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The Quickstrike ability allows physical combat actions to be performed at a reduced roundtime (RT) for a stamina cost proportional to the amount of reduction and to the equipment involved, to a minimum of 1 second. Such reduction may be specified as either a modifier to the base RT of an action or as a desired absolute RT, and can be invoked as part of a combat command or as a separate command that applies to the next combat action.

The stamina cost increases per second of RT reduction. Two-handed weapons have a 1.5x speed multiplier and ranged weapons have a 2.5x speed multiplier in this calculation. If insufficient stamina is available for the specified reduction, a lesser reduction at lesser cost may take place based on what stamina is available. Equipment speeds can be found on the weapon speeds list.

Equipment Speed = Weapon Speed * Speed Modifier (as outlined above)

Stamina cost = (10 + (primary equipment speed + (secondary equipment speed / 2))) * Roundtime Modifier

Trying to quickstrike for more swings than the character has the stamina to afford will not lower a character into negative stamina. Instead, it will limit itself to the maximum reduction possible with the stamina remaining. Using a quickstrike with an ability that costs stamina (a combat maneuver, an mstrike during cooldown, etc.) can take one into negative stamina. In those cases, the quickstrike cost is calculated and paid first (limiting itself if necessary, as before), then the stamina cost of the ability is paid, possibly blowing muscles.

Combat Maneuvers

Characters in the Striking Asp Stance can perform quickstrikes with less of a stamina cost.

The Quickstrike ability is an improvement over the older Quickstrike combat maneuver in almost every situation. Because the maneuver is superier in a few niche cases, however, it has been retained.


  QSTRIKE {modifier} {action...}    - Perform the specified action with the specified roundtime modifier
  QSTRIKE {modifier}                - Use the specified roundtime modifier on your next combat action
  QSTRIKE {time} {action...}        - Perform the specified action with the specified absolute roundtime
  QSTRIKE {time}                    - Use the specified absolute roundtime on your next combat action
  QSTRIKE STOP                      - Do not use a queued modifier/time on your next combat action
  QSTRIKE LIMIT {amount}            - Limit stamina usage per combat action to the specified amount
  QSTRIKE HELP                      - This help text

    {modifier} should be a negative number indicating the roundtime reduction desired
    {time} should be a positive number indicating the absolute roundtime desired

  Valid combat actions are:
    ASCENSION           GRAPPLE          
    AMBUSH              HURL             STUNMAN (ATTACK)
    ATTACK              JAB              SUBDUE
    CHEAPSHOT           KILL             SWEEP
    CMAN                KICK             TACKLE
    COCK                MSTRIKE          TRIP
    DISARM (weapons)    PUNCH            WEAPON
    FEAT                SHIELD           WTRICKS (FEINT, SATTACK)
    FIRE                SMITE

  QSTRIKE -3 ATTACK THIRD KOBOLD    - Attack the third kobold at -3 seconds to your normal roundtime
  QSTRIKE 2 CMAN CHARGE STORM GIANT - Charge the storm giant at a total roundtime of 2 seconds
  QSTRIKE -1                        - Perform your next combat action at -1 second to your normal roundtime