Meazernis Villa

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Meazernis Villa is the Premium Hall located within Ta'Illistim.


It can be found through a gate on Glamesine Var, two NORTH of the Bard Guild. From the Dais: OUT, SOUTHWEST, CLIMB BRIDGE, NORTHWEST, SOUTHWEST, SOUTHWEST, SOUTH, GO GATE.

Premium Teleportation Jewelry

A table stocked with Premium teleportation jewelry is located on a linen-draped cherrywood table in the Private Lounge (Lich #20707 Plat).

On the cherrywood table you see an ebon-whorled thick faenor neckchain, a dragonfire opal hatpin, a gold-framed square despanal brooch, a silver-edged broad vaalorn wristcuff, a silver-bound open tome pin, a labyrinthine pale vaalin choker, a cream velvet feystone-strung choker, a wide brushed vaalin band, a translucent opal tuberose bracelet, an enameled peacock feather pin, a strand of vaalin glowbark leaves, some deep blue vaalorn peacock cufflinks, a hammered electrum collar, a tiered smoky glimaerstone necklace and a vivid azure blazestar star stickpin.

Food and Drinks

Private Lounge

On the cherry oak sideboard you see a stack of silver forks, a frosted violet glass carafe strung with a silver-chained label, a stack of silver knives, a stack of silver spoons, a frosted viridian glass carafe strung with a faenor-chained label, a frost-rimmed sterling silver tray, a polished copper tray and a pile of blue-rimmed plates.
>read carafe
>In the Common language, it reads: Moonflower Wine
>read carafe
>In the Common language, it reads: Ta'Nalfein Blackberry
On the sterling silver tray you see a cream-filled almond popover dusted with powdered sugar, a bowl of fresh green salad laced with pine nuts and vinaigrette, an aged hard yellow cheese and a white-rind soft yellow cheese.
On the copper tray you see a roasted honey-glazed pheasant.

Public Lounge (Lich #18691 Plat)

Strangely, it's identical to the food in the Private Lounge.

Dawn's Embrace (Lich #18682 Plat)

On the teak table you see a crystallized sugar white magnolia, a jasmine-painted teapot crafted of grey porcelain, a spiced noodle casserole, a glass carafe of rice wine, a crisp folded cookie and a cherry blossom-painted teapot crafted of white porcelain.

(While the cookies resemble fortune cookies, they do not contain fortunes and cannot be broken open.)

Twilight's Rest (Lich #18693 Plat)

On the teak table you see some sesame and seaweed wrapped fish, a rice-wrapped cucumber roll, a bowl of light broth, a scallion and fish rice cake, a warm brown teapot, a light flower-topped pastry and a carafe of tart apple wine.

Other Amenities

The Hall has a Game Room with BlackDrake tables (Lich #20704 Plat). From the Foyer, GO NORTH, GO HALLWAY, GO ARCH.

The Courtyard (Lich #20687 Plat) and the Garden (Lich # 20700 Plat) both contain flowers that can be picked. The ones in the Courtyard are bright white blossoms from dogwood trees and bright pink blossoms from cherry trees. The Garden has a stone-lined bed of flowers--a fresh daisy, a fresh tulip, a fresh carnation, a fresh rose and a fresh orchid.

There is a supernode in Meazernis Villa's Private Lounge.

Erithi Influences

Meazernis Villa is unique in that it heavily emphasizes Erithi culture--and not only in cuisine. A mannequin in traditional attire for female Erithi, a porcelain urn containing burning incense sticks, a ceremonial fan of the Valaka Dai, vases in which young bamboo shoots are growing, a framed parchment painting showing the valley of Eloth-Ra in spring, a koi pond in the Garden, low tables surrounded by cushions, and a framed linen robe of the Yachan Dai are all featured. The room southeast of the Public Lounge, Dawn's Embrace, also has a bamboo weapons rack bearing three named weapons: a silk-wrapped vultite wakizashi, a silk-wrapped blue vultite katana and a silk-wrapped blue vultite tanto.

Braided with silk, the hilt of the slender wakizashi is capped with a green jade butt that is engraved with the slender falcon of the Valaka Dai.  Separating the hilt from the blade, the narrow, open-weave center is inlaid with mother-of-pearl that creates the image of a bright orange blossom and is accented with a delicate inlay of orange cowrie shell.  Etched across the single-edged blade is the image of falcons chasing blossoms amid zephyr-like whorls.
There appears to be something written on it.

In the Common language, it reads: ~o@o~ Chasing Spring ~o@o~
Polished to a mirror finish, the single-edged blade is crafted of blue vultite streaked with silvery veins.  Etched into the flat of the slender blade is a pattern of wide magnolia blossoms in a cascading pattern that ends at the mother-of-pearl inlaid hilt.  White silk braided with sky blue linen wraps the slender hilt of the katana and bears two white-streaked orange agate ornaments carved into stylized blossoms.  The green jade butt cap is engraved with the slender falcon of the Valaka Dai.
There appears to be something written on it.

In the Common language, it reads: ~o@o~ Spring's Embrace ~o@o~
Small and thin, the tanto's hilt is short and wrapped in sky blue silk.  Capped with jade, the butt of the piece has been fitted with a long niveous tassel that is beaded with agate falcons.  Etched across the face of the narrow, single-edged blade is the image of cherry blossoms cradled in tall grasses.  While some of the delicate blooms appear bruised or crushed, others are whole and still cling to their delicate stamen.
There appears to be something written on it.

In the Common language, it reads: ~o@o~ Spring's Hope ~o@o~

It is not possible to touch, pick up, take, or buy the weapons.