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Opalina Jalcon
Opalina Jalcon
AI art generated by me using[1] Artflow.ai
Race Half-elf
Culture Paradis
Hometown Icemule
Profession Merrymaker of White Haven, Town Councillor of Icemule Trace 5121-current
Religion Master of Voln, follower of Koar
Affiliation(s) White Haven, The Northern Fury,Ord an Dragan, Raise Your Stout Krew
In-a-Word HUGS
Disposition Happy
Demeanor Friendly
Flaw forgets a lot
Greatest Strength she's not afraid
Greatest Weakness lollipops, tarts
Habits dancing, skipping
Hobbies eye collecting, dentistry, brewing, jewelry making
Likes food, exploring, dancing, music, sailing
Dislikes fighting with others
Fears being left alone
Loyalties Icemule, family, Drakes
Best Friend Gespry, Sayari, Inck,Chandrellia, Delyorik, ok honestly I have way too many to list
Spouse yes Falvicar
Children kobolds j/k


You see Merrymaker Opalina Jalcon the Town Councillor of Icemule Trace.

She appears to be a Half-Elf.

She is quite short for one of elven heritage and has a curvy-figured shape. She appears to be in the meridian of life. She has dark feather-lashed arctic blue eyes and freckled skin. She has winter rose-dotted, curly deep auburn hair delicately rolled into an off-center chignon that leaves a few feathery tendrils to trail in front of her ears and down the nape of her neck. She has an evenly proportioned, plain face, a freckled nose and slightly pointed ears. Tiny flecks of sea blue have formed within her pupils. She has a fake silver-edged tooth barely visible in her mouth.

She has a petite faceted ruby arrow in the upper ridge of her right ear, a teacup-cradled clockwork mouse tattoo on her leg, a ring of red roses tattoo on her waist, a niveous-inked fall of tiny snowflakes on her ear, a tiny flawless diamond stud in her right nostril, and a set of silver rings with tiny dangling crystalline snowflakes in the upper ridge of her left ear.

She is in good shape.


Perched upon her shoulder is a tiny summer teadragon, the diminutive lizard stretching its vestigial wings as it yips in contentment.

She is wearing a multi-chained eonake ferroniere dangling a ten-pointed gardenia white diamond, an azure phoenix tail feather, an ebony symbol of Ronan, a silvery white bearskin coat lined with ermine, a twisted vaalin kilt pin, a wide brass spiral etched with rolling waves, a crystal-eyed silver dolphin symbol encrusted in blue coral, a flecked pearl white lizard, a blue feather-shaped charm, an oblong byssine satchel stitched with silver-scaled dragons slung over her shoulder, a crimson eahnor-plated pack with a tiny metal lever, a sleeveless wrap-around plumille houppelande with pleated elesine-edged split skirts, a lambskin-lined balenite armband forged into a series of breaking waves, a wiregrass bracelet, a silver-linked bracelet of crystal-cut snowflakes, a thick ebonwood armband, a silver-framed bracelet inset with skyglass panels, some sleek selshis skin gloves with kelyn-reinforced knuckles, a filigreed eonake wedding band with a nightscape motif, a snow white imflass signet ring, a nacre and ghezyte dolphin ring with tiny web-spun sea blue tidal pearls, a timeworn elesine sack enhanced with bearpaw sewn-on pockets, a polished eonake flask with a blue-black diamond lid, an elegant black silk gem pouch sewn with butterflies surrounding a silver-edged sword, a sylvan scalp coin bag clasped by a chipped front tooth, some side-laced ramie silk leggings with tiny silvery snowflake buttons, a wave-linked silver charm anklet, and a pair of navy batiste stockings printed with cobalt-tinseled zaffre roses under some eonake-meshed ivory spidersilk boots.

About Opalina Gemiena

Opalina was born and raised within the walls of Icemule Trace. She is half-halfling, and half elf, though her parents are no longer alive the good folks of Icemule took very good care of her. She spent many of years sleeping next to the well where she discovered the wonderful art of picking boxes. She at one point claimed she owned the picking well and even tried to carve her name into the bricks but was caught by the town constable and thrown in to jail for defacing public property. Opalina is rather mischievous She is always tackling creatures harder than she can handle and ends up needing the support of empaths and clerics alike. Opalina loves food, exploring, and making new friends. She loves to dance and go to parties. She travels to local towns such as River Rest, Landing, and Sol Haven. But her home and were she returns most every night is Icemule. Her love for Icemule is very present and she tries to share her beloved towns food where-ever she goes from her satchel of goodies. Icemule is the city of Tarts after all! Opalina is a member of White Haven. Opalina's dream is to one day be an actual protector of Icemule.

