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, [Map Room #16], Lich# 28404, go granite door

Metal and Stone

[Metal and Stone - 28438]
This is a spacious room, though not highly decorated. There are tools of weaponsmithing lined against the walls, as well as several swords on the walls displaying the weaponsmith's work. In the far left corner there is a dark granite table.
Obvious exits: out

On the dark granite table you see:

a polished steel claidhmore with a slightly curved blade Weight: 12 pounds
Weighting: not crit
claidhmore 1200
a vultite battlesword with a few chips along the blade Weight: 10 pounds
Enchant: +20
twohanded sword 104000
a shortened imflass shield-breaker set with a diamond Weight: 3 pounds
Enchant: +12
Flares: acid
You can tell that the shield-breaker is as light as it can get.
a forked vultite sword-breaker etched with a tower Weight: 2 pounds
Enchant: +20
main gauche 7700
a polished vultite longsword with a ruby set in the pommel Weight: 4 pounds
Enchant: +20
Flares: ice
longsword 105000
a vultite sudis sharply barbed near the point Weight: 12 pounds
Enchant: +20
Flares: lightning
lance 137000
a double-bladed mithglin waraxe with a lion-headed shaft Weight: 5 pounds
Enchant: +15
handaxe 30000
a short ora periperiu covered in drakar studs Weight: 4 pounds
Enchant: +10
Flares: fire
cudgel 5100
a blackened invar stilleto with a thin blade Weight: <1 pound
Enchant: +2
You can tell that the stilleto is as light as it can get.
a serrated steel cutlass engraved with a gargoyle along the blade Weight: 5 pounds
Enchant: +15
Flares: ice
scimitar 25000