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The Paspartu Moving Company is the locker moving service in Kharam Dzu on Teras Isle, where it is located in a small stone building at the corner of Dragonspine and Mithril; in Icemule Trace, where it is located in a rather squat wooden building on East Road; in Solhaven, where it is located in the locker warehouse in the southeast corner of the Vornavis Caravansary; and in Wehnimer's Landing in a small wooden building on Locksmehr Way, near the Glaesen Star Dock (or, if you prefer, go to the end of North Ring Road and then head south twice).

A Young Clerk

A young clerk is the NPC that arranges for the locker moves. Asking her about MOVING or LOCKER will get the moving system started.

Description (in Kharam Dzu)

You see an attractive young lass wearing a simple yellow dress. Her light brown hair is pulled back into a bun that's kept in place with a delicate amber comb. Her skin is fair and her eyes dark brown. Her manner is business-like but when she smiles she brightens up the whole room.

The Icemulian clerk is almost identical to the Terasian one, save that the Icemulian is attired in a lavender dress and wears an amethyst comb.

The Landing clerk likewise resembles the others, but she wears a simple pale blue dress and a delicate aquamarine comb.

Room Messaging

The young clerk smoothes her dress.

The young clerk furrows her brow and says, "Now where did I put that file..."

The young clerk stretches.

The young clerk yawns, covering her mouth with a delicate hand.

Behind the Scenes

The name of the moving company seems to be a phonetic spelling of Passepartout, the valet of Phileas Fogg in Jules Verne's novel Around the World in Eighty Days.