Opalina's Diary - Book 3

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Opalina's Diary - Book 3

Author: Opalina Jalcon

This is a personal accounting of Opalina's experiences during the year of 2024--these are her personal views, and actions from her perspective, logs are being recorded/and transcribed occasionally.

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The Start of a New Year

10:46, 11 January 2024 (CST)

True to change, the town folk of Icemule made some very powerful decisions through a vote that will move Icemule into a new era.

Two votes were held. The first Naming a Nation! The second a decision on the use of an ancient magic that has long been banned in Icemule.

The outcomes, even though they were close, were absolutely clear on what the Majority were wanting.

Vote Tallies for New Name of the Nation of the North:

   Northwatch: 13
   Coldmarch: 5
   Frosthearth: 5
   Nilasgard: 9
   Wintersreach: 11

Vote Tallies on Blood Magic in Icemule Trace:

   No, the town of Icemule Trace should not repeal its ban on blood magic.  A successful vote for this option will keep all forms of blood magic illegal in Icemule Trace and will impose strict penalties, up to and including banishment or death, upon anyone deemed to be practicing blood magic.: 20
   Yes, the town of Icemule Trace should repeal its ban on blood magic.  A successful vote for this option will make the use of blood magic legal, but its use will still be regulated under the legal guidelines applied to all other magical acts within the region.: 27

Vote and Kai's Orb

Opalina sits in her cozy little townhouse in the southwest corner of town, the smell of cooking tarts wafting in through her window, the tip of her quill tapping against her chin as she thinks of her next diary entry and how she wants to convey her inner thoughts. She was rather disappointed with the outcome of both of the votes but has come to terms with it. She trusts the town, Perhaps this will help Icemule grow and prosper with larger views and more open minded acceptance. She's of course worried about the freedom of practicing Blood Magic will bring.. The evil behind such magic is ... unthinkable.. But .. maybe.. a balance can be found.

Opalina grabs a cricket and feeds it to her quill, watching the cricket's blood seep into it. Blood.. useful in some many ways.. She beings to write,

Falvicar told me there was a visitor in town looking for an artifact that is unknown if it exists or not. This visitor called it an Kai Orb. Said to hold great strength, or magic. The mayor confirmed such an object was rumored to exist in our Town and that Thurfel himself was once thought to be in search of it. Thurfel was always looking for more power and powerful artifacts. I wonder if he found it and put it away someplace. Sounds to me like something a lich would be highly interested in. This also brings me to the thought, Could the dark coven be looking for this item? But then again this, could just be another mule chase? Makes me wonder what we are missing.

Ohh side note, Our currency is changing to fit our new Northwatch nation, that's kinda neat.

Opalina takes a 1000 Icemule Note and glues it to the page under her last comment"

             / \                            \
             |     _                       |
             |    |_                       |
             |    |_ lanith Bank Note      |
             |                             |
             |    ___                      |
             |    _|_cemule Edition        |
             |                             |
             | \  /                        |
             |  \/alued at:   1,000 silver |
             |                             |
             | |_|                         |
             | | |old in right hand to use |
             /@|                           |

Out with the old and In with the new..

The Return of Zerroth

10:26, 27 January 2024 (CST)

Diary Entry,

Sol Haven was beautiful this evening I was about to help locate lost art when a great explosion was witnessed, a volcano on Teras Island exploded sending lava high into the air, taking everyone by surprise!. I was very glad that I wasn't anywhere near it and continued searching for lost works of art. However, I was not skilled enough in the local shops to help much but I did managed to refill my box with more crickets. Lucky lizard.

The call to sail by Loralaii was issued and I made my way back to Icemule to sail. While out on the frostmain news was spreading fast in our mind networks that ghosts and clouds were being spotted first on Teras then Landing, Solhaven, Icemule, Ta'Vaalor, and many other places. The ghostly visits weren't very clear and I wasn't sure what to make of it from the ship, but one clear thought came through from Councillor Aliashyrah, "We are being summoned to town center for some important information on Zerroth. He's risen and coming to Icemule!" Luckily the ship I was on was docked when this thought came in, so I finished repairs on the ship and headed straight to Icemule Town Center, just in time to listen as Myharl was explaining what he witnessed.

