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Estoria is an earldom of the Turamzzyrian Empire.


  • A white horse clenching a black rose in its teeth on a field of blue

"In all of far-reaching memory, Estoria has chosen to represent itself with a white horse of legend, which runs across the waves before every storm. No name has ever been attributed to the horse, that since the settlement of Estoria, many have claimed to have seen, other than the title, "Niima's Mare," which is often employed as an oath of surprise or shock: "By Niima's Mare!" The black rose was added by General Vaycero following his success in the First Elven War."

— Culoney of Hendor, The Crests of the Turamzzyrian Empire


"Estoria is a large peninsula that juts out from the main continent. It has wet, hot summers and cold, bitter winters. The largest storms of record have swept across Estoria. It has a great deal of coastline, and is home to fishers and whalers.

Idolone is a major port for the Empire. It is situated on the north-facing bank of the peninsula that comprises most of Estoria. Idolone is a trade center and is open to ships from all ports. However, non-humans are regarded with suspicion, and have to go farther to prove their trustworthiness than humans. For this reason, there are more human merchants and travelers utilizing the facilities than non-humans.

Estoria relies on the seas for most needs. Fishing and whaling industries provide food enough for the Earldom as well as the major exports: food, lamp oil, and dyes from shellfish. Inland farms dot the landscape as well.

The small inland farms of Estoria barely manage to produce a rich red burgundy wine, battling wet summers and cold winters."


"A slender, craggy rock called The Antler marks the western edge of the beaches near Idolone. When sea winds are strong, a haunting wail comes from the rock, and local legend holds that it is the spirits of the drowned wailing. Sailors claim that a tempest is on the way if one sees a sea-stallion galloping around the rocky spire.

It is common folklore in Estoria that a dose of seawater taken every morning immediately after getting out of bed, from childhood onward, will ensure a long life. Bunches of seaweed are gathered to hang in the kitchen, where they serve to keep evil spirits at bay. Those who suffer from nervous complaints are advised to take nine successive plunges in the sea in one morning."

— A Traveler's Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire


"It is of no surprise that along the coasts of the Empire there are many great temples to Charl and his daughter. I cannot neglect to mention the Temple of Green Waters in Idolone. Built upon a large reef just off the coast, accessible by boat only after high tide, the temple is carved from the same reef in part, and built of white salt-encrusted stone. It is more squat than tall and it is within the center of the temple in which the shrine to Charl is found. In a room of coral there is a pool of green sea water, free of the effects of the wind and waves, and at its bottom is rumored a mirror that belonged to Niima. About the pool sit the priests and priestesses, watching the surface of the water for any ripple or disturbance. By its condition, the people of Idolone know the Sea Lord's temperament when they set off onto the ocean’s waves. Should the pool go from clear to cloudy and ripples mar its surface, then a tempest stirs and lives are saved by such a warning.

Tales speaks of one such disturbance back in the time before the civility of the Empire came to Idolone, when men and women were sacrificed through the green waters on an annual basis. It was believed then that the Sea Lord would be satisfied with that offering of blood and would not seek to drown any more of man. Some rumors go so far as to claim that the practice happens still from time to time, and if not at the Temple of Green Waters, then in the rural ports and villages. Regardless, the old ways of the empire have mostly faded away."


White Sparrows

"In 5048, the Horned Cabal cut off trade roads between Idolone and The Swale, drawing much of Estoria's focus in combating the thousands of undead and reopening their land commerce. But not once did Idolone take its eyes off the sea and the ongoing threat of the krolvin. The White Sparrows were formed near the tail end of year 5048, founded by a veteran soldier who some claim had a crippling fear of undead that forced him to use his skills at sea instead of fighting against the Horned Cabal.

The White Sparrows earned their name from the fact that all of their captains, soldiers, and crew painted their faces ghost white, and each ship in the fleet set with a huge white marble sparrow figurehead. The White Sparrows' sole purpose was offense first, defense second. They were loyal to the Sun Throne and at times were instrumental in defending the western coasts, but often their missions and service took them far from the shores and deep into the arctic waters of krolvin territory. It is typical for members of the White Sparrows to be gone for years at a time, waging war far from home and often some never make it back altogether.

It is not uncommon for members of the White Sparrows to appear more monster than man, some even taking to wearing the skin of their hated enemies like armor and morbid trophies. Many imperial citizens, especially those proud ones of Idolone, compare the ferocity and training of the White Sparrows to the Order of the Golvern Star, except where demons are their speciality for overcoming, the White Sparrows became the bane of krolvin. Over the years the ranks of the organization have shrunk, but most recently, in 5115, the White Sparrows have seen an uptick in membership as many locals of Idolone have sworn vengeance upon the krolvin for their siege and near destruction of Idolone in 5114.

They have no symbol but are often recognized by their armor and cloaks of skin, often krolvin in origin."

— Lord Brieson Cassle of Highmount, Orders of the Turamzzyrian Empire

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