and server this town."

Puptilian says, "Even Houses are here that help these youths to better themselves."

Puptilian says, "There is many ways for the youths to grow in this town, we just have to give them the chance to take advantage of them."

Kylinarr says, "The other two candidates seem to wish in this instance to rely on organizations and societies people can join currently and in the future."

Kylinarr says, "You ask the question as if it were in the future tense if or when I am elected mayor. When elected mayor I do not intend on doing anything differently than what I do already."

Kylinarr says, "I know some, particular Rlen, will continue to state it is the status quo. Any and all who know me know that already I offer magical aid to those both young and old often in town square. I give of my magic freely."

Kylinarr says, "I have throughout my lifetime taken those who are less experienced aside to teach them the ways of the landing and Elanthia. I have taught and continue to teach many younger wizards how to more effectively hunt and grow."

Kylinarr says, "I also answer and will continue answering questions or the confusion of those who are unsure of how to proceed. It has nothing to do with being mayor or not. It has to do with a love for the landing and the people here."

Kylinarr says, "So again, status quo. I won't change a thing. If I win or lose or tie, you'll still see me day in and day out continuing to help both the young and old. I have done it for over a millenia now and don't intend on stopping regardless of my status as politician."

Kylinarr says, "I will also continue to do as I have and encourage those with the experience and knowledge to do the same. Greatness comes from the people within town. The more those straight off the turnip farm know how to do things, the greater the city will become."

Wolfloner asks, "Given this history, what to you discern to be the greatest immediate threat to the landing?"

Puptilian says, "Immediate threat can be taken a few different ways. We still have not seen the last of the Krolvin fleet. We know the Prelate and his Blameless are coming back to the area. We also know that Stone and Raznel are out there and the worries they will focus on us again."

Puptilian says, "The greatest one of these I believe would be the Prelate and the Blameless."

Puptilian says, "The reason I say that is that they are fully against everything that this town believes in to the core."

Puptilian says, "Freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of religion. To me they attack the core of this town and to me that is the greatest threat."

Speaking to Wolfloner, Kylinarr says, "Since alliances and enemies are fluid. At the moment since they've been most recent and aggressive of late, the Krolvin apparently allied some way with Raznel."

Speaking calmly to Wolfloner, Cruxophim states, "I fully concur with your assessment of fluidity. And let's be honest here, as well: we all know what the coming threat is. And none of us three candidates are going to be people to discuss our platforms to the lengths that would be required to fully provide a solution to most of the questions asked. Which is probably why many of our answers have sounded similiar, if not cut from from the same rote cloth. I'll be honest, I dislike politics -- I understand the necessity, and will absolutely abide by the spirit and rule of the law when and if needed, but I believe that we need to harness our ingenuity and cleverness if we are to survive what is coming. There is really, by my reckoning, only one thing that can stand in our way."

Cruxophim simply states, "Prejudice. Division. Distrust, and unwillingness to work with -one another- for the greater good."

Cruxophim calmly states, "But unity is not as simple as holding hands, and hoping for a better tomorrow. There is no program for that, alas, but again... I have faith that when the time comes, our citizens will step up."

Sareyna says, "My question is for all if you please."
Sareyna says, "You have all claimed to make mistakes. Tell us about one and what you would have done differently in hindsight, and then tell me one of each your opponents' mistakes that you would have handled differently."

Kylinarr says, "One mistake I would have done differently in hindsight would have been to have taken V'Tull's warning seriously when he told me to continue to ask questions of him and be destroyed. It was a spectacular death at least. Long time ago."

Kylinarr says, "One of Crux's mistakes I would have handled differently is quite simple. Every time a shady or what might be considered evil being or creature attacks or comes after the landing in an attempt to grab power, Crux immediately swears an oath to that person or being. Althedeus, Barnom Slim, Grishom Stone. I suspect he may wind up a Blameless before too long."

Kylinarr says, "One of Puptilian's mistakes is quite simple. His own campaign sign right outside of Moot Hall states it directly. Re-elect Pup - He won't fall apart. And no, he hasn't. But every opportunity to capitulate or cave in to Thadston and Hendor he has. A perfect example. Thadston housed armed troops without any permission at all in Shanty Town. Instead of demanding he and his troops leave immediately, Pup said it was fine. Same with the troops on the docks. They were supposed to be long gone. We are becoming an occupied city, led by Pup's poor decisions. We can't bear another year of his type of leadership."

Speaking offhandedly to Sareyna, Cruxophim states, "I'm not here to put down the other candidates, or question their choices. They're both perfectly capable candidates, whom I have absolutely nothing against. If I wanted to sling mud I'd have hired a ranger, but since I imagine you'd like your question answered..."

