Piaere's Boutique

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Piaere's Boutique is the boutique shop in Cysaegir. It is located in the southernmost portion of town, next to the Surname Registry. The owner, Piaere, cannot be actively interacted with aside from shopping.

[Piaere's Boutique]
A sprawling azure canopy, painted like the sky it obscures, shades this open-air platform enclosed by sturdy fel railing. The massive trunk of a linden tree rises through the heart of this cozy boutique, and several of its thick branches have been converted into makeshift clothing racks. A florid orange tree nearby scents the air with a heady fragrance, drawing iridescent hummingbirds to flit through the shop in search of sweet nectar. You also see a walkway leading from the shop, a rigid ladder, a mist-filled silver bowl and a varnished floral-carved chest.


Name Price
1. a wispy fern green sundress 10000
2. a fiery rose spidersilk bliaut 10000
3. an airy dahlia red chiffon houppelande 10000
4. an iridescent mango faille dress 10000
5. a sunlight gold panne velvet dress 10000
6. a shimmery goldenrod satin gown 10000
7. a lace-edged turquoise silk gown 10000
8. a deep indigo watered silk kirtle 10000
9. an ebon-laced oyster chiffon kirtle 10000
10. some pearlized oyster glass slippers 5000
11. some sunlight gold brocade slippers 5000
12. some turquoise high-heeled slippers 5000
13. some goldenrod crystal-beaded sandals 5000
14. a pair of pale mango-hued sandals 5000
15. a pair of slim fern-edged sandals 5000
16. some embossed rose-buckled boots 5000
17. a pair of tall dahlia leather boots 5000
18. some silk-laced indigo suede boots 5000
19. a pair of long golden gossamer gloves 2500
20. a pair of short turquoise lace gloves 2500
21. some iridescent oyster grey gloves 2500
22. an ivy-trimmed fern green bonnet 3500
23. a mango-hued wide straw hat 3500
24. a golden crushed velvet beret 3500
25. a wispy pale indigo sash 3500
26. a crimson dahlia-beaded belt 3500
27. a silky rose-clasped cincture 3500
28. a pair of sheer star-spangled stockings 7500
29. a pair of black rose lace stockings 7500
30. some plush pink wool socks 5000
31. some baby blue wool socks 5000
32. some lavender pearl-beaded socks 5000

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[Piaere's Boutique]
Variegated leaves from the neighboring flora have been affixed and sealed upon the wooden floor in an orderly fashion, like the footsteps of nature. Artfully arranged in three semi-circles, slender-legged tables and stands present beautifully crafted clothing and accessories. You also see a rigid ladder and a set of short wooden steps.
Name Price
1. an ebon-laced chocolate brown tunic 10000
2. a dark red and black plaid tunic 10000
3. a gold-slashed navy blue satin tunic 10000
4. a moonlight silver silk tunic 10000
5. a jungle green linen tunic 10000
6. a pair of dark navy blue slacks 5000
7. a pair of grey silver-threaded trousers 5000
8. some black plaid-lined breeches 5000
9. some fitted vine-edged trousers 5000
10. some ebon-edged deep brown pants 5000
11. a pair of short navy leather boots 5000
12. some thick silver-heeled boots 5000
13. some thick black suede brogans 5000
14. a pair of brown gold-toed shoes 5000
15. a pair of soft jungle green mocassins 5000
16. a supple jungle green leather jerkin 15000
17. a silk-lined silver leather jerkin 15000
18. a cerulean spidersilk tabard 15000
19. a tasseled black doeskin vest 15000
20. an opal-clasped brocatelle vest 15000

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[Piaere's Boutique, Atelier]
Elevated just above the main boutique floor, this spacious atelier beholds the beauty of its arboreal environment. Partially finished designs inspired by the stunning backdrop are suspended from a network of cords high above. A stand of posed mannequins have been clothed in completed outfits beside a crowded sewing table. You also see a large gilded sign and a set of short wooden steps.
Name Price
1. a deep blue topaz-studded medallion 5000
2. a fur-trimmed royal blue silk pallium 35000
3. a gold-braided sapphire velvet doublet 15000
4. some cerulean spidersilk trousers 10000
5. some twilight blue leather boots 5000
6. a chrysoprase cabochon-inset circlet 5000
7. a beryl-edged back-slitted cloak 35000
8. a sea green crushed velvet bodice 15000
9. a lace-edged celadon faille skirt 10000
10. a pair of jade silk-strapped sandals 5000
11. an iridescent opal heart pendant 5000
12. a gold-applique pale spidersilk roquelaure 35000
13. a silver-traced sheer white blouse 15000
14. a bias-cut pearl chiffon skirt 10000
15. some silk-laced ivory velvet slippers 5000
16. a brilliant fire pearl lavaliere 5000
17. a long garnet watered silk cloak 35000
18. a ruby-toned jacquard bodice 15000
19. a multi-layered gauzy crimson skirt 10000
20. a pair of slim red-ribboned sandals 5000

None of the rooms of Piaere's Boutique offer any merchandise in their backrooms.