Molskroen Hall

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Molskroen Hall is the Premium Hall located within Kraken's Fall.


It is located on Middle Arm Avenue, adjacent to the Melting Pot. From Wandering Eye Market Northeast, head EAST three times, then GO VILLA.

Premium Teleportation Jewelry

A table stocked with Premium teleportation jewelry is located on a small cloth-covered table in the North Hall (Lich #20631 Plat).

On the cloth-covered table you see a driftwood log [which is holding non-interactive candle votives], an onyx kraken stickpin, a silver sea hag cameo, an intaglio coral kelpie brooch, a lapis storm petrel pin, an alum kraken tentacle armcuff, a scrimshaw whale bone band, a sterling silver dolphin pendant and a enameled black tricorne pendant.

Food and Drinks

Star Alcove (no Lich number)

On the low table you see a carved cocobolo bowl and a frosted rose glass carafe.
In the cocobolo bowl you see a silver of bright green starfruit, a polished green apple, a plump deep purple plum and a handful of plump purple grapes.

If you GET CARAFE, you will pour yourself a dew-coated glass of white wine.

East Hall 28986 (u7118504)

On the silver serving cart you see a slice of cashew banana bread, a cranberry apple scone, a lavender and almond flour biscuit, a painted dusky blue porcelain teapot and a sterling silver coffee decanter.

Fortune Alcove 28980 (u7118510) (Plat Lich #27628)

On the mahogany bar you see a bowl of red-coated peanuts, a pebbled bottle of cognac, a tall bottle of port, a crystal bottle of whiskey and a bottle of berry-etched champagne.

Other Amenities

The Fortune Alcove doubles as a Game Room with BlackDrake tables. It is one west of the Foyer.

The Garden Patio (Lich #27627 Plat) contains flowers that can be picked.

In the flower bed you see a fresh daisy, a fresh rose, a fresh orchid, a fresh carnation and a fresh tulip.

The supernode in Prime is [Molskroen Hall, Garden Patio] 28990 (u7118515)