Sarise Keshrika

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Sarise Keshrika was a Selanthian scholar involved in the research of the Fier'Dracus.


You see Sarise Keshrika the Loresinger. She appears to be a Human from Selanthia.
She appears to be in the spring of life and taller than average.  She has long-lashed chocolate brown eyes and dusky skin.  She has chin length, wavy dark brown hair decorated with several short strands of garnet beads. She has a small nose and high cheekbones. She is in good shape. 
She is wearing a heavy bleached canvas musette with a long leather strap,  a faded tan leather jacket, a loose ivory linen blouse, a long split skirt of dark green leather, and a tall pair of buttoned black leather boots.


Not much was known of Sarise's past, except that she failed to graduate the Hall of Mages. She was believed to have been romantically involved with Mavalgnus, a former Faendryl scholar, and another researcher of the Fier'Dracus. She re-started the research on the Fier'Dracus after discovering a reference to the gem to a temple on Teras Isle in a tome in the library of Tamzyrr.