Misty's Teas

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Misty's Teas is a food shop in Mist Harbor. It is located on Waterbug Way in Western Harbor. In addition to tea, desserts, and sandwiches, it sells supplies for brewing tea and has a public kettle on the patio.

[Misty's Teas, Cafe]
White shutters, drawn back to allow the sunlight to filter in, surround each of the cafe's windows. Coral and scarlet tiles create a checkered pattern upon the floor, while the exposed rafters overhead dangle various local herbs and flowers used to produce the shop's teas. Counters are arranged at angles to the corners and are topped with a variety of treats for purchase. A welcome mat crafted of woven sea grass rests before the entry, its edges dusty and slightly frayed.


Welcome to Misty's Teas!

Proprietess Misty offers her Menu to browse.
Misty exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a cup of berry tea                  18. a slice of sugar-dusted gingerbread
  2. a cup of huckleberry tea            19. a radish poppy seed sandwich
  3. a cup of cranberry tea              20. a mint-infused cucumber sandwich
  4. a cup of apple tea                  21. a grated carrot-ginger sandwich
  5. a cup of lemon tea                  22. a goat cheese sandwich
  6. a cup of orange tea                 23. a smoked salmon sandwich
  7. a cranberry apple scone             24. a roasted walnut chicken sandwich
  8. an almond chocolate scone           25. a white-edged violet paper packet
  9. a blueberry lemon scone             26. a violet-edged white paper packet
  10. a raisin oatmeal scone             27. a silver-edged burgundy paper packet
  11. a raspberry chocolate scone        28. a gold-edged scarlet paper packet
  12. a ginger almond scone              29. a crimson-edged yellow paper packet
  13. a slice of lemon bread             30. an ebon-edged orange paper packet
  14. a slice of zucchini bread          31. a bottle of honey
  15. a slice of cashew banana bread     32. a slice of lemon
  16. a slice of pumpkin bread           33. a sugar cube
  17. a slice of cinnamon raisin bread