Raechaer's Alchemical Supplies

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Raechaer's Alchemical Supplies is the alchemist shop in Cysaegir. It is located inside of an oval-shaped hole which can be found on the way from the main town through the waterfall cave. The store itself is basically set inside of a carved out hollow in the stone, furnished in the manner of a store, but possessing stone walls. A decorated stalagmite stands in the center of the room. The proprietor of the store, the Archmage Raechaer, opened the store in hopes of making a profit in the then arcanely deprived Cysaegir, but was slowed considerably when a boulder in the caves shifted and blocked the entrance to the nearly finished store, confirming her suspicions that an underground store may not have been the best of ideas. After some delay and a trip to Zul Logoth, she procured a team of dwarven miners to clear the boulder and finally allow her to open her store on the 12th of Eoantos in the year 5106.

[Raechaer's Alchemical Supplies]
Colorful dupioni silk tapestries showing various scenes of wizards at work and play conceal one of the shop's stone walls. The room is illuminated by mullein torches that cast a flickering light along the walls. Natural recesses in the stone serve as bookcases, housing huge, dusty leather-bound volumes. A stalagmite draped with an irregular piece of water-stained damask stands in the middle of the room.


Name Price
1. a gold-flecked green ora-bloom amulet 500
2. a jade-banded shark tooth amulet 1000
3. a jade brindlecat amulet 10000
4. a shimmering moonglae opal amulet 10000
5. an emerald amulet 12000
6. a gold-banded jade amulet 10000
7. a translucent spiral shell amulet 66000
8. a knobby bergamot rod 10000
9. a coiled carmiln rod 10000
10. a star-etched crystal rod 10000
11. a stubby deringo rod 10000
12. a stout rosewood rod 10000
13. a rose-carved villswood rod 10000
14. a carved oaken wand 5200
15. a gnarled bloodwood wand 1700
16. a bent and twisted wand 2500
17. a sun-bleached carved bone wand 3500
18. a speckled glass wand 3100
19. a coiled thanot wand 14500
20. a slender silver wand 2100
21. a wavy aquamarine wand 2000
22. a flame-etched golden wand 5000
23. a frost-covered metal wand 4800
24. a grot t'kel potion 2000
25. a rohnuru potion 4000
26. a duqnuru potion 5500
27. a mirtokh potion 35000
28. a dirtokh potion 10000
29. a sarmoc potion 8600
30. a sisfu potion 17500
31. an obsidian shard 15250
32. a coarse troll-hair brush 5000
33. a crystal bottle of rune ink 1500
34. a frosted crystal cup 200
35. a white marble runestone 10000
36. an aish'vrak potion 7000
37. a jade-flecked glass vial 15000
38. a rune-carved polished marble mortar 9000
39. a rune-carved polished marble pestle 5000
40. a small crystal flask 1000
41. a leather book 2000
42. a long piece of translucent chalk 1000
43. a tiny piece of translucent chalk 27000