Speaking simply to Sareyna, Cruxophim says, "I regret not trusting in my friends more, at certain points in my life."

Speaking calmly to Sareyna, Cruxophim says, "And yet, we must all walk our own paths."

Speaking calmly to Sareyna, Cruxophim adds, "I regret not giving more when I had the opportunity."

Cruxophim amusedly continues, "As for the others..."

Speaking wryly to Puptilian, Cruxophim says, "I rather disagree that we should not have retained some element of the blood trees for study, to use that knowledge against future threats. Not many bother to ask, but that was my only real goal with them. To live in ignorance is to lose."

Speaking amicably to Puptilian, Cruxophim adds, "But, I suppose that all worked out in the end, eh?"

Speaking thoughtfully to Kylinarr, Cruxophim continues, "As for you, I'm afraid I don't know enough of your exploits to really judge your mistakes. Perhaps I'll just say insulting Lylia, and leave it at that."

Speaking seriously to Kylinarr, Cruxophim says, "And if you think I haven't learned from my experiences, good and bad, you'd be mistaken."

Puptilian says, "If I had to look back and think what I would have changed in hindsight."

Puptilian says, "I would change how hard I worked against the use of Hendor soldiers on the docks."

Puptilian says, "It was not my choice to use them in the manner they are now."

Puptilian says, "And was not my deal to be made. The town voted and the council itself went with what the town wanted."

Puptilian says, "I spoke out against the deal the way it was provided to this town."

Puptilian says, "But maybe if I had spoken out more, have pushed harder against it, the deal would have been more in our favor when the council agreed to it."

Puptilian says, "As for the two other candidates."

Puptilian says, "Not too long ago Kylinarr in anger attacked a Knight in the Mayor's office. Attacking allies, not matter how frustrating they make you, does not bring unity. I would not have choosen his path in dealing with that Knight."

Puptilian says, "As for Crux, I think Kylinarr and Crux himself said enough. He has made many choices we all know well and against the wisdom of many around him. Realizing you do not know everything and you need to take council with those around you is one important factor to being a mayor."

Puptilian says, "I would have listen more to other's council if I was him."

Speaking lightly to Puptilian, Cruxophim jests, "All's well that ends well, eh?"

Speaking to Puptilian, Alasatia says, "Earlier this evening you stated that as long as you are mayor it is "Rook Season". How do you then explain or defend your decision to appoint Beldrin to the town council? Beldrin, who has been linked to various criminal and shady organizations around town, and who at the council debates openly expressed his favor -for- the Rooks, not against them. Perhaps you meant it's the season to be a Rook, rather than to be rid of them? Clarification would be appreciated."

Puptilian says, "It is very well known my dislike for the Rooks. If you think otherwise its just a twist of words for political reasons. The reason I picked Beldrin is simple. In this time of history in the Landing we are growing our town again."

Puptilian says, "We needed someone with experience, someone that has a history of being successful in business, that will work hard with the deals for this town."

Puptilian says, "If we were to arrest everyone that has said something good about the rooks, we would be arresting half the town."

Puptilian says, "He is a councilman now and one that has already starting to prove his worth in negoitations with trade partners like River Rest."

Puptilian says, "That said, if we can prove that he does worth for the Rooks, that there is actual proof, its just like Juramis. He will be arrested and tried by our judge here."

Puptilian says, "Like any other criminal."

Puptilian says, "Since he is on the council."

Puptilian says, "He will be watched even more, by the marshal and the public."

Puptilian says, "If anything if there is a real connection it will be found. So when I say Rook Season, I mean it."

Ososis says, "Allow me to apologize in advance for this loaded question. It is forced and unfair. That being said, I expect a mayor to handle at least a bit more than a sharp question during their term. Further, the mood upstairs does not appear to be leaning in your favor, so here is an opportunity to turn that, or double it down."

Speaking to Ososis, Kylinarr asks, "Personal bias aside, did you have a question?"

Ososis says, "You have been criticized for, as someone put it, making the status quo quoier, You have also stated that you would continue to do the same thing as you have always done even if you were elected mayor. A mayor doing the same mayor thing even when they are just a civilian, is quite different from a civilian doing the same civilian thing even when elected mayor."
Ososis asks, "My question for you is, based on what you have said about what you have to offer the landing, why should we buy the cow if we are already getting the milk for free? And why should we elect a milk cow as mayor?"

Speaking to Ososis, Kylinarr asks, "I'm not sure how livestock relates to the mayoral race. Would you mind clarifying the question?"

