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Pennant Chase (PC) is a GameMaster-run game held once a month. For dates and times see the calendar. Much of this article is copied from the in game instructions.

Calendar Blurb

Pennant Chase is a game that requires quick feet, fast action, laughs and experience! Yes, experience -- you can learn while you burn off that big roasted rolton lunch chasing down elusive pennants or your peers! It's fun! It's fast! It's (almost) free! Win silvers and prizes too! Pennant Chase! PC tents are located in each of the major areas of Elanthia. Type PENNANT in the game to find the tent nearest you. PC tents are only open when PC is running, or about to start running.


PC costs 100 silvers per game, all you have to do is have the coins on you, and when you GET BATON once the game is started your silvers are automaticaly taken from your pocket and you're transported to the arena.


There are 21 arenas, from actual places in the game(or rather, alternate instances of them) to fantastical places that exist only for PC. Arenas often have doors, stairs, or other obstacles you can pass through to get from room to room, as well as normal directions. Sometimes you have to JUMP or CLIMB in a direction to travel from room to room. Some arenas even move while you're in them, or send you tumbling down a hill or into the water. There's even an arena with but 1 room!

  1. Western Abandoned Wehnimer's
  2. Hedge Maze Garden
  3. Great Wheel
  4. Hall of Mirrors
  5. Shooting Barrel
  6. Dahcre Tower Basement
  7. Haunted Cellar
  8. Orcless Mine Road
  9. Wehnimer's Wilds
  10. Archipelago
  11. Sky High
  12. Coastal Cliffs
  13. Dahcre Tower Midsection
  14. Dahcre Tower Crest and Core
  15. Lighthouse Island
  16. Shipwreck
  17. Sea Tower Lower Levels
  18. Sea Tower Upper Levels
  19. Eastern Abandoned Wehnimer's
  20. Hillbullies
  21. Long Haul

Single or team play

There are both free for all and team games. Free for all is every person for themselves, at the end the top three scoring players get experience, fame, and extra silver. In team games, everyone on the winning team gets the extra experience, fame, and silver. Team rounds can have two or more teams.

Basic play

Once the GameMaster in charge announces the game, you GET BATON and assuming you have the silvers you are instantly transported to the arena. You then have to POINT BATON AT (COLOR, at least the first two letters of the color) PENNANT to capture pennants, and WAVE BATON AT (PLAYER) to attempt to bubble another player. Pennants and players can and do move, so don't stay in one spot! If you are bubbled you will have to wait 15 seconds or so before you can move again, and will be temporarily off limits from being bubbled again until you bubble someone else, or pick up a pennant. If someone is carrying a pennant and they are bubbled, one of their pennants is released. Released pennants will randomly drop throughout the arena as a new color to be picked up again.


You score points for bubbling people, picking up pennants, having pennants held at the end of a round, and lose points for being bubbled.


You get experience, silver, and prizes based on how many points you got, and whether you were in the top three or on the winning team. At the end of the round you must DROP BATON, if you did not find the exit tent, and GET (YOUR NAME) SACK. Once you open the sack, your coins are automatically taken out, and any other prizes will be inside. The more flags you hold at the end of the round, along with other factors, increase the number of items you can get.

When it is Free For all play, the top three places reward the following

  • 1st place gets 1000 exp, 1000 silver, 300 fame extra
  • 2nd place gets 500 exp, 500 silver, and 150 fame extra
  • 3rd place gets 250 exp, 250 silver, and 75 fame extra

Team play

If you're on the winning team you get 250 exp, 250 silver, and 0 fame extra.

Prize items

The items in your sack range from junk (polished earrings etc), gems (cheap gems as well as nice gems), wands, herbs, clothing, to rarer PC only items.

PC only items

Item Name Where worn Weight Special properties
a (color) Pennant Chase ring finger gold ring
a (color) Pennant Chase satchel
a pair of (color) suede halfboots feet
a fake tin constable badge pin
a glittering white falchion 0x lightning flares
a pair of baton-patterned trousers legs
a pair of shiny green bracers arms
a splotchy multi-colored skullcap head
a tiny rainbow-beaded bag neck less than 2 pounds container very small amount holds one item