Dates of Note

Lormestra 5121: Opalina went missing.. she was last seen in Icemule exploring ice caves.. her current whereabouts was unknown after she broke up with her love Nochternus. Rumors had it she was secretly married to someone else in the some far off land and they found out about the affair and locked her away in a dungeon....

Fashanos 5121: Opalina returned to Icemule.. a wedding band on her finger. She seems different. 

Opalina is married to someone unknown in a far off land..She has escaped him again and again. She is unable to remove the wedding band on her finger showing her status. He will obtain her when he needs her.

Lormesta 2022: Nochternus felt Opalina betrayed him and they parted ways. Opalina was later informed that Nochternus was lost at sea and never saw him again.

Ivastaen 2 2022: Having returned to the snowy north and the Lich destroyed Opalina was able to remove the cursed wedding band and throw it to the ground.

Ivastaen 15 2022: Opalina and Falvicar were married.

Funny Quotes and Sayings between friends

You say, speaking quietly to Inck, "I haven't see you in forever how you been."

Inck asks, speaking to you, "Just the usual ups and downs. Yourself?"

You say, speaking quietly to Inck, "Oh ya know Opalfury."

You quietly say, "It's like like Opal fever only without the tarts."

You beam at a stout rosy-cheeked widow.

A stout rosy-cheeked widow gives you a gentle smile and reaches up to pat you on the cheek.

A stout rosy-cheeked widow gently reminds you, "Remind a friend that you love them. Do it today!"

You say, speaking to a stout rosy-cheeked widow, "Yes Ma'am Mrs. Butterfur."

Opalina's sooo Fat.. She doesn't just lean on one seat she has to.....

s>lean seat

You lean against a few dozen rows of comfortably padded seats.....

The Doorway Into Opalina's Mind, Stories, and Logs


Opalina's Diary

Opalina's Diary - Book 2

Opalina's Diary - Book 3


Fire Study (a response to the official Flame Dance Vignette)

The Seek for Help

The Coin

Forbidden Love A history of Opalina's parents.

The One that Got Away

A Free People with Options

Epic Battles

The Krolvin Captain vs Falvicar and Opalina

Opalina vs Crime

Lich Encounters

Council of Ten

Opalina and Trianvar Highlights written by Lady Iscikella Zinnonn:

"Opalina, taken through a strike of blinding lightning..."

"Trianvar blackmailed, threatening to kill loved ones of those that did not do his will."

"Trianvar, the blackmailer, decided early on he would attempt to keep his possessed, Opalina, stronger than the others by not draining her spirit. He had no qualms, however, about draining such from others to feed his need. Black smoke and a smell of sulphur forewarned his unholy presence."

"One on one, Thurfel could manage to thwart any lich. His magical puissance was still greater than any of theirs as a single entity. Thus were the liches intent on regaining the Staff of Amasalen. They knew they needed this artifact to have any chance of destroying the firemage. They sent "emissaries" to obtain the staff from Xeldria: Elendr, who was now Gavrail's in mind, heart and soul, as well as body, and Opalina, who was threatened by Trianvar with the decimation of everything she loved if she did not comply."

"Trianvar's proved the sixth orb, and again the finder, the bardess Tesserah, choose Thurfel over the lich. Almost mockingly, the vessel had lain "hidden" within the very mausoleum of Talbot Dabbings from which the Nine had escaped. Opalina was freed from possession with its recovery, as the angry lich killed her in retaliation."

"Trianvar finally drained the spirit from Opalina shortly before she was freed, realizing he needed the present power it would provide more than he needed her "stronger than the other possessed" at some future moment that might not come if the current one could not be controlled."

Town Council

Icemule Trace Town Council Candidate Speeches 5121-12-22 (log)

Icemule Town Council


Speaking to Opalina, Reiphe says, "Mistress Opalina, you are next."

>look at opalina

You see Concierge Opalina Gemiena the Gypsy.

She appears to be a Half-Elf.

She is quite short for one of elven heritage and has a curvaceous figure.  She appears to be in the meridian of life.  She has large brilliant cerulean eyes and freckled skin.  She has mid back-length, curly deep red hair with intricately twisted twin rolls knotted into a half bun and surrounded by a knotworked ferronniere circlet on her head.  She has an evenly proportioned, plain face, a freckled nose and slightly pointed ears.  Tiny flecks of sea blue have formed within her pupils.