Ososis says, "No."
Evia says, "I have one, very short question, for all three. I will neither preface it, nor explain it in any way."
Evia says, "My question is..."
Evia asks, "Flax?"
Renpaw says, "That...isn't even...a question."
Speaking firmly to Evia, Cruxophim muses, "Yes. Flax, whatever that is... I think. Does it come with kisses?"
The townspeople look at each other befuddled over flax.
Evia asks, " is a vaulable crop. Are any in favor of our town encouraging its growth?"

Speaking to Evia, Puptilian says, "I guess I'll answer the question is: Flax flaxing by any name is still Flax. Rolton."

Kylinarr says, "Flax as a plant can have stringy fibers which could easily represent the strength of a person who was being attacked by an Empire citizen in the very mayor's office and chose not to allow himself to be assassinated. I chose not to allow the assassination."

Kylinarr says, "Or, flax could be easily as once it is turned into a fabric, weak and easily cut, as a mayor who didn't even have the potential assassin arrested. In fact did absolutely nothing because it was a citizen of the empire who attacked."

Speaking whimsically to Evia, Cruxophim states, "Flax for some, free orphans for others!! But seriously..."

Speaking to Evia, Kylinarr says, "You stated you would not explain nor preface it in any way. I answered it as it was originally presented."

Speaking amusedly to Evia, Cruxophim ponders, "I would fully support its growth as a commodity, simply because I'd like to find more ways to make the Landing self-sustaining. I have some ideas too lengthy to go into here, but I like the idea. I'd have to learn more, of course... does it even flourish here?"

Puptilian says, "If there is a market for the crop I'm sure it will be grown. If not then i doubt its use. I leave it to the farmers to determine if its worth growing or not."

Renpaw says, "After this question, I will allow each of you to ask one question of the other candidate, then all three of you with closing statements."
Renpaw exclaims, "Dergoatean? Our final question!"
Dergoatean says, "This is going back a bit, but I think maybe it'll provide insight on one's sense of justice."
Dergoatean says, "After the war, Davard was sentenced to death and cast out of his religion."
Dergoatean asks, "What sentence do you think he deserved?"

Puptilian says, "Davard was tried under Imperial Law, found guilty, and sentense according to the laws. If he was tried under the law here, he would have found the same sentence of death even if we use a different method for it. My personal feelings do not play a part as I would follow the law."

Puptilian says, "That said we do have a judge for a reason and I would allow the law of this land play out without my feelings being including."

Speaking to Dergoatean, Kylinarr says, "I fear that even though I was on a quest to seek Rhoska Tor at the time of Davard's execution, I fear that you asked a trick question that has no possible answer."

Speaking to Dergoatean, Kylinarr asks, "For if what I heard of rumor is correct, Davard was not in fact executed after the war, but was arrested by Walkar and executed during the war. In which case that invalidates your question. Did you have another?"

Dergoatean says, "I was there for his trial and execution. I have no other question for you."

Speaking calmly to Dergoatean, Cruxophim speculates, "I think that his execution was very... severe in nature, but perhaps warranted -- dare I say, even deserved -- for the equal severity of his crimes. However, given the opportunity.. I believe that we, the Landing itself, could have provided some rehabilitation while also asserting our independence against Imperial law. Still punishment, mind you, but if he is deceased... how can he ever pay back the tremendous debt which he owes our people? I say we should have let the sweat of his brow and vicious barbs of those grieving in his wake be his punishment, for the rest of his days. Let him learn the value of freedom, by taking it away. Let him live with what he has done, and his suffering would have been far greater."

Renpaw says, "For the next two rounds, the order has been chosen at random again."
Renpaw says, "First, each of you will get to ask one question of the other two candidates. That candidate will get 1 minute to respond."

Speaking curiously to Puptilian, Cruxophim ventures, "Do you feel that you are prepared to weather the coming storm? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of the Landing, even if it is something which you are morally or philosophically opposed to?"

Puptilian says, "I have proven that I will give my life to this town. Will I do something that is morally or phiosophically different? I will admit no. If I do anything or lead this town to go fully against the foundmental core of what it is to be this town, what would be left of this town? We can not sacrifice who and what we are just because its the easy way to win. We do what is right and be true to ourselves and I believe we will win in the end without losing who we are."

Speaking thoughtfully to Kylinarr, Cruxophim ventures, "What do you bring to the table, that neither I nor Pup do?"

Speaking to Cruxophim, Kylinarr says, "I think and respond quickly to situations based upon over a millenia and a half of experience and life. I tend to weigh options quickly and expect that those who follow me will accept and carry out those decisions. I understand as mayor my role will be fairly advisory, but my opinions are strong, and so are my responses."

Speaking amusedly to Kylinarr, Cruxophim says, "Can't argue with that."

