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Messers, known only by his first name, was a thin, sallow fellow who fancied himself quite the ladies man. A lieutenant of House DeRichter, he was a pirate through and through. Messers operated as Valons DeRichter’s eyes and ears around River's Rest and was the liaison for House DeRichter when Haniks Hallower made an allegiance with them to capture Casler. Messers’ involvement in this allegiance resulted in the kidnapping and death of Cerianna Lefante.

Prior to the kidnapping plot, and after “another DeRichter strong arm showed up in the Tempest swimmin' with his head the wrong direction,” Messers was assigned to recruit for House DeRichter. This was necessary because of the toll being taken on the house by Casler Huntington’s vigilante campaign. Messers’ offers did interest some town residents and his recruiting was successful. New recruits were given an armband to mark their service to House DeRichter, at least one was known to have been branded however. Messers and his recruits were responsible for torturing and killing town residents who showed themselves hostile to his and the DeRichters' mission.

"Dun cross the DeRichters, or I'll send men who have lesser standards."

Messers and his recruits were also involved in Cerianna’s kidnapping.

Messers’ nemesis

Messers’ nemesis was Tholn Ninespears, a giant of the Issimir Clan. Tholn and Messers had many public disputes in town. Once Messers had Tholn kidnapped and held in cell in the Warren.

A serrated throwing dagger flies out of the shadows toward Tholn!
Messers picks up a long black serrated throwing dagger.
Messers points his throwing dagger at Tholn.
Messers says, "A warnin'."
The voice of Messers says, "Best behave yerself from now on, or ya be breathin' dirt next time."

Messers’ Appearance

You see Messers the River Rat.
He appears to be a Human from Torre.
He is shorter than average and appears to be mature. He has red-rimmed amber eyes and sallow skin. He has raggedly cut, lank golden blonde hair worn in a ponytail. He has an unshaven face, a button nose and a missing tooth.
He is wearing a black leather hat with a long red plume, a crystal amulet, a polished black leather pack, a stained thick leather vest, a low-slung waist bandolier, some patched black leather breeches, and a pair of cuffed leather boots.