Opalina's Diary - Book 2

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Opalina's Diary - Book 2

Author: Opalina Jalcon

Opalina and Hope hanging out in White Haven Courtyard
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This is a personal accounting of Opalina's experiences during the year of 2023--these are her personal views, and actions from her perspective, logs are being recorded/and transcribed occasionally.

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Ta'Vaalorian Dinner

Entry Dated                                                                                                        January 4, 2023

Invited to a dinner isn't the worst way to spend an evening out on the town. Especially one with folks from Ta'Vaalor. I love that town it's always so warm and welcoming. Even now as our delegates are trying to show power and gain respect at the same time. They have concerns that feel important so a small town in a cold wilderness where life every day is a struggle. Ta'Vaalor is a larger town than Icemule with power wisdom and concerns like ours seem tiny in their eye's. Hopefully this dinner will allow them to see us as more than just inferior peasants but people with strong ideas, big plans, and the desire for growth.

Our ragtag group of people come from all walks of life. Some of us are princesses, some are elders, some are criminals, some are scholars, and some warriors. We manage to survive together in a small community in a barren cold environment surrounded by Giants, Undead, Vampires, Rotting corpses, Bandits and so many more horrors. But deep in town we have banded together for a common vision of survival, raise our children, Share our hearths and our food. We have pride in our accomplishments and the battles we've won against liches and those who would control our town with evil intent. Time and time again as a whole we've managed to sustain life and prevail. Now we are not all perfect by any means. We have our thieves, murderers, and warmongrals. Our goal is simple. We want to be seen as an Independent equal town with rights for trade and control of our area as our community believes for the safety and well being of the people who live there. We want say in what happens in and around our small community. We have a Town Mayor, We have a City Council that represents the wants and desires of the town, and an active thriving small and growing community.

The Invite.

An invite was provided to me through mail from a gentleman I've never met before. I am curious as to who he is and why me. I was not part of the delegates who represented Icemule. But I do have friends in Ta'Vaalor. And the King was very kind to me. Perhaps my name was shared as someone known to be a kindred spirit.

Lady Opalina,
I wish to extend an invite to a dinner to you, any delegate, and any community members who wish to attend. I hope to host this dinner on the 4th of Lormesta at seven in the evening elven standard time in the Ilynov Manor. I hope to hear from you shortly letting me know of availability.
Honor before all else,
Kakoon Arakhor

I'd never met Kakoon before this night. I have since learned that he is a powerful land owner and community member of the Ta'Vaalor. He is supporting the efforts of Dezter and his sister Aphaedra of Ta'Vaalor to help Icemule and their current efforts to be heard. Dezter is a long time friend of mine. We met in landing through several other friends and have since kept in touch. It was through him that Kakoon learn of me and felt comfortable to reach out.

I brought a gift from Falvicar's and My personal collection of Wines and spirits. We thought it would be rude not to bring something to honor the host. We also gave one to Dezter to share with his family. It was my great pleasure to meet Aphaedra and her husband Jaydo.

The dinner itself was so elaborate Three courses appetizer, dinner, and dessert served in different areas along with lovely live music performed by Carew She had the most beautiful silvery mistwood flute encrusted with faceted firestones. I absolutely love listening to the flute, and she is a master at her art.

So many things were shared and people were able to connect. Though I think during dinner Hazelnut might have had a little too much to drink as he started to show his frustrations and started making elaborate demands like stating that Ta'Vaalor should stop their trade with Briarmoon Cove. I don't feel that's fair at all! That's not what the delegates were sent to do! Not stop anyone from trading.

I left the dinner full and confident we made new friends. I only hope the delegates feel more comfortable about working with Ta'Vaalor and that we can peacefully come to a resolution soon.

Catspaw-2023-1-4 - Ta'Vaalor invites Icemule to Dinner (Log)

Building Relationships

Diary Entry                                                                                January 10, 2023

Since the dinner It's been a whirlwind of talks. Contracts are drawn up and supplies delivered. Letters to merchants at unknown locations, and Secrets still being protected. Not to mention the smoke from the north and the Loud whine from the Firebird. Will peace ever be a regular happening in Icemule again? Perhaps peace is just a wishful dream that only happens in death. Well I for one am not ready to die. No, no peace. no stopping the moving forward wheel of change.

I wrote a letter to the Merchant Lahke Maxim. He is known for traveling and doing business in Brairmoon Cove. I am hoping he can share his contacts with me so we can attempt to reach out and open communications with Briarmoon again. But so far he's not responded to my letter. So many things could have happened. He could be inside Briarmoon Cove and they are all Vampires, My letter could have been stolen by Rammael, He may not have any contacts, Or he may not remember me and be so busy that he tossed the letter away without a care in the world. It was a long shot at best. And I fear we maybe running out of time to make any amends with Briarmoon Cove.


Dear Lahke Maxim
Dear Lahke Maxim;

I hope my letter finds you well and in good spirits. You may not remember me, as it’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to visit you during your merchant travels.  Your epic deepening has helped many of travelers through out the lands. Though I do not need the deepening of my wares I do need the deepening of any knowledge you may have about Briarmoon Cove. 

Our young children and elderly are on the verge of starving without the food we were once receiving in trade from Briarmoon Cove. Ta'Vaalor is trying hard to provide Icemule with food to hold us over but, with their distance it will be difficult to maintain such efforts over a long period of time.  It is with the weight of these terrible worries that I am reaching out to you.

Icemule Trace was a regular trade partner with Briarmoon Cove until very recently. We are unable to reach out and speak with them as communications have ended. I am personally concerned that there may be something more sinister going on within Briarmoon Cove and was hoping perhaps you could assist with your knowledge of Briarmoon cove and its leadership.  

You are my only hope Lahke. Please come to Icemule and help us mend the fences between Briarmoon Cove and Icemule or I feel we will be lost forever. 

In Service, Wisdom and Hope,

Lightweaver Opalina Jalcon the Town Councillor of Icemule Trace

P.S. If you are unable to come to Icemule yourself perhaps you may know someone within Briarmoon who would be willing to succor audience with Briarmoon Cove leadership for me.

I am glad I was able to meet with Kakoon at the dinner it was a wonderful thing for Icemule. My dear friend Dezter and his sister have really out done themselves providing supplies to Icemule. Our agreement will do both of our cities good.


Goodwill Agreement
In the Common language, it reads:

Goodwill Agreement

This Contract for Goodwill Services is made effective as of Lormestra 09, 5123 by and between the Arakhor Family of Ta'Vaalor and Jalcon Family of Icemule Trace, As witnessed by the Aandryl family.

Description of Services

To provide aid during times of distress or need as established by either house, in the forms of food, supplies, support to MHO events, and any other activities as deems necessary by either party.


This is a mutual agreement of goodwill intent to support and back each house. With the understanding that no monetary, slavery, or demeaning payment is involved.

Force Majeure

This service agreement is in no way meant to break, control, or build any means of overpowering any ruling government for either town. Each house will do everything possible to avoid all means of causing disruption that would cause either town hardship or difficulties in performing support.


This agreement may be modified, amended, or canceled in writing by mutual agreement between the parties.

 Signed and Witnessed on Lormestra 10, 5123 by: 

Lady Opalina Jalcon of Icemule
Lord Falvicar Jalcon of Icemule
Kakoon Arakhor Vaalor
Lady Qiana Arkhor Vaalor
Lord Dezter Aandryl Vaalor
Lady Aphaedra Aandryl-Deleros 

The Winter War-2023-01-10-Food and Supplies (log)

Rammael.. I hope we can find him soon..

The Entrance to a cave along the coast is still closed I am very curious where that goes to and, no matter what I throw at it, the boulders will still not move. One door at a time eh?

Falvicar and I both agree that we do not want children at this time. I'm happy about that. We have only been married for a year. I am so not ready to disturb our loving relationship with the wailing slobbery diaper changing routines of children.. not yet... I just want to love him. So we've decide to revisit our desires for children later and I'm truly happy with that.

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Diary Entry Dated:                                                                             January 13, 2023

Merchant Evrick Visited Icemule for some Beverage testing and services. It was nice to see a merchant providing services and in turn purchasing drinks and supporting out local Inn. It warmed my heart. He didn’t admit to knowing the merchant Lahke or even Briarmoon cove which was unsettling. He may not have heard me I do talk kind of softly sometimes and it was quite busy, with the clinking of drinks and rustling of merchandise back and forth. However, he did say that his travels were normal and unhindered leaving me to believe the roads at this time are free from controlling factors. Trade is a welcome and a wanted action even in these trying times.

Aliashyrah inquired if I saw the latest town missive posted near the Mule. Of course I saw it. Who would believe such lies?

Nothing like greeting Visitors in Icemule. In the interest of keeping peace between Vaalor and Icemule I try very hard to show a town that is as loving and caring to Vaalorians as they have treated me when I visit their city. Our two cities are open for visiting, trading, and vacationing. I welcome their business, IF they spend their money in our town our city benefits and we feel a little less pinch from the loss of trade from Briarmoon Cove.