Renpaw asks, "Kylinarr, have you questions for the others?"
Speaking to Puptilian, Kylinarr asks, "You brought up the attack in your office against one of the landing citizens, namely me, by a citizen of the Empire, and did nothing to the attacker at all nor even attempted to have him arrested. If you are again elected mayor, is this the kind of blatant disregard for Wehnimer's Law or the attempt to enforce it we can continue to expect, and if so why, if not why not?"
Puptilian says, "I will admit that within a crowd I did not see the initial verbal spar you two had nor any attack from the Knight. That said you did kill him which is fully against the law of the town. If any of the Knights had kill you they would have received the same treatment. THere are ways to defend without killing and one of the offenses to be arrested is to be killed so again I say I wuld have handled it differently."
Speaking to Renpaw, Kylinarr asks, "Might I get him to answer the actual question which was about the disregard for the laws of the town?"
Puptilian says, "Or better yet, learn what the Mayor's job is. The Marshal and Constable enforces the law, not the mayor."

Puptilian says, "I will give this to both of them and Judge you can decide the order they go in answering it."

Puptilian says, "This town is made of many groups, allies, and followers of many beliefs. Many of these as Mayor you have to work with even if you completely disagree with them."

Puptilian asks, "On top of that not everyone is going to agree with you and your choices if you are mayor. If you are voted mayor, how will you unite all these people and work with them?"

Speaking sincerely to Puptilian, Cruxophim agrees, "I absolutely understand that, and in fact, look forward to it. Trust me, I understand far more than some what it's like to be different... to be outcast, to be scorned, or looked down upon, or treated poorly for their beliefs or that which people do understand or even bother to ask.."

Cruxophim calmly states, "I don't intend to pander, but at the same time... I recognize that none of us -- myself included -- are as smart, clever, and cunning as ALL of us."

Cruxophim diplomatically concludes, "I realize that the role of Mayor is largely that of a public servant, not a dictator. And it's actually the people's ideas -- everyone's -- that I look forward to exploring."

Kylinarr says, "Well as Puptilian seems to have as of yet accomplished the very thing he is asking of us, I will attempt to answer it. About the only thing that I will not tolerate is prejudice and bigotry. Beyond that, any and all groups will be welcomed. Will I unite them? No. Puptilian hasn't even come close to being able to do it inside of a year now. The Ta'Mori, The Silvery Gryphons, The LDI, several of them don't even come close to seeing eye to eye nor at times do I think even agree as to what color the sky is at any given moment. I will as situations arise attempt to get the majority to see what is best for the town. Sometimes they will have ideas that are best for the town that might not coincide with mine but would be better. You won't get full unity ever, but figuring out longterm what's best for the Landing will be the goal."

Speaking philosophically to Kylinarr, Cruxophim muses, "Sometimes, the answer to a problem isn't necessarily where you'd expect to look."

Renpaw says, "I will now ask for your closing comments for the night. The order will be Kylinarr, Puptilian, Cruxophim."

Kylinarr says, "I love the landing and the people who live here. I welcome any and all to participate and encourage those who have experienced the landing and may know some of the ins and outs of the environs and city itself to teach encourage and help newcomers and old alike continue to make the landing thrive. I ask for your vote to help do that."

Puptilian says, "You just heard that we can not unite. I beg to differ on that opinion. In the face of the enemy we all united and push back the Krolvin with minimal to no damage to this town. I called out to all groups and you, YOU the people answered and worked together. You all worry about the future and the possibly enemies coming and I ask you. Who do you want to lead you all and unite you all to face that evil? Please think to vote Pup this year and bring us all together."

Cruxophim thoughtfully rambles, "I keep talking about people, and faith in them do you know why? Because even in my short experience campaigning thus far, I have heard far more good ideas than I EVER expected. Ideas that I feel I would not only be honored, but excited to present to the Council for review. Ideas that I never would have come up with on my own well, maybe eventually, but not from the viewpoint that they provided."

Cruxophim thoughtfully continues, "My role as Mayor would be largely to facilitate communication between the Council... and the people. That is the most important aspect of the job to me, and believe me, I have a very clear idea of how much work and how many thousands of hours it will require. And if elected, I actually look forward to it, because I've enjoyed the last few weeks."

Cruxophim cheerfully concludes, "Simply put, we don t all have to agree.... but we can certainly benefit from each other s unique perspectives. I don t tell you that to earn you trust, but because it s a simple truth that I ve had to learn the hard way. But regardless of whether I m elected or not, I ll still be here, and the Landing will still be my home... and I'll helping people in other ways, if not that one."

Speaking to Puptilian, Kylinarr says, "But you said the town marshall is responsible for town defense in one of your answers and not the mayor. All very confusing changing the answer like that dependant upon convenience in your closing comment. Good politics, though. Kudos."

− - -

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