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You see Praxopius Fortney. He appears to be a Human. He is in the prime of life. He has large gold-speckled dark blue eyes, tanned skin, and chin-length pale silver hair. He wears a loose grey cotton shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the collar open slightly to reveal a small vial of seawater dangling from a thin chain around his neck. He sits in a crude wheeled chair. A heavy blue blanket is draped across his lap.

General Information

  • Full name: Praxopius Fortney
  • Race: Human
  • From Estoria
  • An Alchemist
  • Reportedly formerly lived in the Landing
  • Sits in a wheeled chair, guided by Snout, a scar-faced giantman
  • Wears a little flask of sea water around his neck.

According to Praxopius

  • Born in the Landing.
  • Has not been home since shortly after the War of Shadows.
  • As of 5118-06-30, never met Lord Breshon face to face, but they've been able to connect.
  • His parents passed away.
  • His wife passed away.
  • His wife and family were minor nobility in Estoria.
  • He tries to avoid eating chocolate.
  • His family owned a home when he lived in the Landing, but his parents are now deceased
  • After his work in the Landing is done he intends to return to Idolone, where he has unfinished business that his wife would have wanted to see finished
  • The seawater he carries with him is part of an Estorian custom, folklore that a dose taken every morning after bed will ensure a long life. A habit he picked up from his late wife and her family.


  • Praxopius says, "Idolone will see true glory restored one day. As will Wehnimer's Landing."