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Mounts are conveyance animals such as horses. A much hoped for and highly anticipated addition to the game, they were introduced in 2019 at Rumor Woods. Mounts are manipulated via their summoning item, which differs dependent upon the mount family. Each mount subtype has been made available in three tiers: common, uncommon, and rare. Rare mounts are only available for one run and are retired in subsequent runs.

List of Mounts

Type Summoning Item Common Nouns Uncommon Nouns* Rare Release General Appearance
Horse Reins Horse Bronco, Cob, Charger, Crowbait, Draft horse*, Filly, Gelding, Hack, Jade, Mare, Mustang, Pony*, Stallion A fiery-eyed nightmare steed 2019 He/she stands just 16 hands at the withers. He has a well-muscled body with a healthy dun coat. He has a square face, a short forelock, and pointed ears. He has a long mane that flows loose down his neck and a full black tail.
a silver-horned raven-sheened black unicorn 2022
a gold-horned immaculate white unicorn
Tortoise Leads Tortoise Cryptodira a thin-scaled olive green Megalochelys atlas 2020 The giant tortoise stands about 2 feet high at the shell base. He/she has a small face with a flat beak, and large folds of smooth skin form his yellow neck. He has a domed shell with round scutes outlined in beige, and a thin tail peeks out from the base of his shell.
Deer Strap Buck, Deer, Doe, Stag Antelope*, Caribou, Elk, Gazelle*, Muntjac*, Moose*, Reindeer Hart 2021 Standing approximately 34 inches high at the top of the shoulder, the deer has a slender face and tapered ears. Her compact body is covered in a thin, light brown coat, and she has a short, beige tail. She has muscular legs that culminate in cloven hooves, and a small pair of spike antlers sits upon her head.
a regal pristine white hind
Lizard Harness Lizard, Tegu Monitor, Monster, Wastesdragon a sinewy (color) fringe-toed yierka 2022 Earthy (color) tones mottle his leathery hide in subtle bands from nose to tail, though large swathes along his neck and shoulders are much darker where the skin has the thickness of armor. Parallel ridges of pale, raised scales crest above his slit-pupilled, fiery orange eyes before merging at the crown of his wedge-shaped head and extending down his spine. His sleekly muscular body and limbs are built for running, and his long, claw-tipped toes each bear a serrated fringe of scales.

*These mounts have additional restrictions. Please see individual mount pages for this information.