Haniks Hallower

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An Imperial Inspector, Haniks Hallower was sent to River's Rest from Fairport by the Imperial Navy. His charge was to find out if there was any truth to the new rumors circulating that Casler Huntington, notorious pirate, was still alive.


You see Haniks Hallower the Imperial Inspector. 
He appears to be a Human from Selanthia.
He appears to be in his declining years and shorter than average.  He has close-set crystal blue eyes and fair skin.  He has balding, unkempt grey-brown hair with a large bald spot.  He has a pock-marked face, a red nose and bushy sideburns.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a dull crimson-edged steel longsword hilted with a simple golden sunburst in his right hand.
He is wearing a pair of glazed leather boots, some plain dark crimson breeches, an embossed dark leather sheath, a waxed black leather pouch, a tarnished and dented steel metal breastplate adorned with a dull golden sunburst, a worn leather courier's bag clasped with a simple iron sunburst, a simple round crimson shield, a crystal amulet, a small silver locket, and a crumpled dark leather cap.


Haniks had a difficult time adjusting to life in River’s Rest. He did not like winterberry ale. He was suspicious of many of the town residents and unpopular with most of the town. His threat to send for a garrison of troops to protect the town was not well received. Haniks was also responsible for placing many posters around town.

In an attempt to gain information about Casler’s whereabouts, Haniks offered large rewards and met in secret with various town citizens. He eventually decided to try and draw Casler out by participating in the kidnapping of Cerianna Lefante, daughter of the Patriarch Lefante. This plot ended in the deaths of Cerianna and Haniks.

Haniks’ Family

Haniks was married to a woman named Molly. They had eight children, only one whose name is known.

Mollie, named after his wife, died of an infection following a broken leg. This happened while Haniks was stationed in River’s Rest. The family was not able to afford a healer. Donations were collected by the town but did not reach the family in time. An attempt was made to give them to Haniks, but he would not personally accept them, viewing it as a bribery attempt.

Haniks and the letters

Haniks was unaware of the situation at home because his mail had been intercepted and opened, then left to blow in the winds about town. Some townfolk found the letters and attempted to get them to Haniks. Certain that there were more letters than just those he had received, Haniks became very upset, even threatening the town citizens and eventually hanging at least two of them. Haniks’ rampage finally ended when Casler Huntington himself delivered a missive, taken from those intercepting the mail, that detailed the news.

Haniks’ death

Following the botched kidnapping of Cerianna Lefante, Haniks and Casler fought a duel to the death in the Town Commons. His body was removed by pirates and dumped in the bay. It was later discovered by a fisherman, who found it entangled in his nets. He buried Haniks’ remains on the beach, not far from the carrack.