Tonight was no different until I heard the voice of threat from the crowd.. "I will burn your ships! Kill your trade partners, and return all that lousy sinking Vaalorian food right back to their faces!" The voice.. I cringed when I recognized it.. How in this blazing white snow does he find every opportunity to battle me, what does he have against me personally that he needs to be so aggressive? The merchant ship carrying supplies from Vaalor is a show of support and a non aggressive move to be understanding and help us while we deal with our struggles with Briarmoon Cove. Hazelnut said our children were starving that our town was suffering.. This alone begged for sympathy and support, and our goodwill trade agreement full-fills that need without hurting either government.

Airships are the new normal in Icemule. It appears the trading with Briarmoon Cove is going well as the ships are moving to and from the location. There is also a tower east of Icemule with what appears to be troops of soldiers being dropped in. However the location of the Tower itself is unknown. I am assured by Vaalor it is well out of Icemule's boarder. While Icemule residents believe it may be a show of force on Vaalors side and may be actually within Icemule's boarders.

Debates on the actual Borders are starting to circulate.. especially with boarders being such a hot topic in the Landing.

Would making a line on a map keep folks from contesting? Hardly..

The Winter War-2023-01-13-Burning down the Ships (Log)

Defending her honor

Diary Entry Dated:                                                                               January 17,2023

Opalina picks at a broken nail on her pinky finger as she sits at her desk unsure how to proceed with her entry, musing over the thoughts swimming in her mind threatening to send her to the bottom of the sea during a torrential storm. She twists the tiny piece of white keratin between her fingers her brows scrunched together, casually she drops the small piece into the trash receptacle at her feet already stuffed with balled up pieces of paper and picks up her quill. Pulling a fresh sheet of paper to the forefront she begins to write.

I don't deserve love. I don't deserve to have such a dedicated man in my life that loves me so dearly. I don't deserve even an ounce of his attention. But here I am married to the most generous, loving, and kind man I know. Too generous? maybe. Too kind? maybe. Too loving? maybe. I am not worthy I know..

She scrubs her hand through her winter rose-dotted deep auburn hair in frustration.

I was caught in a deep trance in town square, My mind lost in thought when people were trying to talk to me. I was so deeply in my own thoughts I was unaware of what was happening around me. It was the noise that brought me back the growling and heat of my mate hovering above me in a completely protective state thats what woke me.. "I challenge you!" the words left his mouth.. My eye's trying to find focus as to what was going on around me. Seeing Grutak's mocking face and my mates angry flushed face.. I knew instantly things were once again out of control..

Off they marched one after the other One to defend the honor of his life mate and the other just to prove he would stand up and fight.

What could I do? Nothing. I love him. He must choose his battles. Win or lose I will be by his side.

When Falvicar returned to my side, he was still upset and seeking comfort I held him close, Comfort it's all I have to give smoothing calming love. My darling. You are all right, Be at peace.

Grutak did not win that physical battle. But was it worth the loss of life to defend an unworthy woman? I do not know..

I love you Falvicar.

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Diary Entry dated:                                                                           January 18, 2023

So much Food Stuff What do to with it all, Spoilage Not gonna happen.. House White Haven can help here:

List of Ingredients still not distributed: Polar Bear shank(50), Wooly Mammoth Shank (50), Grizzly Bear shank (50), Caribou Shank (50), an ear of corn (50), a zucchini (50), a shallot (10), some scallions (10), some cumin seeds (10), a handful of mustard seeds (10), some wild sage (10), a black peppercorn (10), a bulb of garlic (10), some chives (10), a pod of cardamom (10), some thyme (10),a warthog shank (50), a mountain goat shank (50), a snow leopard shank (50), a bighorn sheep shank (50)

Opalina, with the help of a handful of halfling friends, haul all the latest foodstuffs to White Haven Kitchens. “Chef there is so many shanks and onions and herbs here it’s going to spoil if we don’t use it.. Is there anything you can do with it?” The cook looks over all the ingredients and nods, “Well it’s not much but I’ve worked with less and fed 1000’s You’ll get some mighty fine dishes I promise.” Opalina leaves the kitchen to let the cook do his thing. She is a terrible cook and her presence may just cause the stove to burn something .. Walking out to the street she breathes in the crisp morning air, smoke from the White Haven kitchen starting up mixing in, adding the scent of cooking meats making her stomach growl and her mouth to water in anticipation.

White Haven has used the supplied supplies to create a menu that will feed folks for the week. Enjoy.

Food/Drink [14]: a glass of ice cold milk, a stein of Northern Fury mead, a winterberry red ale, a mug of strong Elanthian coffee, a bowl of wild rice cradling a halved butter-braised onion, a fried onion tartlet, a crock of cheese-laced onion soup, some garlic and herb-stuffed red trafel mushrooms, a smoked caribou sausage link, a cheese-covered ball of popcorn, a sloppy pulled pork sandwich, a bowl of venison and onion stew, a small mincemeat pie, some cedar-smoked bacon strips

While White Haven Cooks and prepares the meals Opalina writes to her benefactor,

Generous Patron Kakoon Arakhor,

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation of the food sources you have provided to our town. It will feed our citizens both young and old and travelers the like over the next week. With the provisions you have provided, I was able to take them to House White Haven’s kitchens and they helped prepare a meal that will be available to all town folks. The cart will be continually restocked as items are cooked throughout the week.

Food/Drink [14]: a glass of ice cold milk, a stein of Northern Fury mead, a winterberry red ale, a mug of strong Elanthian coffee, a bowl of wild rice cradling a halved butter-braised onion, a fried onion tartlet, a crock of cheese-laced onion soup, some garlic and herb-stuffed red trafel mushrooms, a smoked caribou sausage link, a cheese-covered ball of popcorn, a sloppy pulled pork sandwich, a bowl of venison and onion stew, a small mincemeat pie, some cedar-smoked bacon strips

Our kitchens hearth will keep burning and the warmth of our home will continue to serve the city with your support.

In Wisdom, Service and Hope,

Opalina Jalcon.

Letters. Enough. The Queen. Trade

11:24, 20 January 2023 (CST)

Vignette: The Seek for Help

The Winter War-2023-01-18-Icemule Open Council Meeting (log)

Queen of the North Sonnet

Title: Queen of the North
Author: Opalina Jalcon

20:30, 20 January 2023 (CST)

   A woman was married to a man she didn't know
     He was one of noble blood
     Her love for him did not grow
     He locked her into a cage and declared her his Beloved
   A ring held her tight but she still ran and got mugged
     she tried to escape and avoid being raped
     running early in the morning, her heart pounded and drummed
     his power was stronger, sadly that was her mistake
   A group of town folks chased down the man, while he was awake
     Not wanting to take a chance they killed him dead
     The women then declared that she was free and her future reshaped
     The removal of the ring was of ease, for its magic was nothing but a thread
   The woman's soul was filled with a magical force
     Her title now "The Queen of the North."

AI assisted Revision 2024

    In wedlock bound to a man of unknown grace,
      Of noble blood, yet love failed to ignite,
      In a cage she found herself, a captive's embrace,
      Declared his Beloved, though she yearned for flight.
    A ring of constraint, yet she dared to flee,
      Through shadows fled, from danger she did dart,
      In dawn's embrace, she sought to break free,
      But his power loomed, tearing her apart.
   A town's swift justice, the man's demise,
     Relieved her chains, declared her liberty,
     The ring, a token of her past's demise,
     No magic held, just frailty's decree.
  Now crowned with strength, her spirit's force untold,
    "The Queen of the North," her destiny foretold.

Angel in the Snow

She looks around the good-sized office. The space comfortable for a halfling mayor. The walls ancient pinewood holding secrets from all past discussions. She sits on a bench in front of a large bay window looking down onto the entrance of the Great Hall. She can see her old-time friend entering the building dropping off supplies from his hunting to this locker unaware of her casual inspection of the frown he expresses on his face. Her attention is drawn to her current surroundings as the company she is with beings to speak.

The company in presence, the Councilers, Sorlu, Roelon, Opalina and the Mayor Talliver.

The Mayor Talliver sits at his desk in an imposing leather chair adorned with silver studs. He has a hard face and stern glacial blue eyes. His wiry arms, corded with muscle are folded before him and resting on the antique spruce desk with stacks of paper neatly to the side. His gaze meets each councilor even having to turn his head to make eye contact with Opalina in her chosen perch at the window. The other two councilors standing before the desk in front of the Mayor.

The Winter War - 2023-01-20 - Icemule Closed Council Meeting (log)

Vignette: The Coin

Daily Trade Deals

19:43, 24 January 2023 (CST)

You see Sendi the Snowrunner.
She appears to be a Dwarf.
She is shorter than average.  She appears to be an adult.  She has hooded silver eyes and brown skin.  She has very long, braided jet black hair worn in a ponytail.  She has an oval face, a flaring nose and a cleft chin.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a flat dark green cap, a crystal amulet, a grey oilskin traveler's cloak, a round fireleaf shield slung over her shoulder, a waxed midnight blue sling bag, a bark brown leather tunic, a boxy leather rations kit, some charcoal pinstripe wool trousers, and some glazed hobnail boots.

