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Surname registries are located in every city to create, register, and share a surname (or last name).



Characters who are creating a new name or changing to an unregistered name must be at least level 20. Characters under level 20 can still take on a name being shared by the leader of a group, or take on their spouse's name.


Creating a surname is FREE of charge. Changing a surname will cost 50,000 silvers to Standard subscribers and can be performed once every 30 days, and cost 5,000 silvers for Premium subscribers, who can change every 7 days. Registration will still cost 100,000 to Basic and 10,000 to Premium.


When creating or changing a name, make sure to type it EXACTLY as you wish it to appear. The system accepts up to 15 characters and is somewhat flexible with regard to mixed capitalization. Limited use of apostrophes and hyphens is permitted.

Elven Cultural Surnames

Members of the Elven Houses can include their House name as part of their surname. They must show their chosen surname first, then use the Profile and/or FLAG/SET commands. Example of such a name: Rondarr Myconhart Ardenai. Rondarr is evidently of the Ardenai culture or House.

Surname Registry Options


  • Ask clerk about create
The clerk replies, "If you wish to declare a surname for yourself, we will help you.  If we determine after searching our records that the name you request is appropriate and available, it will be granted to you.  Only names that have not been registered or reserved by someone else are available."
  • Ask clerk to create <name>
Example: Ask clerk to create Ta'Illistonian
  • Ask clerk to create <name> confirm
Example: Ask clerk to create Ta'Illistonian confirm

This will create a new surname.


  • Ask clerk about change
After a pause, the clerk continues, "If it's your name you're looking to change, just say so!  You can ask me to CHANGE NAME TO whatever you had in mind.  If it's your spouse's name you'd like to share, you can ask me to CHANGE NAME TO SPOUSE.  You can also elect to take on a name that has just been shared with you."
  • Ask clerk to change name to <name>
Example: Ask clerk to change name to Ta'Vaalorian
  • Ask clerk to change name to <name> confirm
Example: Ask clerk to change name to Ta'Vaalorian confirm

This will change a character's surname from what it was previously to a different one.


  • Ask clerk about register
The clerk says, "If you'd like to keep your present surname for your own use, you can ask me to REGISTER it.  If you'd like to allow those in your group to share your surname, you can ask me to SHARE your name.  They will then be able to CHANGE their surname to yours, should they so choose."

The clerk continues, "Once your surname is registered, it cannot be claimed by others without your permission.  Registration lasts a year, and you will be notified when that time period is within a month of expiring, so that you can RENEW it.  The cost is 10000 silvers."
  • Ask clerk to register <name>
Example: Ask clerk to register Ta'Vaalorian
  • Ask clerk to register <name> confirm
Example: Ask clerk to register Ta'Vaalorian confirm

This will register a surname you created so that no other character in GemStone IV can have this name, unless it is shared with them.


  • Ask clerk about renew
The clerk says, "Renewal lasts for one year starting from today and costs 10000 silvers."
The clerk says, "It is wonderful that you wish to renew for your surname again Person, but you have already paid enough in advance!  You have 225 days before your renewal is due."

The clerk says, "If you wish to renew anyway, please ask me again and CONFIRM your renewal."
  • Ask clerk to renew <name>
Example: Ask clerk to renew Ta'Vaalorian
  • Ask clerk to renew <name> confirm
Example: Ask clerk to renew Ta'Vaalorian confirm

This will renew your registered name for another year and must be done yearly in order to prevent others from choosing the same name without your permission.


  • Ask clerk about reserve
Not a currently available feature
The clerk says, "Reserving your surname will prevent it from being shared, either by you or by others to whom you've given it in the past.  It will, however, still be open to other characters on your account.  Although this service is not yet available, we will be offering it in the future."


  • Ask clerk about share
The clerk says, "If you'd like to bequeath your name to others in your current group, you can ask me to SHARE MY NAME.  Well, your name, but pretend that was you speaking.  Anyway, that will give your current group members a chance to ask me to CHANGE their name to yours, though the option expires after thirty seconds."
  • Ask clerk to share <name>
Example: Ask clerk to share Ta'Vaalorian
  • Ask clerk to share <name> confirm
Example: Ask clerk to share Ta'Vaalorian confirm

This gives others in your group permission to change their surname to yours. Permission ends after 30 seconds, and you will have to share it again if they run out of time.


  • Ask clerk about cancel
The clerk blinks and says, "Cancel what?  I didn't know you wanted something."
  • Ask clerk to cancel <option>
Example: Ask clerk to cancel share
  • Ask clerk to cancel <option> confirm
Example: Ask clerk to cancel share confirm

If you change your mind about a request, you can cancel it.


  • Ask clerk about help
The clerk says, "If you would like to create a surname for the first time I can assist you.  Ask me about how to CREATE a new name for details."

The clerk continues, "You can register your existing surname, which will prevent others from registering it for themselves.  For more information about that, ask me about REGISTER.  In the future, you will be able to RESERVE your surname, which I'll explain in greater detail if you ask me about it."

The clerk adds, "If you'd like to share your surname with the others in your current group, you can ask me to SHARE your name.  If you'd like to take on a new surname, you can ask me to CHANGE NAME to something new, although this will only work for taking on the name of your spouse, or on names that have just been shared by someone in your group."

The clerk concludes, "If you are married, you can ask me to CHANGE NAME TO SPOUSE and if both of you are present, I will record your spouse's last name as yours."

The CHANGE NAME TO SPOUSE option is only available for those who have had a Cathedral Wedding. If the characters were married civilly, one character would share the name so that the other can take the same name.

Flag Settings

  • FLAG showlastname on

This flag setting will enable a character's last name to be shown on his/her profile as well as when someone LOOKs at them.


Surname offices may be found at:

Town Room/Building Portal Description
Cysaegir Copse a low stone gate
Icemule Trace Clovertooth Hall, Clerks Suite an arched oaken door
Kharam Dzu Golvern and Dragonstail a dark cave
Kraken's Fall Inking Den, Wandering Eye Market
Mist Harbor Honeysuckle Avenue a green-shuttered cottage
River's Rest River Road a small wooden cottage
Solhaven North Market Pier a salt-stained shack
Ta'Illistim Ta'Illistim Keep
Ta'Vaalor Wyvern Keep, Lobby a glass-paned door
Wehnimer's Landing Moot Hall, Upstairs Corridor a wide archway
Zul Logoth Crystalline Cavern a rusty metal door