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Nelemar was a Great Elemental of water inhabiting the oceans of Western Elanith.

The last reported presence of Nelemar occurred on Teras Isle on the 15th of Jastatos in the year 5106. At that time, he appeared to the scholars Sarise Keshrika, Erkaya Latgoran, and Mavalgnus the Firemage, searching for the mysterious Fier'Dracus gem, after they discovered a ruined temple dedicated to the water elemental. He bid them permission to explore the temple, then vanished back into the seas.

Behind the Scenes

Nelemar's Appearance

A humanoid watery figure
The figure is comprised entirely of water, its aqueous form bound to a vaguely humanoid shape -- though its utterly smooth, featureless face ripples occasionally with a pale glow. Dancing within the confines of its shimmering body are spectral wisps of ghostly blue hue, each whorling in an ethereal, slow orbit around a central core of bright cerulean light within the center of the creature's chest -- each rhythmic pulse it gives off releasing a palpable hum of immense power.

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