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Mounts are conveyance animals such as horses. A much hoped for and highly anticipated addition to the game, they were introduced in 2019 at Rumor Woods. Mounts are manipulated via their summoning item, which differs dependent upon the mount family. Each mount subtype has been made available in three tiers: common, uncommon, and rare. Rare mounts were originally advertised as only being available for one run and retired in subsequent runs, however all previous years' rare mounts were brought back and again available for sale in unlimited quantities at the 5th anniversary of Rumor Woods in 2023.

List of Mounts

Type Summoning Item Common Nouns Uncommon Nouns* Rare Version Release Year
Horse Reins Horse Bronco, Cob, Charger, Crowbait, Draft horse*, Filly, Gelding, Hack, Jade, Mare, Mustang, Pony*, Stallion a fiery-eyed nightmare steed 2019
Tortoise Leads Tortoise Cryptodira a thin-scaled olive green Megalochelys atlas 2020
Deer Strap Buck, Deer, Doe, Stag Antelope*, Caribou, Elk, Gazelle*, Muntjac*, Moose*, Reindeer a regal pristine white hart 2021
a regal pristine white hind
Lizard Harness Lizard, Tegu Monitor, Monster, Wastesdragon a sinewy (color) fringe-toed yierka 2022
Unicorn Reins N/A N/A a silver-horned raven-sheened black unicorn 2022
a gold-horned immaculate white unicorn
Rolton Leash Ewe, Ram, Sheep, Tup Citka, Dorper, Goat, Kish'dal, Piebald koza, Maedat, Rakka, Risthil a flecket golden rolton 2023
Beetle whistle Scarab, Beetle N/A 2024
Spider device Spider birdeater, huntsman orbweaver 2024

*These mounts have additional restrictions. Please see individual mount pages for this information.