Grot t'kel potion

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Grot t'kel is a potion often sold by alchemist or magical supply shops, and it has three major uses:

  • clearing the 'memory' of imbeddable items which have been previously imbedded but have no remaining charges (converting them to "blank" status)

Alchemy Recipe

General Alchemy
Uses 1
Rank taught 13
Rank end 25
Location All
A grot t'kel potion
  1. Add water
  2. Add ayana leaf
  3. Boil
  4. Add ayanad crystal
  5. Simmer
  6. Add crystal core essence
Ayana leaf on Roomdata


Successful pour

You pour your potion on the feystone.
You carefully work the liquid in until it is all absorbed.
That was the last drop.
The grot t'kel potion shatters into twinkling dust.

Behind the Scenes

Grot t'kel potion translates loosely as "useful little potion" in the I.C.E. Age languages of Iruaric and Seoltang, the latter of which was the local trader's language of Kelfour's Landing.

Grot T'Kel Potion

A brief scroll recently received at Nomikos:

The ancient formula has finally been re-discovered, and the grot t'kel potion is once again being concocted. This powerful potion is of use to spell-users who wish to study and practice alchemy, especially the imbedding process. It can be used to prepare some common items for imbedding, and to revitalize older items which have lost their power.

Great care should be taken in using this potion, as it can cause severe damage if not used properly. It is usually best to attempt the conversion process in controlled surroundings, such as a workshop, though some field reports state that it is not always required.

Current results of ongoing research show that very hard items, such as gems, are the best candidates for conversion. Though it appears that the harder the material, the higher the likelihood of success (such as with diamonds), there have been positive results noted with even inexpensive minerals such as quartz. However, even with seemingly identical diamonds, there seems to be some other quirk of the essence which only makes certain of them receptive to the potion.

There is as yet no detailed understanding of the quality which makes some gems imbeddable, and others not. There have, however, been some stories reported by travelers that bards have discovered a way of identifying the qualities of different gems through song. These same travelers state that it seems to be a natural ability of their profession, perhaps recently bestowed by Kieron or Talaraine. However, as I have never actually met any bard who has personal knowledge of this technique, it may be merely a rumor.

(Tomes of Kulthea, #1155)