The roiling mass came into the Hinterwilds from the Frostmain, created a maelstrom above the  Angargreft, and then spiraled down into Berserker's End upon the bier where the gigas avatar and high priest of V'tull, Zerroth, lay in living death with his wrist slit, his tainted blood seeping down the ziggurat. the bier is now void and Zerroth has awakened. V'tull sent droves of V'tullian gigas to bring death in his name. Word was sent to Icemule to warn them of the potential danger as the next stop beyond Cold River and the Long Snow, and several defenders amassed from across the lands to confront the V'tullians on the top of the Angargreft until their forces were exhausted, and Zerroth swore to "soon" eat our hearts on the battlefield. I don't know of any other sightings south of the Long Snow as of yet, so they maybe amassing forces in the Hinterwilds.--Myharl

I couldn't believe it. Zerroth walking again..Jastalyn started calling for the Regulators so I felt safe to go, I had to go witness for myself, if it was true, so Falvicar and I rushed north as fast as that wagon could take us and sure enough.. That frozen gigga was surely gone.

I shudder to think.. what is coming next.

The months dwindle by

Sitting next to Falvicar as Evii calls to Kai is a surreal experience. I mean here we all are waiting to hear answers from a god that may not be a Kai at all. All in the name of what progress? Healthy persuite of power? Maybe we are all just bored of hunting undead or starving for alcohol in Lithy's shop. I don't know but it's the same faces in the crowd all seeking recognition seeking validation of their own worth. Because that's what they really want to be worthy of a response from a god. Good or evil. Why am I here? I don't care about this orb. I know it will be found when the time is right. But I care about Evii and Falvicar, I want to be here to support them. I have nothing really to add.

The Icemule council is still in a rocky place. I am trying to ignore the "fake" feelings of unitedness, that I keep feeling from others. It's like they are putting on smiles that don't reflect their hearts. Even mine is covered as well in a mask of pain that haunts me regularly. My own mistakes my own faults always right there under the surface taunting me, bullying me. A constant reminder that I am the worst culprit of them all my own desires ruling my actions and decisions. Do I want recognition? no I'll humbly step back and let others take the lead. They know what's best right? My words are small and feeble in the loud roar of this sea.

When the time is right. I keep hearing that over and over. So patience will be my guide and I'll listen. watch. learn.

Koar knows my intentions. Kai knows my strength. The gods wait. So I must wait.

Tomorrow will come soon enough.

Coven's Desires made known

09:24, 3 June 2024 (CDT)


Nettle, the Scourge of Mularos.

She appears to be a Human.

She is of average height. She appears to be in the bloom of youth. She has sharp jewel-toned hazel eyes and dark olive skin. She has short, straight dark brown hair shaved to the scalp on one side. She has a hard face and a wide chin.

She is in good shape.

She is wearing a golden neckchain dangling a niveous opal heart pierced by a dagger, a diaphanous snow white silk cloak clasped by a coiled emerald bramble, a suit of stark white leather with a briar of intricate stitchwork, a gold-buckled white leather belt, and a pair of pale leather boots.


The coven refuses to hand over Rammael and demands the deliverance of both the Orb of Kai and Nettle's escaped (slave?)-prisoner, Vectrus.

The search of the Orb continue, and the threat of war is heavy in the air like a thick snowy cloud waiting to explode in ice shards, making folks prickly and heated. This heavy weight upon Icemule sparks tensions and ignites small fires around every corner over the tiniest issue. Even the Kumys is tasting more sour than usual. Bad omen or just too hot, I'm not sure.

So far Talliver has stood his ground and has provided no promises to the Coven save, a promise that Northwatch would discuss the matter and make a unified decision on what happens with the Orb "IF" it's even found. Talliver also confirmed that he was unaware of the location of Vectrus, and even if Vectrus were found he would be safe in Icemule as Northwatch does not condone, nor support slavery of any kind. There was quite a bit of frustrated disappointment with the blatant refusal of Rammael to face his own crimes within Icemule, his scoffing and smug dismissal of our attempts was quite interesting since he was quite public in his ability to escape... being held for long.

That brings me to the thought, How can we detain and hold him. Do we have some way to create a prison that could hold such a powerfully magical person? That magic seems to have been lost over time since Icemule locked up the powerful wizard council of 10. Even then we didn't hold them indefinitely as they are not only freed but some not even fully destroyed after they emerged as liches. Would bringing Rammael to trial for his crimes against Icemulian humanity be worth the effort? It wouldn't bring back the lost lives.

There's also something else to consider. Where is Zerroth. And where is Ellerel Barrowfoot.