Mistral Hall

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Mistral Hall is the Premium Hall located within River's Rest.


It's located in a lighthouse at the end of a long pier. From Commons Circle: WEST to Spring Rest, GO LONG PIER, EAST, GO DOOR.

Premium Teleportation jewelry

A table stocked with Premium teleportation jewelry is located on a weathered grey table on the Porch.

On the grey table you see a folded tawny leather epaulette, a small stone citadel replica pendant, a twisted fishing net bracelet, a woven willow withe armband, a varnished kakore bead choker, an intricate haon drawbridge armband, a tarnished leather-strung bell, a bright silver rabbit-stamped medallion, a tiny detailed wooden cutter pin, a wave-carved scrimshaw band, a thin green tourmaline bracelet, a bright copper rain lily necklace and a faceted dreamstone ring.

Food and Drinks

Banquet Hall (Lich #20767)

On the darkly stained table you see a plate of fresh slices of bread, a pitcher of iced berry juice, a carafe of blended coffee, a cauldron of acorn squash soup, a bowl of dried fruit, a tall bottle of port, a bowl of seafood pasta and a platter of baked sunfish.

Like Welkin Hall, Mistral Hall has only one room that offers food.

Other Amenities

The Game Room (Lich #20769) with its BlackDrake tables is located through an archway on the Porch.

The Entrance (Lich #20765) and the Conservatory (Lich #20771) both contain flowers that can be picked.


In the low planters you see a fresh orchid, a fresh carnation, a fresh daisy, a fresh tulip and a fresh rose.


In the stone planter you see a fresh daisy, a fresh rose, a fresh tulip, a fresh orchid and a fresh carnation.

The Lounge in Mistral Hall is a supernode.