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Saved posts pertaining to pet spells in general.

Mass Spells (11/2007)

Category: Magic Spells and Systems
Topic: Developer's Corner - Spell Systems
Message #: 1580
Author: GS4-OSCURO
Date: 11/12/2007 10:53:58 PM
Subject: Mass spells and pets

The spells Mass Elemental Defense (419), Mass Colors (611) and Mass Blur (911) have been updated to have more intelligent logic when dealing with creature casters and creature members of a player's group. When one of these spells is cast by a player or a creature group member, the spell will affect all members of the owner's group, including creatures. Creature group members include animal companions (630), animates (730), sympathetic creatures (1120) and escortees from the Adventurer's Guild tasks.

GM Oscuro

Dispelling Spells and Pet Spells (7/2008)

Category: Magic Spells and Systems
Topic: Major Elemental Circle
Message #: 715
Author: GS4-NAOS
Date: Fri 7/12/2008 3:55:33 PM
Subject: Re: Spell 530: Elemental Disjunction Released!

>>Little known fact: Eye Spy can also be dispelled. First cast will set off the 60 second 'get your eye back here!' message, second cast will force the eye to return or inflict a missing eye scar if the eye is not present.

Eye Spy, and other 'pet' type spells, were made non-dispellable a while back.

General Updates (2/2015)

Category: Magic Spells and Systems
Topic: Magic Systems
Message #: 731
Author: GS4-KEIOS
Date: 02/25/2015 11:10 PM EST
Subject: New Pet Move Mechanics

Hello, everybody.

I have just released an update that will make pets move as if grouped with you.

Pets affected by this update are companions, familiars, singing swords, spirit servants, minor demons, and animates.

To be able to move as a group with you, the pet has to be set to return/follow and not be otherwise denied movement, such as attacking another creature, being legless, prone, sitting, etc.

Please note that some portals will break the pet group movement with you, but as they should already be set to following, they should catch up and resume group movement relatively quickly.


Category: Magic Spells and Systems
Topic: Magic Systems
Message #: 761
Author: GS4-KEIOS
Date: 02/26/2015 03:15 PM EST
Subject: Re: New Pet Move Mechanics

>>Keios or someone else: what other spells are categorized as pet spells? do disks count? disks don't seem to have the same location restrictions

Generally, a spell that summons a "critter" in monsterbold that is controllable via the TELL verb is considered a pet spell. Disks are in a grey area, as they do not have any kind of "critter" based logic on them, and deceased players raised as animates are in another separate special category.

There is no one global rule for location restrictions on pets. An area a familiar can enter might be barred to minor demons. Animates might go to an area that spirit servants cannot. It is all specific to the type and nature of the pet.