A wonderful experience meeting with Sendi today a lovely dwarf from Zul-Logoth. I was a tad late and arrived in a very awkward fashion. It almost felt like I intruded on a private meeting instead of an previously scheduled meeting. These things happen though even to Queens right? I was most excited Sorlu really spoke highly of the trade possibilities and the kinds of items they had available. Like ores and coal and I know there were other things. But those two stick out in my mind so fresh. But for only tobacco? that doesn't sound right at all! I mean I know our Tobacco is some pretty amazing stuff but .. How much tobacco? I recall the Mayor saying we were in short supply .. could there be other items they are wanting, is there price going to .. I started to ask .. but stalled.. I was. Right there with a gentle but cold stare from Sendi. "This is a one time trade" .. wait what? ... I step back and start watching the three as Falvicar slides in almost masking my coy movements. Sorlu turned to Aliashyrah and they start discussing a trade deal involving machinery and I blink not entirely following the conversation and it drones on, and contracts Wait.. My thoughts are brought back to the words, "Do you wish us to draft up the agreement or would your side perfer to draft it.. " followed by "no, no, I can get them in Zul-Logoth and will let you know when they are ready..." Sendi assures. There go our Tobacco farms.

I don't know.. about .. this..

The Lost Student

Diary Entry Dated:
January 26, 2023

The Botanist:

You see Botanist Vanathys.
 He appears to be a Vaalor Elf.
 He is taller than average and has a lean, athletic physique.  He appears to have come of age.  He has darkly lined, almond-shaped indigo eyes and golden bronze skin.  He has long, sun-kissed sandy blonde hair twisted into a loose, disheveled bun, with wavy strands escaping to frame his face.  He has a gently angled face, a slim, upturned nose and a well-defined jawline.  A pair of small scars cuts through the pale arch of his right eyebrow.
He is in good shape.
 He is wearing a loosely knotted ivory scarf, a vine-carved sephwir longbow slung over his shoulder, a structured taupe wool overcoat lined in plush fleece, a winterweight cypress green tunic with suede-looped lasimor toggles, some pale cheveril gloves with suede-reinforced palms, a rectangular brushed nubuck kit, some slim dark leather pants, and a pair of cire leather boots lightly caked with soil.

The roughed up Student:

You see Student Feriae Enfiel.
 She appears to be a Vaalor Elf.
 She is short and has a lithe build.  She appears to be very young.  She has gilt-flecked lapis blue eyes and pale skin.  She has side-shaven, silken blue-green hair left in a disheveled waves across her shoulders, the matted lengths caked in dried dirt and leaves.  She has an angular face and a freckled nose.  The faint vestiges of vert-colored leaves are streaked down her high cheekbones, the designs concealing the purplish-blue bruises.
She has a swollen right eye, a bruised left eye, and some minor cuts and bruises on her left arm.
She has a mangled right arm, a mangled left leg, several painful-looking scars across her back, and some old neck wounds.
 She is wearing a chain-strung brass compass with a broken glass panel, a mud-caked hunter green wool robe torn along the high-to-low hem, a shredded natural linen shirt barely bound with a single leather belt, a dented leather-set vasculum, a pair of ripped coppery wool leggings, and some thigh-high boots crafted from scuffed sepia rawhide.

Vanathys says, "I sent my student Feriae out this way to gather some samples of local plants. We've been working on creating hybrid crops that can handle frigid temperatures..."

Wonderful support we are receiving from the Vaalorians. Sending students to search our countryside in search of samples to take back home and crossbreed with their plants so we can be self-sufficient! I mean that’s great and all. Sure.

But here’s where things go wrong. Student combs the country side Unaware of who’s property she’s on, The farmer sees a strange elven woman going through his crops and reaches out to the authorities. Report states, “That elven lady was picking from our Tobacco farms!” The lady is then treated like a spy. Icemule wasn’t expecting anyoneh The farmer wasn’t expecting anyone. Who wouldn’t think she was a spy?? Student *scoff*. That’s our tobacco farms your hunting through.

Tobacco crops you say? But we don’t have crops! Ohh but we do. You see, our farms are not like other’s farms we don’t have rocks lining our properties, We don’t have fences dedicating areas, We have neighbors we have snow we have harsh hills and trust. We know each other and know where our lands start and stop. And we know our citizens. Our tobacco crops are special as they’ve been an Icemule Secret for year .. no decades.. Our crops grow under the snow on the mountain side it’s this distinguished characteristic that makes Pinefar Tobacco some of the best in the lands. Our harvests are done at night under the moon blessed by stars and the nimble hands that pick them. The snow protects the leaves from harsh winds so they are kept fresh, untainted by animals or ripped by harsh winds.

Opalina shakes her head in disbelief

How can people be so quick to judge. So quick to take action that they don’t stop to think that maybe just maybe they went about it the wrong way? AM I at fault for this. Oh absolutely. I woke up this morning and assumed my husband would want everything I want and that was hot cocoa and I failed to make the coffee he wanted.. no needed! See even I forget the basic needs of others.

Gives an extra large cup of coffee to her honey with a sweet kiss on the lips

The student may be innocent enough this time. But she didn’t give back the tobacco leaf she took. I only hope in the future They work with our local Botanists instead of Secretly working behind our backs to support us. I am sure they mean well. But there can only be so much that can be defended before it’s considered rude even to me.

The Lovers

Title: The Lovers
Author: Opalina Jalcon

15:19, 27 January 2023 (CST)

Emotional twists of tight turns, and steep slopes of tenderness
 Brightly colored wings stir in a belly that grow and flower
 That skin prickling need to touch and fill an emptiness
 Where looks are shared and hearts will devour
Puffs of white sail float between the ground and outer space
 Soft yellows blend upward into pale blues and deeper indigos 
 Cool light invisible expanse gently spins across the grass with grace
 It’s the first to kiss our lovely faces as the mist arose
Cool green waters and salty foam roll to the edge of fine black sand
 Sitting on boulders shoulder to shoulder 
 The tide making lazy circles around wiggling toes on land
 A flock of bird’s dive and play while dogs chase around a boulder
Two lovers becoming a single unit combined in an embrace 
 Kisses rain down all over their face.

AI assisted revision 2024

Emotional twists in tight turns, tender slopes,
  Bright wings within stir, a belly's bloom, aflow'r,
  The skin's prickling urge to touch, to fill hopes,
  Where shared looks, hearts consumed in love's bright hour.
Puffs of white sail glide 'twixt earth and vast space,
  Soft yellows blend with blues and deep indigos,
  Cool light's invisible embrace with grace,
  Kissing our faces as morning's mist arose.
Green waters, salty foam meet black sand's edge,
  On boulders, side by side, they sit and share,
  The tide's lazy circles 'round toes on ledge,
  Birds dive, dogs play, in nature's joyful flare.
Two lovers, entwined in passionate grace,
  Rain kisses upon each other's face.

Lighting the Fire

Title: Lighting the Fire
Author: Opalina Jalcon

16:02, 29 January 2023 (CST)

The trees sway in the wind as stars wink down with irregularity
 Tiny noises squeak and rustle all around feeling larger than they should
 Opening the lashes wider to absorb everything around fails to being clarity
 the ears react and fear creeps in, the heart pumps harder, no.. it’s just darkness and misunderstood.
Pick up that log it’s been sitting a while break it down piece by piece
 tiny sticks is what we need sometimes tinder, the sweetest flesh
 Flint though friendly to some, needs to be punished to find release
 so with the back of a knife the strike will be true, this will help you refresh
stacking the logs in a smart like dome
 In walks the tinder to find a cozy accommodation
 Flint came by knocking, tinder invited him in home
 The knife came in and found them all in one location 
A burst of flame sparked and grew taking out the tinder, the flint, and the dome, growing out of control
 All is now gone and turned into coal.

AI assisted revision 2024

The trees sway gently in the whispering breeze,
  As stars above wink with irregular light,
  Tiny noises rustle, stir, as if to tease,
  Yet clarity eludes in the cloak of night.
Eyes wide, lashes open to absorb the scene,
  But fear creeps in, unsettling the mind,
  A log lies still, awaiting to convene,
  Broken down, piece by piece, solace to find.
Tiny sticks, like tinder, feed the flame's delight,
  Flint's harsh strike yields the spark that sets ablaze,
  Logs stacked in dome, a shelter from the night,
  As warmth and light dispel the dark's malaise.
Yet flames, unchecked, devour all they touch,
  Leaving naught but coal, in darkness clutch.

Queens Greatest Sorrows

Opalina sits at her desk while her husband hunts the rift. A sad little smile teasing her lips and cause the corner of one eye to wrinkle slightly. A more common expression that appears frequently these days as she thinks of things happening around her.

Wiggling her quill between her fingers she considers how to write her thoughts.

Diary Entry 18:10, 3 February 2023 (CST)

The devastation of what he's left behind is astronomical. Comprehension escapes me, even now my heart is broken and struggles to express my sorrow. I knew it was bad, no terrible because I saw it. I was in the middle of it- watching their forms move and their skin melt. But I ran. I didn't stay and help *pause* I didn't stay and defend. Weak oh so weak I was..no..still am.

Even now I struggle to do my part..

Will I be seen? Will the truth be understood or will it be another failure that drags the soul deeper into the murky depths that is always reaching up and grasping with it's black sticky fingers.

Opalina reaches down and absently bushes at her legs in at attempt to swat an annoying fly.

