Mana Focus (418)

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Mana Focus (418)
Mnemonic [MANAFOCUS]
Duration MnE ranks/2 pulses
Utility Magic  
Subtype Mana Regeneration Enhancement 
Components a non-noded location 
Availability Self-cast 
Minor Elemental Spells
Elemental Defense I (401) Defensive
Presence (402) Utility
Lock Pick Enhancement (403) Utility
Disarm Enhancement (404) Utility
Elemental Detection (405) Utility
Elemental Defense II (406) Defensive
Unlock (407) Utility
Disarm (408) Utility
Elemental Blast (409) Attack
Elemental Wave (410) Attack
Elemental Blade (411) Offensive
Weapon Deflection (412) Attack
Elemental Saturation (413) Attack
Elemental Defense III (414) Defensive
Elemental Strike (415) Attack
Piercing Gaze (416) Utility
Elemental Dispel (417) Attack
Mana Focus (418) Utility
Mass Elemental Defense (419) Defensive
Magic Item Creation (420) Utility
Elemental Targeting (425) Offensive
Elemental Barrier (430) Defensive
Major Elemental Wave (435) Attack

Mana Focus creates a temporary mana focus at the caster's current location. There is a chance of catastrophic failure which can harm or kill the caster if the caster is not properly trained to use the spell. Factors for success include Minor Elemental circle spell ranks, Elemental Mana Control ranks, and Aura bonus. Training in Elemental Lore, Water will provide a caster-only +10 mana regeneration bonus.

Success Formula (minimum 3% failure cannot be trained off)
25 + (MnE spell ranks/4) + (Elemental Mana Control ranks/2) + Aura stat bonus > 100

Note: While sometimes referred to colloquially as a mana node or a node, the mana focus does not act like an earth node. It has no effect on experience absorption or spirit regeneration. It only affects mana.

When in effect, there will be a normal pulse and then an "enhanced" pulse shortly thereafter. The mana focus lasts for Minor Elemental spell ranks/2 pulses. If the caster leaves the room, the mana focus will eventually dissipate, but not necessarily right away. The mana focus does not move with the caster. If the caster successfully creates a mana focus in a new room, the old mana focus will terminate, but Mana Focus cannot be refreshed in the same room.

The maximum damage dealt on a failure is based on the amount that the caster failed by on the roll to succeed. The amount of damage that the spell deals will decrease with a higher chance to succeed on a cast. It is possible for a failure to be lethal, but this is very rare and should not be possible for anyone with a decent chance to succeed.

Mana Control Benefit

Training in Elemental Mana Control improves the success rate by ranks ÷ 2.

Elemental Mana Control ranks 10 30 50 70 100 150 180 202
Bonus to success 5 15 25 35 50 75 90 101
Not all thresholds shown.

Lore Benefit

Training in Elemental Lore, Water will apply a +10 mana regeneration bonus to the caster only on successful casts. The duration of the effect is a set number of pulses based on a seed 10 summation of ranks. This effect does not require the caster to remain in the room with the mana focus.

Elemental Lore, Water ranks 10 21 33 46 60 75 91 108 126 145 165 186 208 231
# of pulses for +10 mana regen 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Interaction with Song of Power (1018)

Utilizing this spell with Song of Power (1018) simultaneously will increase the chance of chaos when manipulating mana, but if the bard takes care with casting then both spells can be used in combination.

  • If the Song of Power is already running, Mana Focus can be cast normally.
  • If the bard casts Mana Focus and then leaves the affected room, Song of Power can be begun or renewed normally elsewhere.
  • However, if the bard is standing in a Mana Focus and either begins or renews the Song of Power, the mana in that room will be affected.

When either of the following messages appear, bards should stop singing Song of Power immediately or risk getting a rank 3 head/nerve critical with high likelihood of death, or else leave that room.

(cast)  >As you sing, you feel the mana around you begin to fold and shift in a sudden chaotic frenzy!
(renew) >The mana around you begins to violently fold and shift!

Taking action before the backlash happens is highly recommended.


>wave rod
You raise your pointed rod towards the sky!
  1d100: 97 + Modifiers: 70 == 167

You struggle to gather the flows of essence in this area.
A strong whirlwind whips through the area, stirring up dust and other small pieces of debris, which form a small cloud overhead.

You feel that you have successfully been able to temporarily anchor the flows of essence in this area.

The whirlwind subsides, allowing the dust cloud to settle.

Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.
You gesture.
You struggle to gather the flows of essence in this area.
A strong whirlwind whips through the area, stirring up dust and other small pieces of debris, which form a small cloud overhead.

As you struggle to gain control over the flows of essence, you feel a sudden surge of power!
A bolt of pure energy suddenly leaps out from the center of the dust cloud, striking you squarely and knocking you to the ground!

  ... 25 points of damage!
  Nasty shock to left hand stiffens fingers.  Nice and painful.
  You are stunned for 2 rounds!
The whirlwind subsides, allowing the dust cloud to settle.

Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

Note the failure also drained about 100 mana.

Failure (418 already in effect)
You gesture.
You struggle with the flows of essence in this area but find that they are firmly anchored.

Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.
Song of Power renewal on a Mana Focus
A sudden torrent of uncontrolled mana surrounds you!
   ... 70 points of damage!
   Massive electrical bolt burns a hole through the back and kidneys.

Affected body part can vary.

A strange whirlwind sweeps through the area, raising dust and blowing it in all directions.