She has a teacup-cradled clockwork mouse tattoo on her leg, a small lockpick tattoo on her wrist, a roaring silver dragon tattoo on her arm, a niveous-inked fall of tiny snowflakes on her ear, a petite faceted ruby arrow in the upper ridge of her right ear, and a tiny red crystal rose in the upper ridge of her left ear.

She is in good shape.

She is wearing a silvery white bearskin coat lined with ermine, a wide brass spiral etched with rolling waves, a soft grey penguin feather, an off-shoulder creamy silk blouse bound with a silver snowflake belt, some arm-length polar bear skin gloves, a sun-etched gold and bronze ring with bright jacinth rays, a silvery gossamer over-skirt, a silver bell-trimmed azure gossamer veil skirt, and a pair of smoky grey silk stockings under some watertight polar bear skin boots.
Opalina quietly says, "Greetings everyone."

Opalina quietly says, "My name is Opalina Springfurs,. I've lived in Icemule my whole life. Everyone in town has seen my mischievousness. I was even caught once carving my name into the well."

Opalina demurely lowers her brilliant cerulean eyes.

Opalina's cheeks flush with a soft pale rose shade, darkening her freckles even more.

Opalina quietly says, "But I've grown up since then and have experienced the world."

Opalina nods knowingly.

Opalina quietly says, "I love the snow and the sea, *begins rambling about the ocean and seeing a dolphin last week and getting lost in a storm but quickly pulls herself back to the present a flush in her cheeks and continues* I do travel and see how the world is doing but, my heart is here in the snow and mountains."

Opalina gazes fondly at her surroundings.

Opalina quietly says, "The people of Icemule come in all shapes, sizes, and nationalities. I enjoy when we get new friends and will travel to visit those who only came to visit."

Opalina gazes about with intense interest at her surroundings, her brilliant cerulean eyes pausing briefly on everything nearby.

Opalina quietly says, "The reason for wanting to be on the council is to support you all."

Opalina nods enthusiastically!

Opalina quietly says, "I would love to present your wants and needs and be a convoy between the people and the town."

Opalina quietly says, "It has always been my goal to be a welcoming member of Icemule and this position would only take benefit from my outgoing nature."

Opalina smiles spreading her arms wide including everyone in the audience.

Opalina quietly says, "I bring my worldly experience and travels into the mix of five other council members. My ideas and thoughts would be a different perspective in the discussions and solutions that transpire."

(Opalina gazes into the audience trying to meet eye's.)

Jiarine asks, "How do you feel that being a female on this particular council will better the town?"

Opalina quietly says, "It would provide a different possibly softer and nurturing outlook to situations."

Opalina quietly says, "In my case."

Jiarine asks, "Would you be strong enough to handle the hard aspects?"

Opalina quietly says, "Depends on what hard is I suppose."

Opalina quietly says, "If you mean killing things outside the gate then yes I can stand shoulder to shoulder with anymay."

Opalina quietly says, "Anyone."

Opalina quietly says, "Man or woman."

Opalina quietly says, "Giant or gnome."

Opalina quietly says, "If my judgement were in question because I am a woman well I believe I am of sound mind and body."

Speaking to Opalina, Talliver asks, "What do you think is the greatest need in Icemule Trace that is not currently being met by the town government?"

Speaking quietly to Talliver, Opalina says, "The town is a wonderful place to grow up and lacks very little having a solid government and support from the people and being able to support other towns is were we should be heading."

Darcena asks, "'How specifically would you build relationship with other towns - particularly the Landing - without betraying what Icemule is?"

Speaking quietly to Darcena, Opalina says, "There isn't a need to betray what Icemule is to help others."

Opalina quietly says, "Icemule has a lot to offer and the support of our town would should be agreed upon by the council and the town together."

2023-07-05 - Icemule Trace Mayoral and Council Speeches (log)


2022-05-15 - Falvicar and Opalina Wedding Ceremony (LOG)

a silver-framed black vellum invitation bordered with shimmering moons and stars
Opalina and Falvicar being married under the ecliping moon
AI art generated by uploader using[2] Midjourney.com

[TownCrier]-GSIV:Newsby: "[WEDDING BELLS] After 25 years of a solid faithful and trusting friendship, Opalina and Falvicar have discovered a much deeper love. They invite you to celebrate their union and bring the blessings of Koar and Ronan upon them both on Sunday, May 15 at 10pm. "

Ebon Gate 2023

So many wonderful costumes, displays, and energy at this years Costume contest! Opalina and Falvicar didn't win this year. BUT it was such a blast! Congrats to all the other winners!