Visiting Merchants and The White Wyrm


Honeybeer Inn

Walking into the Honeybeer Inn, Opalina strides into the tap room. Bentrill leans forward into the bar. “Good evening Opalina. What can I get for you?” Opalina smiles sadly at the Bartenders, “Ohh, nothing for me tonight, but I’d like to pay for another. We have an aged merchant from Wehnimer’s in town and will be coming to spend the night to get out of the cold. I’d like to pay for lodging and food” Opalina slides 2000 silvers across the counter to Bentrill who’s eyes bright up lightly, “Room and board for the whole week with this! Don’t forget to ask me about the special!” Opalina grins, “Your right I do love your special” Opalina orders the special off the menu and takes her dish waving goodbye to the bartender on her way out.

While exiting the inn, an airship hovers over Opalina’s head. She looks up just in time to see a second bright airship swoop in and fire a warning shoot.

You see a small armored figure scampering up a ladder that has been let down from the Vaalor ship.  The airship lingers above the town, blotting out some of the stars behind it.
A single loud crack echoes through the air as the white ship fires one of its cannons.  It is a clear warning shot, the projectile arcing through the air far from the Vaalor ship's port bow.  After a long moment, the Vaalor ship turns and begins moving away from the town, headed back toward the Dragonspine.

A young Vaalorian soldier took the merchandise from old landing merchant and told him he would inspect it for contraband. The merchant didn’t want to wait in the cold and continued on his way and reported it to the town folks of Icemule who did not take the news very happily. Many wanted to search down the soldier and take back the merchants’ items and make them leave. Others were a little more understanding. However, It doesn’t matter how you paint this picture it was not a good one. Things have escalated. Rumors, False truths, and hot heads seem to be winning.. Is the year of the rolton more about fire in the belly? Opalina thinks about fire as her stomach burns and her tongue smokes from the rice she was munching on. She watches as the Sleek white airship swoops down to Icemule. Awe she really is beautiful afterall. The White Wyrn. The mayor’s description did not do her justice. How do you describe such a beautiful masterpiece? You just can’t only your eyes must witness the beauty to understand it fully.

The White Wyrm

a sleek snow white airship

>look airship

The airship is small, sleek, and predatory in shape, clearly built for combat.  Its hoarbeam hull is shielded by riveted plates of stark white golvern that gleams like fresh snowfall.  A figurehead of the same metal rears from the prow of the ship, wrought in the form of a prowling wyrm with its claws outstretched.

Opalina makes her way to the Airship and with the gangplank down doesn’t resist the temptation to explore her.

Exploring the White Wyrm:

Go gang

[The White Wyrm, Gangway - ] (u12101101)
Bulkheads press in unforgivingly to either side of the narrow gangway that allows egress from the ship.  Threaded through the pale imflass paneling are thin veniom filaments, the bluish metal agleam with glints of silver.  Above the escape hatch, a fanciful metal placard depicts a cold wyrm with its wings spread and snout at a defiant upward tilt.  You also see a heavy hoarbeam gangplank.
Obvious exits: west


[The White Wyrm, Main Deck - ] (u12101102)
Evenly lit by glimaerstone spheres set into the overhead, the intersection of the main deck is narrow.  Veniom filaments travel along the bulkheads, which are made of teak and reinforced with pale imflass the color of fog.  They fan out from a hatch to the west that is also the source of the low, rumbling thrum that pulses through the deck.  At the northern end of the corridor, a reinforced hoarbeam door carved with a rampant mule is stationed at the center of the bulkhead.
Obvious exits: east, south

>go door

[The White Wyrm, Captain's Cabin - ] (u12101106)
Far from ostentatious, the cabin is a small chamber graced by few personal touches.  The bunk is tidily made, its blanket embroidered with a blue mule, and a teak sea chest is situated at its foot.  A small grey and blue carpet occupies the deck before a reinforced hoarbeam door.
Obvious exits: none

>go hatch

[The White Wyrm, Engineering - ] (u12101104)
Veniom filaments radiate out from a cylindrical krodera engine that stretches from deck to overhead, the metal pulsing evenly with blue-green light from within as it travels into the surrounding conduits.  Power tingles in the air of the chamber, lending it an electric feel.  The entrance to the engine room is secured by a riveted imflass hatch.  You also see a squat gnomish engineer.
Obvious exits: none

>look eng

A masterwork of gnomish craftsmanship, the krodera engine is a towering series of interlocking cylinders that spin and piston, concealing and revealing glowing compartments within.  Expertly oiled, the contraption barely makes a sound, but the thrum of magic from its contents is an unmistakable undercurrent to the noise of the engine room.

>look engineer

You see a fairly typical gnomish engineer.
It appears to be in good shape.
It has nothing at this time.


[The White Wyrm, Main Deck - ] (u12101103)
Toward the fore of the ship, the main deck widens.  Crates and supplies are stacked along the bulkheads, secured to them by hooks and sturdy hempen ropes, save around the base of a pale metal ladder that leads to the upper deck.  They leave sufficient space to access crew quarters through a narrow archway in the eastern wall.  Heavily reinforced with golvern, a riveted imflass hatch leads toward the ship's bridge.  You also see the scuffed copper Queatus disk wreathed in miniature floating lockpicks, the Lilanna disk, an animated falchion hovering in mid-air, the orange Burrhus disk, a royal penguin, the glossy pink Rimo disk shaped like a jellyfish, the Aliashyrah disk, a resplendent obsidian black raven that is flying around, a massive snowy white tiger, a silver-shaded creamy white dormouse, an animated flayed gigas disciple, the web-draped Missoni disk, an angular fire wyrdling and a lazy wild reddish-black dog.

Also here: Queatus, Lilanna, High Lord Grutak, Lady Adalie, Kiyou, Duksa, Lord Rorium, Burrhus, Ceilia, Defender of Mist Harbor Teaberry, Rimo, Dendum, Lord Randsford, Lord Sorlu, Imperatrix Lylia, Lady Aliashyrah, Pukk, Chronicler Falvicar, Magister Raelee, Roelon, Town Councilor Vaemyr, Jiarine, Missoni, Perigourd, Mayor Talliver

Obvious exits: north

>climb ladder You climb up a pale metal ladder.

[The White Wyrm, Upper Deck - ] (u12101108)
Vast propeller assemblies sprout from the upper deck, crafted from the same pale golvern as its rails and plated hull.  Interspersed between them are a series of cannons wrought from the same metal.  Shot racks lining the decks are laden with solid iron cannonballs.  The racks, like the hoarbeam deck underfoot, are heavily etched with dimly glowing runes.  A pale metal ladder leads to the lower deck.
Obvious paths: southeast, south, southwest

>go arch

[The White Wyrm, Crew Quarters - ] (u12101107)
Evenly spaced recesses in the inner and outer bulkheads house sparse bunks stacked two high.  Stowed beneath the lowermost of each pair of bunks is a set of foot lockers, shut and padlocked.  There is little opportunity for privacy in the cramped living space, a fact complicated by the narrow archway leading out onto the main deck.
Obvious exits: none

>go hatch

[The White Wyrm, Bridge - ] (u12101105)
The ship's bridge is sealed off from the rest of the ship by a riveted imflass hatch that is reinforced with golvern.  Curving along with the forward bulkhead, great windows provide the ship's bridge with a panoramic view and allow in daylight that melds with the even radiance of glimaerstone spheres set into the overhead.   Chairs fan out across the raised deck in a half-circle, secured by heavy bolts.
Obvious exits: none

>look chair

The throne is comfortably padded and upholstered in carmine silk.  Wrought from golvern, it is beautifully adorned with bramble patterns of gilt filigree.

The Winter War - 2023-02-08 - Introducing the White Wyrm (log)


20:35, 4 March 2023 (CST)

Opalina looks outside her window watching two figures converse in front of her door. A stranger looking in would assume the person within was under guard the way the two hover on either side of her door. But she's not trapped, Not being held against her will. The death threats were no joke though. The men outside her door were on high alert not on keeping her in but keeping danger out. The accusation that, "Opalina was sharing top secret information to the Vaalorians'" Well.. Didn't sit well with some folks. They have threatened to take matters into their own hands and string her up if she's caught unaware.

A shudder shakes Opalina's body and she picks up her pen to write in her diary.

--Today I met with Fropple. He will be representing me to the Council, Mayor, and Judge Teaberry. I am not sure when this trial will be yet. So Fropple told me not to talk to anyone going forward. He's smart and knows all the halfling laws. And he believes in me! I told him everything. About my letters and my present to the Mayor. I can't believe I've lost it. I'm devastated. I am truly hoping that it didn't get into the wrong hands. I told him about the dance. And me passing a letter to The king.--

Opalina presses her fingers to her temples.. and mutters something under her breath as her door bursts open and enters Falvicar, along with a swirl of snow and wind blowing her papers all over the room ending her scribbling with a slight frown. "Opps, Sorry dear." Falvicar blushes and coyly closes the door....

2023-03-04 - Building her Case (Log)


On 3-15-2023

In a random Turn of Events, Mayor Talliver decided to pardon Opalina in the name of Unity.

Was it lack of evidence? or Afraid of what would really come out..

