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Overexerted is a condition where a character uses more stamina than they have remaining. A character affected by this ailment will experience a -10 penalty to their attack strength and will not be able to use any stamina-draining combat maneuvers for a period of 10 minutes.

This status ailment can be cured by the spell Adrenal Surge (1107), which can be cast by an empath or found in an alchemy potion called a turbid aquamarine potion and through consumables purchased at pay event and festival shops. Adrenal Surge can also restore stamina depending on the caster's Spiritual Lore, Blessings ranks.


This message indicates that a character has overexerted himself:

You hear a loud *POP* come from your muscles!

Whenever the character tries to attempt a maneuver:

Your muscles ache much too badly to even think about attempting this maneuver.

When recovering from overexertion:

Your muscles feel much less strained than they did a moment ago.