Kobold Deity Falvicar and Opalina and Shadowwind costume contest and Skit.

The Haunted Stoutfoot Mule

Evermore Hollow - 2023-10-23 - The Heads Rolled (log)

Events Hosted

Love Thyself and Others 2024

Photo Album

Other Imagined Images of Opalina

Wedding Pictures



a silver ash brigantine flying a black cotton flag.

You see a silver ash brigantine flying a black cotton flag. Cresting the front of the brigantine is an oak shiny black dragon. Sprawling across the back of the brigantine it reads, "The Rotund Jet Black Tempest".

Opalina's brigadine
AI art generated by me using[3] Midjourney.com

Ship Type: a Brigantine
 Ship Name: The Rotund Jet Black Tempest
 Ship Status
  This ship does not currently have any fees associated with it.
  This ship is not currently under repair.
  Ship is currently docked at: Wehnimer's Landing
  Courier Bird: an orange-beaked pelican

 Mechanical Upgrades:
  Sail Level: Upgraded to Tier 3.
  Hull Level: 5
  Cannons Per Side: 6
  Cargo Hold Size: Upgraded to Tier 3.

  Sail Material: flax
  Sail Color: snowy white
  Gangplank Material: oak
  Gangplank Color: dark russet
  Wheel Material: modwir
  Wheel Color: cerulean
  Flag Material: cotton
  Flag Color: black
  Figurehead Type: dragon
  Figurehead Color: shiny black
  Figurehead Material: oak
  Hull Color: silver
  Hull Material: ash
  Cannon Article: verdigris
  Cannon Material: imflass
  Mess Hall Material: maple
  Mess Hall Color: ivory
  Mess Hall Food Selection: a frosty mug of dark brown ale, a salty rye cracker, a small orange, a hunk of peppered beef jerky, a wedge of smoky white cheese
  Crew Quarters Room Style: Rows of bunks fitted with feather-stuffed mattresses fill the cabin, while hammocks of sailcloth crowd the spaces between.  Hanging above a wash basin, a silvered glass mirror reflects the view from a small porthole.  A calico kitten snores quietly in one of the top bunks, a tiny mouse curled up beneath its chin.

 Captain's Chambers
  Captain's Chair Material: hickory
  Captain's Chair Long: draped with fine sea silk
  Captain's Chair Type: armchair
  Captain's Table Material: hickory
  Captain's Table Color: golden brown
  Captain's Bed Material: hickory
  Captain's Bed Color: burgundy
  Captain's Bed Long: strewn with thick quilts
  Captain's Chambers Wall Material: ash
  Captain's Map Material: canvas
  Captain's Map Color: dark sienna
  Captain's Trash Bucket Material: balsa
  Captain's Trash Bucket Color: cerulean
  Captain's Chambers Room Style: [MAP] hangs above [BED] situated near a window that runs the breadth of the stern, the view of the sea beyond superior to any painting hanging on the [WALL]-paneled walls of this well appointed cabin.  The nautical charts strewn across [TABLE] tell the ships history at sea, while the details are all recorded in the log books stacked on [CHAIR].  A large sea chest occupies one corner, a lock securing its contents inside.


a flecked pearl white lizard-named BoB

a yellow painted cricket box-lost at Sea

a small ebony cricket box-lost at sea

an iridescent quartz cricket box-New Box to feed Bob

a six-tentacled zoetic quill with a jet rachis and lilac vane-named (I forgot it's written down somewhere)

a tiny ship rat named Skippy.

a feathered tree viper with brilliant green eyes-

Beast Spirits

Common Spirit Beasts





pale crab






silverback orc

striped snowcat

arctic wolverine



snowy owl

capuchin monkey

Uncommon Spirit Beasts


mournful nymph

iron kobold

primal minotaur

elusive warcat

willow spirit

rampaging ki-lin

Citadel guardian

reckless firestormer

halfling pioneer

Legendary Spirit Beasts


Rose Lord

Frost Lich


Oceanic Oracle

Hanged Man

Mother Superior

Two-Headed Snake

Opalina has bound a total of 32 Spirit Beasts.