Why did Talliver never reach out to the King himself? only time will tell.

The Summoning

With my fate still in the air. I was afraid to attend the Ritual of summoning being prepared by my husband Falvicar, the Councilor Roelon, and Ronanite Mohrgan. They were going to try and commune with Ronan to better understand Roelon's dream and see if they could obtain more answers. In the last minute I choose to support them. I believe in Falvicar and wanted to ensure he was protected and supported. I was not prepared to see him being taken over by the shadows.. that was.. NOT what I wanted to see. And hearing that raspy voice shivers still course though my body rethinking about it. NO.. They made contact with a force that's for sure. and Got a call for Unity for everyone, not just Icemule, But everyone! If unity isn't found then perish in the blue flames will be our destiny.

Unity. There was a time before during the Griffin sword we couldn't find Unity. Different plans. Different desires, no one could agree on the direction. Why? How hard it is to rally around one theme and we go forward together arms linked? We don't have to give up our souls to unite. We don't have to lose ourselves to unite. Are we so hateful that we have lost the ability to come together and throw our swords and our wills into solidarity?

Things that are needed for Unity.

[[::The_Watchfire_Pact_-_2023-03-08_-_Ronan_Commune_in_Icemule_(log)|Falvicar becomes a vessel To Ronan For Unity]]

How to Build Unity

Trust. Sadly there are those who don't trust everyone on the council. Namely me. And that's due to accusations without solid proof. Twice now I've been cast into the shadow of doubt. It's a hard place to stand especially when trust is a huge factor when trying to rally citizens to Unity. It is three times as hard to prove trust than it is to cast doubt.

Goals. This is where I am still confused. What is a goal set that we can all achieve? Is it more than just saying I will stand with you side by side. Is there research that folks want to achieve? Things were mentioned during a town meeting by several citizens and visitors.

  • A request for Mayor Talliver to meet with Mayor Thadison of landing and smooth things over and form a stronger bond.
  • A request for a delegation to be sent to Biarmoon Cove for information on the history of Moonsedge.
  • A request for support in helping in researching the history and mysteries of Moonsedge and it's owners.

I personally keep coming back to The Dark Alliance. Moonsedge reminds me of a story that was re-told from a rose petal.

but I'm straying from my point, what more is needed for Unity?

Getting to know people. When you start to know people you start to know who you can trust and who is a suspicious person. Their personalities will shine like becons in the night.

Keep each other informed! Don't leave others in the dark when there are important things happening. IF we are all aware we can stand together and help each other out. If we are kept in the dark that is where we will roam. Blind.

Host a party.

Get Involved in the Community.

Be a mentor Help others in need. Not join the mentors guild .. but if someone is asking for healing, offer a herb or two if your not a healer.

Don't act like dictators. We are stronger together and greater than any one person.

Avoid finger pointing and blaming. We should be acting like family. Everyone shares in both the successes and the failures.

---resource https://leadchangegroup.com/11-steps-create-unity-loyalty/

Building the North

Opalina sits at her desk her hands clenched into her hair, her elbows resting on the desk holding her head up as her fingers clench and un-clench within her messy locks putting enough tension on her scalp to ease the frustrated headache she is currently suffering from. She takes slow unsteady breaths each one feeling like flames licking her airways as she seethes with anger from this evenings events. Letting out her breath she releases her hair dragging her quill from her ear in the process. The quill sensing her uneasiness wraps around her hand in a strange looking hug it's quills rubbing her fingers. Opalina notices the gesture and sighs softly as she begins to write:

Unity.. Unity.. It's exactly what we need.. But this.. this is building unity? He alienated Vaalor, Alienated Landing..Alienated me.  and now.. HE wants to unite the North and only the north? This doesn't feel right. I mean sure.. I'd love to see the north Unite under one nation. I'd love to see the giants and the Half-Krolvin and Icemule join forces and become larger than just a tiny frozen tinker town in the snow. We have so much potential to really stand on our own and be a force to support and help others if we really wanted to be. BUT this.. call to unity by a shadow who I am starting to feel isn't really on our side but looking to twist a pure vision into something he can use toward his own ends.

Opalina sets down her pen. Unable to write more and stares out the window lost in thought..

White Haven

Papa Gespry.. oh goodness I hope his travels are safe. He's been gone so long, And I would hate for the house to be in shambles when he returns. His family has called him away back home to his home country, I didn't get any details. But in the mean time. He has asked me to care for the house. And like a good officer I'm going to leave things better than I found them. I take a stroll through the empty halls and stare at the cobwebs and piles of dust resting on the entry table. Her boots hitting the dance floor echo through the ball room the eerie silence broken after being still for so long. She pulls back a curtain and dust sprinkles like fairy dust into the stream of sunlight that shines brightly into the room bouncing off the walls. I think it's time to shake things up. We need unity. And more than gambling! Time to Wake up White Haven!

Renewal of the Council 2023

Diary Entry 7.12.2023

Elections are on the rise again. This time For the Mayor seat and the council of five seats.

Mayor candidates:

Talliver Dabbings
Ellusine Lighthollow

Council candidates:


Recap of the Council List of items presented to Opalina in 2021.

There were many things that the people of Icemule wanted to see fixed changed or updated over the last few years. Things have resolved and other items have been added. Little by little the town is growing changing and developing. Sometimes it seems slow and hard to notice when small changes are made so this list has helped me to feel that our town has really done what it's setting out to do and staying on track.



    a wooden plaque in Clovertooth with the names of those who donated metal slabs (Aethyra, Arianiss, Asben, Cyar, Earthdiver, Erienne, Fahlo, Falvicar, Gespry, Jastalyn, Jasron, Jiarine, Kittai, Laelithonel, Portes, Roelon, Taulramil, Teaberry, Trouthe)

    alley shop taxes, where do they go

    will the cottage on east road ever open (otherwise tear it down and put a petting zoo in its place)

    Faire of the North

    more guards (12 of them so shifts can be taken at each gate)

    Vaalor treaty decision

    mend relations with the King of Ta'Vaalor

    elevate Icemule with other cities

    Ta'Illistim embassy in Icemule

    better anti-air defenses

    citizens in town guard positions as captains

    status of Kadya and her Eorgina request

    fix the statue in Town Center

    fix the windmill in the southwest corner of town

    clean up the wreckage in the Elven Alley


    the traitor is Bakarus (and Aethyra is on the verge of telling everything she knows if something isn't done about it) 

    reconnect Icemule to the half-krolvin village in the west

    dock for sea access

    safe haven for non combatants during attacks on town

    system to promote stronger engagement between citizens and council (government)



 More Guards- The guards were replaced and no longer spend loads of time in the bar. 

 New shops one the East road for cooking and another in the North west Corner, thanks to our new relations with the Half-Kolvin.

 Connection with the Half-Kolvin displaced from Moonsedge area. They have joined our town and are on the ballot for Mayor-ship.

 New dock for sailing established outside the west gate.

 New Statue in Town Square and absolutely lickable.

 Vaalor Treaty was opened lots of heat happened. Treaty is still in place. 

 Better Anti-Air Defenses.. The creation of "The White Wyrm"



  a wooden plaque in Clovertooth with the names of those who donated metal slabs (Aethyra, Arianiss, Asben, Cyar, Earthdiver, Erienne, Fahlo, Falvicar, Gespry, Jastalyn, Jasron, Jiarine, Kittai, Laelithonel, Portes, Roelon, Taulramil, Teaberry, Trouthe)

 Petting Zoo

 Faire of the North

 Mend relations with the King of Ta'Vaalor

 elevate Icemule with other cities

 Town Repairs: windmill, elven alley, half-kolvin quarter updates

 system to promote stronger engagement between citizens and council still in the works

 Nation of the North "UNITE"  Giants, half-Kolvin, Hinterwilds, Outskirts, Pinefar ect.

 current Threats: Volcano on the Krolvin Island. Rammael's Coven. The Mystery man from Roelon's Dream.  

Election Results

Mayor: Talliver Dabbings

Council of Five:

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Krolvin Jkarog, The ask for help

Diary Entry TUMARA (talk) 02:01, 27 July 2023 (CDT)

Opalina sits at her desk folding open her book. Her quill resting easily in her hand. She rests the tip against the paper and begins to write.

Krolvin are higher in number on the water these days, and it's confirmed Mt. Moradg is about to erupt. This mountain according to Jkarog is located on their island Glaoveln. And he's come to Icemule to seek asylum for the Krolvin. Or so he claims... A lone survivor in the ocean, how convenient that he shows up shortly after Falvicar and I, destroy two ships in the harbor.. Could he have possibly escaped?? No.. no way.. We never leave survivors.

But .. what if.. they were testing our skills on the water, testing our boarder.. How easy we fed him and welcomed him.. He didn't even flinch when I mentioned I destroyed the other ships.. Not even a glare... well trained warriors those Krolvin. They all fight to the death.. LIVE a Coward or DIE a hero is their motto. So a spy? Taking stock of our town? He nearly got a full tour.. Right to the heart of our city.

