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A halfling pirate who is captain of the small ship called the Fall of the West. He would occasionally merchant in Wehnimer's Landing, and most recently in the summer of 5112 used his ship to help Elanthia's finest adventurers board the krolvin Krentuk's flagship where they were able to defeat the warlord. After undergoing repairs to his ship, Parley set sail for the high seas with the promise to return again to visit more often.

Update: Parlay won ownership of the Albatross, a river gambling boat, from the former captain Gostahl in a high stakes bet. Parlay has since sold his old ship, the Fall of the West, to Councilman Stephos DeArchon who has hired a crew to run it, including Captain Jellybeard and the half-krolvin Falzcrow as the Quartermaster.

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