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Opalina Gemiena
Race Halfling-Elf
Culture Paradis/Elf
Hometown Icemule
Profession Gypsy
Religion Master of Voln
Affiliation(s) White Haven
In-a-Word Can't promise that!
Disposition Happy
Demeanor Friendly
Flaw Always forgets the armor
Greatest Strength she's not afraid
Greatest Weakness lollipops
Habits dancing, skipping
Hobbies eye collecting
Likes food, exploring, dancing, music
Dislikes fighting
Fears being left alone
Loyalties Icemule, family
Best Friend Gespry, Sayari, Inck, ok honestly I have way too many to list
Spouse none
Loved One Nochternus
Children Tipperary (sibling)


You see Opalina Gemiena the Gypsy.

She appears to be a Half-Elf.

She is quite short for one of elven heritage and has a curvaceous figure. She appears to be in the meridian of life. She has piercing crystal blue eyes and sun-kissed, light brown skin. She has mid back-length, curly deep red hair hanging in loose waves, with one side pulled back from the face and tucked up under a slender sapphire-set golvern hairpin. She has an angular face, a freckled nose and pouting lips. Tiny flecks of sea blue have formed within her pupils. She has a petite faceted ruby arrow in the upper ridge of her right ear, a niveous-inked fall of tiny snowflakes on her ear, a thorny rose tattoo on her ankle, a small lockpick tattoo on her wrist, a multihued compass rose tattoo encircling a map on her finger, a rune-etched sapphire spike in the upper ridge of her left ear, a teacup-cradled clockwork mouse tattoo on her leg, and an alum-traced white gold ring in her right nostril.

She gives off a tempestuous demeanor.

She is in good shape.

She is holding a red leather glaes-studded cestus inset with a snow cowrie shell in her right hand and a curved glaes knuckle-duster wrought with sleek copper and drakar joints in her left hand.

She is wearing a rectangular blued steel locket, a small silver talisman, a sanguine red wool cloak fastened with a scarlet despanal clasp, a flecked pearl white lizard, a circular obsidian pin set with a blue crystal, a crystal-eyed silver dolphin symbol encrusted in blue coral, a ruby red backpack, a long front-split overgown of sheer black rose lace over a fine velvet dress, some sanguine red leather, a coiled mithglin chain armband, a thick ebonwood armband, some arm-length polar bear skin gloves, some jointed white finger-armor capped with scarlet talons, a tasselled red belt, a pale rose sack, an archaic gornar dodecahedron, a studded black suede belt pouch with a silver-edged flap, some neat red leggings, and some watertight polar bear skin boots.

About Opalina Gemiena

Opalina was born and raised within the walls of Icemule Trace. She is half-halfling, and half elf, though her parents are no longer alive the good folks of Icemule took very good care of her. She spent many of years sleeping next to the well where she discovered the wonderful art of picking boxes. She at one point claimed she owned the picking well and even tried to carve her name into the bricks but was caught by the town constable and thrown in to jail for defacing public property. Opalina is rather mischievous She is always tackling creatures harder than she can handle and ends up needing the support of empaths and clerics alike. Opalina loves food, exploring, and making new friends. She loves to dance and go to parties. She travels to local towns such as River Rest, Landing, and Sol Haven. But her home and were she returns most every night is Icemule. Her love for Icemule is very present and she tries to share her beloved towns food where-ever she goes from her satchel of goodies. Icemule is the city of Tarts after all! Opalina is a member of White Haven. Opalina's dream is to one day be an actual protector of Icemule.


Council of Ten

Opalina and Trianvar Highlights written by Lady Iscikella Zinnonn:

"Opalina, taken through a strike of blinding lightning..."

"Trianvar blackmailed, threatening to kill loved ones of those that did not do his will."

"Trianvar, the blackmailer, decided early on he would attempt to keep his possessed, Opalina, stronger than the others by not draining her spirit. He had no qualms, however, about draining such from others to feed his need. Black smoke and a smell of sulphur forewarned his unholy presence."

"One on one, Thurfel could manage to thwart any lich. His magical puissance was still greater than any of theirs as a single entity. Thus were the liches intent on regaining the Staff of Amasalen. They knew they needed this artifact to have any chance of destroying the firemage. They sent "emissaries" to obtain the staff from Xeldria: Elendr, who was now Gavrail's in mind, heart and soul, as well as body, and Opalina, who was threatened by Trianvar with the decimation of everything she loved if she did not comply."

"Trianvar's proved the sixth orb, and again the finder, the bardess Tesserah, choose Thurfel over the lich. Almost mockingly, the vessel had lain "hidden" within the very mausoleum of Talbot Dabbings from which the Nine had escaped. Opalina was freed from possession with its recovery, as the angry lich killed her in retaliation."

"Trianvar finally drained the spirit from Opalina shortly before she was freed, realizing he needed the present power it would provide more than he needed her "stronger than the other possessed" at some future moment that might not come if the current one could not be controlled."


a flecked pearl white lizard-named BoB

a yellow painted cricket box-to feed BoB

a small ebony cricket box-to make noise

a six-tentacled zoetic quill with a jet rachis and lilac vane-named (I forgot it's written down somewhere)

a rat in a sack-named ....

Beast Spirits

Common Spirit Beasts:




pale crab






silverback orc

striped snowcat

arctic wolverine



snowy owl

capuchin monkey

Uncommon Spirit Beasts:

mournful nymph

iron kobold

primal minotaur

elusive warcat

willow spirit

rampaging ki-lin

Citadel guardian

reckless firestormer

halfling pioneer

Legendary Spirit Beasts:

Rose Lord

Frost Lich


Oceanic Oracle

Hanged Man

Mother Superior

Two-Headed Snake

Opalina has bound a total of 32 Spirit Beasts.