The council will be meeting to discuss the situation further in a few days time. I look forward to hearing their viewpoint. I know I am biased toward hating the Krolvin, at least in that, I understand our Mayor's anger. I was honored to see how the mayor restrained himself in the situation and handled it calmly and proudly. The mayor will lead an expedition on the White Wyrm, along with town folks including myself by sea fleet to check the validity of Jkarog's claims and investigate the island Glaoveln.

Opalina sets her quill aside watching as it crawls sneakily toward the paper to drip a small dot of cricket blood on the corner, with a small shake of her head she grabs her tea and takes a sip.

Krolvin, Choices Histories Causalities

Diary Entry 08:26, 15 August 2023 (CDT)

Opalina opens her book and lays it before her wiggling her quill back and forth in thought before applying the tip against the rough page

The town is on the cusp of a huge embarkment. Are we going to be the turning point for the Krolvin? So far, the Krolvin have attacked or attempted to destroy every nation around them. The Landing, there was one Krolvin who seemed to work with the people-- but the majority of the Krolvin did not. The Four Winds, there was one Krolvin willing to work with the people-- but the majority of Krolvin did not. We have seen this over and over again. Is it their pattern? Send in one to confuse and build hope while the others annihilate? What makes us believe the Krolvin will change? What makes now different than any other time. Would the destruction of an entire race end slavery? I think not. Can you force the end of an action you disagree with? I think not, so what to do? We can’t change them. We can’t agree with them. We find a new home for them? We rescue only the slaves? If you rescue the children without their parents, you risk putting yourself into the act of slaver and gods! We are not so bold as to claim to be gods and decide the fate of an entire people, are we?

What about a Temporary Truce until we find them a new home? But where? Where can the Krolvin live that will be far enough away from others that we can still control their patterned behavior of kidnapping and enslaving others?

That begs the question, we see Krolvin ships on the seas regularly. Why don’t they recall their ships and save their own people?

Again, this makes me personally believe, this a scouting trip to Icemule to test our defense. To test our personalities. To test our docks. And learn the lay of the land. “The one to provide the layout to the rest”. I’ve said that already. But how to prove their intentions?

I hear the anger in the voices of others who have attempted to “change” the Krolvin in the recent years. I hear the plea to avoid helping those who can truly help themselves. Are we of Icemule so sure of our own abilities that we feel above those who have already gone through similar circumstances?

These are not the Ta’Vaalor. Ta’Vaalor are like family. Are the krolvin like family? What makes them different. Ta’Vaalor never tried to kill me just looking at my face. Ta’Vaalorians spoke with honor and act with honor they don’t need to kill to get what they want or need.

Krolvin speak with war. Krolvin soldiers march out and cease control of everything or die trying. They have not so far shown on a large scale to listen to reason or have any desire to change their pillaging ways.

No solution will ever be 100% the best solution, but whatever solution Icemule chooses to go with, who will support and who will walk away. That is yet to be seen.

Opalina sits back and stares at her book before writing again.

I believe that Icemule will seek the Wisdom of others for knowledge, Use Hope to give the Krolvin a chance, and apply Services through the offer of help with a sense of leeriness toward the hard truth that Krolvin will not change just because we wish them too. Though I am completely willing to kill every last Krolvin alive, I am Hopeful the Krolvins will accept a truce to save their people and we find them another place to live that's not Icemule, or any other populated city that the Krolvin could possibly harm.

In a world of magic can we not calm a volcano? Can we not build a team to put out the fire or redirect the fire away from the Krolvin village on the Island? Why move the Krolvin at all. Build a path for the lava to go, create a magical shield of protection.. so many other options not even mentioned yet.

Voyage to Glaoveln

A robe wrapped Opalina, sets up a tub and starts filling it with water grateful she is home and warm, her body sore and exhausted and covered in soot, and raw skin from recovered burns. Comfortable that she will find peace in the waters, she pulls a small table with paper and her quill, to the side of the tub. Shedding the robed she climbs into the tub and sinks down to her neck, where bubbles float along the top, each pop releasing the tiny scent of roses. Relaxing her head against the edge she stares up at her ceiling and begins to contemplate the evenings events. Memories of the evening flow through her, battling Krolvin on the sea, flying in an airship, a Mountain exploding, the smells, the faces… So much power, so much anger, It rained down fire and boulders upon a Krolvin village, crushing weight dropping down on houses, people, trees. Very little was spared and the ones found where women, children and elderly were left to their own devices.

The burning, Opalina squeezes her eye’s closed, The village the landscape the people… so much … destruction... Skeletons stuck in positions boulders laying around haphazardly houses flattened, Opalina’s knuckles whiten as she holds the tub’s edge, she forces herself to relax to remember they did all they could... They got out the children… Taking a big breath she sits up and leans toward the table with the paper and quill. She lifts her quill and beings to write.

Diary Entry TUMARA (talk) 10:42, 3 August 2023 (CDT)

Tonight The Wyrm flew on an exploration trip to the Island of Glaoveln. I made a last-minute decision to join the airship. I didn’t know where the island was at so I conceded that maybe this would be a great way to discover those details. I don’t know if I’ll be going back that island seemed pretty well destroyed. The flight was a bumpy one, and thankfully short! Stormy winds, lightening and thunder swirled around us as we made our way over the waters toward the island. We were barely taking in the scenery when we were there. The island Opalina ties to remember as much of the details as she can…

The Watchfire Pact(storyline)/2023-08-02 - Exploration gone Rescue - Glaoveln Island

Upon returning to Icemule after the crazy evening of events, White Haven along with many other houses, Cooperatives, The Temple and The Abby have all opened their doors to the refugees. Providing them shelter, warm meals, clean clothes, and a place to recover.

It's up to the council to help keep the peace of the town and not let the refugees come to any harm... with the unpopularity of Krolvin's history and practices.

Tomorrow we worry about what will happen next.

Refugee Support

Diary Entry 08:26, 15 August 2023 (CDT)

White Haven is throwing a Fundraising dinner.

Selling Tickets at 1000 dollars a plate.

an elegant pale vanilla ticket

The scent of sandalwood, marshmallow, and vanilla wafts up from the ticket as you smell it.

Colorful depictions of winter roses trail down the left-hand side of the ticket, which also has bold whorls twisting throughout the design.

White Haven Ticket

Auction Fund Raiser

Diary Entry 08:26, 1 September 2023 (CDT) Others on the council choose to run a fundraiser and offer services for a fee to help raise money to help support the Krolvin.

National Unity Day

...comes to Icemule!

We warmly welcome you to Icemule Trace as we celebrate World Unity Day this Volnes, the Fourth day of Imaerasta, at the Tenth bell of the evening as Elves count time.

In an era marked with near constant disaster and unforeseen tragedies, let us come together to show the Great Powers that together we still stand.

After the catastrophic loss of their home island, Icemule has shouldered the moral responsibility of providing succor to the displaced krolvin people. This event is meant to bring cultural awareness and financial support to these newest members of the Northern community.

During this charity event, which has been opened to all goodly people throughout the known world, we will be auctioning off multiple items and experiences guaranteed to provoke an excited sense of unity. All proceeds from this benefit will be donated to Clovertooth Hall and used towards the further aid and integration of the krolvin people into our loving community.

We look forward to your generous presence and donations!

(This event will be taking place on Monday, September 4th at 10pm eastern, in the Auditorium of Clovertooth Hall. #29536)

Official Changes in Icemule

14:11, 28 September 2023 (CDT)

With building a nation comes change.

We were challenged by the Giants to Kill an entity within Crystalhall. Crystalhall is built into the edge of a mountain by the Giants of old. They trapped a piece of evil within. If we are able to kill the entity they will join us and build a nation.

With our large and yet small group of United Icemule supporters and Villagers we entered the Crystal and killed several spirits hanging around the old place. Including a sybil echo. Once that was complete and Crystalhall appeared to be empty. The Giants and Villagers claimed Crystalhall to be the future Capital of the new nation and will begin rebuilding right away.

We will return on the first of Eoantos when the rebuild should be completed to celebrate the Grand Opening of our New Capital and continue our development of The Watchfire Pact.

Mayor Talliver said we should continue our efforts to build unity by reaching to Briarmoon Cove and the Wsalamir.

Plus we need to draft a founding document. Luckily, Sorlu has written up a proclamation, which is a great start and will help everyone towards working toward a final revised version.

The Watchfire Pact(storyline)/2023-9-27 - The Opening of Crystalhall (log)

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OOC Meeting with Auchand 2023

TUMARA (talk) 09:22, 2 October 2023 (CDT)

The Watchfire Pact(storyline)/2023-9-28 – OOC State of Icemule Meeting (log)

List of Suggested Items for additions

A stout halfing Boatswain He can fix, repair, and fine'--done

  • Name the New Nation with the use Voting

Town Walls Either removed or Fortified--removed

Krolvin more Visible after EB--done

  • The Temple Movement- build temples to all of the Arkati in Icemule Trace
  • Prem homes around Crystalhall or address “T.H.A.T”

School of Magic training--Ellerel--in the works coming soon

  • Create a meaningful and interesting (fantasy but not Winterfell) Governance for the Nation of the North
  • More GALD and other Merchants in Icemule.

Polishing the Magical Burrow--done

Survey the town and see what feels really dated and bland.--done

Half-Krolvin doing work in the Ancient Burrow—or Their own District..--done

  • Better Gambling at Silvermule.
  • Completely Rebuild the Rat Races
  • A thunderdome?-- Expansion of the tavern brawing system in general would be great fun
  • Add fishing to HinterWilds
  • Yarn store in the North
  • Signposts and watchtowers
  • Coffee/Tea shop
  • Alternative Travel Routes to Crystal Hall: suggested:ski lift or tram/furture item creation: Skis

List updated on 13:09, 5 November 2023 (CST)

Building Supplies Flooding Icemule Streets

10:13, 25 October 2023 (CDT)

As Opalina strolls through the town she notices the construction materials gathered. She picks up a few loose nails from the streets and adds them to the piles. She seems excited by the movements and contemplates about how the building of the new capital is going. Apparently, it’s going well since supplies are moving pretty quickly. How will the refurbished Capital city look and how will it change their Northern communities. Will this New Capital City bring the North Together in a neutral ground? Perhaps. It will be a great tourist spot at least. I wonder how many Icemule Citizens will move to the new city. The halflings seems pretty pleased by the new build too, I’ve noticed several skipping around town humming to themselves. I wonder if they will feel the weight of some of the world’s issues removed from their shoulders. The Newly refurbished Capital Crystalhall City, could be a GREAT place for folks to get a fresh start or seek new opportunities.

Return to New Captial CrystalHall

~~+Scheduled to Re-Open Leyan, Eoantos 1, 5123 (Wednesday-November 1, 2023)+~~

The Watchfire Pact(storyline)/2023-11-1 – Tour of Refurbished Crystalhall (log)

Dinner Party Invitation

Opalina rests next to a stack of crates listening to the winds rustle outside the newly repaired Windmill. Her head rests back against the crates and she listens.. ... listens to the low creaking noise of the windmill's blades as they slowly turn. The silence broken as a voice taunts her seductively adding it's own calm story to the picture her constant reminder of her poor choices and easily swayed mind. Taking a large deep cleansing breath she lets her body relax for a moment longer. She withdraws her diary book from her sack along her hip, and the quill from her ear and begins to write.

11:17, 9 November 2023 (CST)

Dear Diary,

A meeting with the mayor turned out quite lovely, his improvements around town seem to have raised spirits. I too am very happy with the improvements. I am finding little subtle changes all over the place. I noticed that the owner of the gemshop turned down such improvements her response when I asked was, "I do not work with that department." I offered to help paint it myself but she wouldn't have it. I guess she enjoys the 'scorch mark' reminders, maybe it reminds her to be careful and not to trust wizards.. I don't know.

Afterwards, I met up with Yonder, who works for the Coldwater Courier, he is already spreading the great news,

"Yonder gets a gleam in his eye and says, "The word on the street is that a vote will soon be held to determine the name of this nation that Mayor Dabbings is trying to found!  The giants have flocked to Icemule's banners, along with the krolvin and half-krolvin, but will the folk of Briarmoon Cove or the Wsalamir be as easy to convince?"

I can't wait to meet the delegate from Briarmoon Cove. I can't decide if I'm still angry with them for cutting us off or if I'm going to be patient and hear them out. They caused so much strife. I still feel some underlying unrest I mean it almost cost me ... no no .. I will stuff that frustration deeper than the cooing voice in my ear..

Next week the Mayor has invited the Briarmoon Cove delegate to a dinner party. He is also sending invitations to the Abbess from The Abbey, and folks from Icemule. The mayor is hoping to entertain their joining the northern efforts of forming our own nation. Gifts from our area are a great way to show what worth we are and what kind of goods we have to trade. Perhaps it can bring some interest to our small town other than our past evils.

I am going to make a special batch of Kumys and send a few meal ideas to the Mayor. He had asked if anyone knew of some good dishes to serve. He also is going to bring out his mama's special kumys. I am excited to try it compared to mine!

I do have high hopes that both the Abbess and the Delegate and anyone else who shows will have a great time and feel welcome. It could go terribly wrong too.. And we accidentally offend either of them.... so many unknowns..

Opalina lifts her quill to her ear where it wraps around her lobe and settles in with a soft coo. She blows softly on her diary helping the cricket blood to dry.

Dinner... Not very merry afterall

Opalina stares at her hands folded in her lap as a tear falls from her quickly blinking lashes trying to bat away and fight the tears as much as she attempted to fight the vampire bats earlier.. Failure at the peak of a mountain. Yes that's how she was feeling completely at a loss to the evening. And worse still to come.. she's falling into a darkness that she may not be able to escape from.. A darkness of bitterness anger and frustration.. all the energy she put in.. all the time she devoted.. all the care she put .. wasted.. unwanted..ruined..crumbled...and tossed away like a worthless piece of paper away away into the fires ..the bonfires of hell. discarded like old stinky socks... never to be used or touched again. The spinning of faces laughing, stuffing food in their mouths.. drink sloppily splashed.. spiraling deeper and deeper into the hell of her mind as she watches the keen disgusted looks.. being disguised as fake smiles and watching beady eye's scan the room mocking the very existence of our spoils..The quaint little dinner .. I couldn't touch even one bite of it.. My stomach churned sour by the lack of true care in the room... Maybe the Kumis would help settle.. but no even that was a poor excuse of an attempt to change her mood. Change her outlook of the evening.. A sharp sting to her face brings her out of her internal battle for a moment to catch something about trade and to offer that we offer trade and supply a small sample .. But that was discarded as quickly as it was received.. discarded like trash..and with that she feels herself cave in .. back into her corner back into her soul .. anger steaming from her ears everyone around her lost in their enjoyment of the food and the guest.. LOST to the glamor..... I can feel it building .. this hatred.. this anger.. for them all.. Laughter twisting into silent stabs against her skull and into her ribs. Gulping the bile that threatens to escape between her lips she stands .. and exits getting lost in the huge mansion this way and that way every room foreign and hazy.. She finally escapes into the night air and runs. Runs till she's too tired to care and falls into the cold icy snow and sleeps later to wake and make her way home.. There she writes in her Diary.

11:47, 16 November 2023 (CST)

Dear Diary,

Don't trust anyone. Barlan Kane possibly allied with Dusk Coven. Barlan behind the attacks this evening? Highly possible. Moonsedge was the capital of Briarmoon cove once? What does that mean.

What were the Vampires looking for Why did they search through Falvicar's items and seem disappointed they didn't find what they were looking for.. Keep ever vigilant.

The "Changed" Lich


Dear Diary,

I couldn't follow that halfling possessed by the old lich. He has them all fooled, into thinking he's changed but I don't believe it. They, the council of 10, have always had their own agenda. All of them. He can spin his tales but I don't trust him. I won't interfere with him but I'm still going to be ever watchful of him and his actions.

The Watchfire Pact (storyline)/2023-11-29 - Blood Magic and Bad Memories (log)

Giant Visions

11:33, 7 December 2023 (CST)

Dear Diary,

Tonight Hazelnut returned to town along a train of mules he used while he was out traveling the Dragonspine looking for the Wsalamir. But they seemed to not really be interested in being found and with one of the Mules getting a sprain he returned home. On his travels he did hear that there were more visions and omens and asked the town folks if any of us had gotten any. But no-one admitted to getting any. While we retreated to one of the local inns for refreshments and warming up, the guards came in and informed everyone that Giants were at the Gates and that we should go right away.

The giants that met us at the gate were, Nootjaeg and Tyrnsa.

You see Nootjaeg. He appears to be a Tundra Giant of the Crackling Firn Clan. He is of gigantic height. He appears to be long in the tooth. He has brooding icy blue eyes and dull white frost-covered skin. He has tangled, icy blue hair. He has a round and wide face, a sharply pointed nose and heavy ice-laden jowls. Frost and snow trails in his wake. He is in good shape. Tendrils of icy blue vapor sinuously spiral around his right wrist. He is holding a scintillating massive icy blue club in his right hand. He is wearing a spiked dull white breastplate covered with frost, a filthy hodgepodge of hides crudely stitched into a hole-ridden cloak, a crude bone-clasped snow leopard skin baldric, a torn tiger skin pouch clasped with a crossed pair of incisors, and some thick mammoth fur breeches. Nootjaeg strikes the head of his icy blue club anxiously against the floor and a churning, icy blue cloud of vapor forms around him, lingering near his feet before it rapidly dissipates.

You see Tyrnsa. She appears to be a Storm Giant of the Roaring Gale Clan. She is of gigantic height. She appears to be mature. She has silver-flecked dark grey eyes and tanned skin. She has long, thick pure white hair pulled back in a side braid and wrapped with sinew. She has an angular face, a straight nose and heavy jowls. She has a jagged scar over her left eye. She is in good shape. She is wearing a sturdy bearskin pack, a thick sealskin vest with bone toggles, a small bone-beaded pouch, some heavy wolfskin pants crossed with rough stitching, and a pair of leather-wrapped suede boots.

While Nootjaeg was distracted by the wonderful goodies provided by Lithyia, Tyrnsa tried her best to invite us to Crystalhall and listen to their seer. They needed our ears to hear the words. Thankfully we all listened and through a magical portal we arrived at Crystalhall post haste.

It was here that the seer, Isvindar shared her visions.

You see Isvindar the Elder. She appears to be an Ice Giant of the Black Cairns Clan. She is of gigantic height. She appears to be advanced in years. She has large hazel eyes and pale blue skin. She has ornately braided, fiery auburn hair shot through with streaks as grey as ash. She has a deep-graven lines on her face. Despite her age, she has a proud bearing. She is in good shape. She is holding a heavy mammoth ivory staff inlaid with chunks of cloudy blue crystal in her right hand. She is wearing a fur-lined dusky blue hooded cloak clasped by a polished black stone, and a blue-grey hide robe trimmed with beads of age-darkened bone.

Isvindar says, "I see tunnels drowning in the tears of a storm, of rainfall when snow ought to fill the skies."

Isvindar says, "The little folk under the mountain flicker like candleflames in fear."

Isvindar says, "The skies are angry with light."

Isvindar says, "I see a tale of ancient vengeance woven from threads of lightning."

Isvindar says, "...this threat lies eastward. I do not think it is our battle to face, unless we choose it."

Isvindar worriedly says, "But... there is something more."

Isvindar says, "Something I have not shared."

Isvindar says, "A stirring strangeness hovers over the weave of prophecy."

Isvindar says, "Something that I have not seen before."

Isvindar says, "My visions are often clear, but I see these as but through a darkened glass."

Isvindar says, "I do not think this a plot or a machination."

Isvindar says, "Beyond this threat to the dwarves... I think a change is coming in the world, one great enough that the light of my spirit fires cannot illuminate the future."

Isvindar says, "It frightens me."

Isvindar says, "I have seen your foes and their plots. I have seen threats of great danger."

Isvindar says, "But this, I cannot see clearly."

Isvindar says, "Many futures flicker in their depths."

Isvindar says, "So are the ways of chance and choice."

Isvindar says, "What comes for the dwarves is such a thing. There are paths where victory is assured, and paths where defeat is guaranteed, and paths where neither are certain."

Isvindar says, "This is as a mist, spreading across my vision, until nothing is clear."

Isvindar says, "I do not see any roots to this shadow."

Isvindar says, "It simply is."

Isvindar says, "I do not see malice, or hate, or... anything."

I personally don't know what to think except that something is coming. But isn't something always coming? Best to let the future trouble the future. Anything can happen. Today I rest, unfortunately I was unable to stay and listen to more dreams and omens as my body has still not completely recovered and it needed rest. So I left and returned to my bed. I hope I didn't get anyone else sick. Of course all this twists and turns in my mind as I'm sure it was in the other city folks who were listening so many ideas and thoughts were being shared it was hard to follow everything.

Thoughts on Blood Magic use in Icemule

The following thoughts were provided on the board in Icemule TC in Statement format:

a crisp off-white statement posted by Sorlu

>read statement

In the Common language, it reads:


Fear must never be permitted to dictate our path or strangle our purpose.

The proposal to introduce Blood Magic to our town is not an endorsement of malevolence but an opportunity for us to understand and harness a power that has, historically, been misunderstood.

Certain voices have rung out, proclaiming the perils that lie within the shadows.

I respect the concerns raised about conducting such studies in the open. The naysayers will regale you with tales of civilizations undone, of folly and ruin, but let us not succumb to fear of the unknown. I agree that transparency is crucial in matters of public interest, and measures to ensure this have already been stated, but equating the study of Blood Magic to the condoning of heinous acts oversimplifies the issue.

This is not to be seen as a flight of evil but a studious exploration of the boundaries between power and responsibility. Our town has an opportunity to demonstrate once more that we can navigate these shadows without succumbing to darkness, and in doing so further solidify the foundations of our new nation.

As we navigate this intricate dance, let us not forget the rich tapestry of cultures that make up our town. The krolvin, with their unique practices, have offered us a glimpse into a different realm of understanding. We must be cautious not to fall into the trap of cultural bigotry, for dismissing their ancient rites as mere darkness denies them the respect they deserve.

Instead, let us foster a community that transcends bigotry, embracing diversity, and ushering in an era where the mundane bows before the extraordinary. Let us be those audacious seekers, unafraid to delve into the forbidden. For power, my friends, lies in the mastery of the unknown, and as we have far too often experienced, has been the only language our rivals comprehend.


Lord Sorlu Jae'kym Nalfein Town Councillor of Icemule Trace

a velvety off-white statement posted by Dendum

>read statement

In the Common language, it reads:

Do not trade what is right for what sounds easy

There are some among the North, the Free North that is free due to the sacrifice of others, who would say you must accept any evil if it is a 'tradition' of a people

What absurdity is this and what idiocracy gives voice to such stupid ideas? Is Turamzyrr correct in being racist and blood thirsty and murderous just because it was a tradition to be so? Are they incorrect in attempting to change their ways with edicts that allow non-humans to own property? We should argue that they were NOT correct and that what they do now is correct, but the ignorant ideas of some would say there is no difference between the two actions.

The wicked do seek to bring others into wickedness, and would like nothing more than for the good and honest to condone wicked things. They would love nothing more than for you to prove that they are not so different from you. That you are just as willing as them to trade anything for power

Do not let it be so. Say no to Blood Magic

a heavyweight icy blue statement posted by Opalina

>read statement

In the Common language, it reads:

Dear Icemule Citizens and visitors,

Please consider very carefully the facts of Blood magic. Blood Magic itself has no life or energy without the blood that feeds it. Where does that blood come from? An animal? A thief? A giant? One person? Many people? This is the trap. The trap of power. Because in order to get stronger with blood magic you need blood. What you intend to do with Blood Magic determines the amount of "Blood" needed.

There are those that speak of Blood Magic as a two folded art one side that yields creativity and a second that yields destruction. I say forget sides; this is a one fer that promises creativity through destruction. Sure, you can create something beautiful but something is destroyed in the process.

It's written that "blood is one of the most powerful magical conduits known - blood given freely, even through deception, the most powerful of them all." -Rovvigen

Power is greater when blood is freely given, and when it is taken- this was documented--"If blood is taken without permission, it can also be used to connect or take control of that person" -Balley

It's true, we've seen positive uses of blood magic in some instances. But there's always a sacrifice someone must give up blood to perform these acts. IF that blood is their own or others given freely or stolen depends on the person using the magic.

As all tools, the wielder is the true issue behind weather if it used properly or not.

What is to prevent one person from taking blood magic too far? Are we prepared for the consequences of allowing such a tool to be freely used within our city walls?

The Blood of Icemule shouldn't be given up freely, our blood shouldn't be squandered. We have already spilled enough blood for our freedoms and may even spill more fighting to maintain our freedom but don't give it away to blood magic at the cost of your very soul.

Don't be seduced by the promise of infinite application, by the smooth calm voices of those who wish to control your future.

Just say NO to Blood Magic. Keep your soul. Keep your freedom.

In Hope, Service, and Wisdom,

Lady Opalina Jalcon the Town Councillor of Icemule Trace.

a sheet of ivory papyrus paper posted by Draelor

>read paper

In the Common language, it reads:

To simply ignore the ample history of horror brought upon the world by practioners of blood magic is reckless. To suggest that delving wildly into the shadows is the only correct path is disingenuous. It is not fear that drives those of us who urge caution, but knowing full well of the depths that path winds through. Honeyed words cannot mask the bitter truth that there are those who would willingly lead us all into the darkness to sate their own ambition.

The North stands strong through the collective courage of those who call it home, not through false whispers of glory and dabbling in forbidden arts. The foundations we build today will help hold up this new nation for generations to come, but only if we build them on firm ground. Be wary. Be vigilant

Say no to blood magic.

Winterfest Is almost here!

The Coldwater Courier

06:10, 29 December 2023 (CST)

Opalina struggles with the current events of the city. The internal battles of people's freedoms and her own desire to be safe, conflicting. Between that and watching the other council members plot events behind her back sends her mind reeling into a spiral of anger and resentment. Their mocking dismissal, of majority vote, overwhelmingly evident in fulfilling their own desires not necessarily in the towns interest and surely no interest of hers. The latest summons of an innocent man for questioning purely to fuel further distention between the already upset civilians struggling with a change in law. Opalina is hopeful that the voters will speak their hearts and Vote for the choices that they feel should be the right course of action. Whatever the city decides she will do her best to accept it and uphold their wishes as a Councillor, in whatever capacity she has even if that's just to smile and standing side by side with the citizens.

Posted to the Board in the Town Center:

a neatly inked broadsheet posted by Yonder

Icemule Trace Holds Vote on Naughty Necromancy and Northern Names!

With the new year in sight, controversial mayor Talliver Dabbings of Icemule Trace announced votes for two major initiatives held by Clovertooth Hall. Icemule Trace citizens are weighing the heavy question of whether to repeal the town's ban on blood magic, a thorny issue that has come to the fore with the recent addition of the krolvin to the town's growing northern alliance. Early votes indicate a dead heat between supporters of the repeal and those wishing to keep blood magic illegal.

The second initiative regards the naming of Mayor Dabbings's proposed 'Nation of the North'. Exit polling indicates 'Northwatch' as a leader in early voting, followed by 'Wintersreach' and other options.

Opalina's Diary - Book 3

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