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Raelee Anza Svala
Magister Raelee Svala, with her familiar
Artist: Josh @ Simutronics (Simucon 2023)
"Curiosity deserves reward."
Race Human
Culture Chastonia
Hometown Solhaven
Class Wizard
Profession Magister of the Imperial Hall of Mages
Religion Fash'lo'nae
Affiliation(s) Cairnfang Manor,
Order of the Shadow,
Hall of Mages
Magister Raelee Svala, in her element
Artist: her player
Raelee Svala and her familiar

Magister Raelee Anza Svala is a human wizard and member of the Imperial Hall of Mages from the Earldom of Chastonia, active in Solhaven and elsewhere across the continent of Elanith from 5103 until the present.


Early History

Raelee was born in Lormesta of 5082 in The Swale as the youngest child and only daughter of Grand Magister Redomer Svala III. After demonstrating sufficient potential at a very young age, Raelee began a vigorous program of academics to prepare her to begin her education at the Hall of Mages. Once deemed ready, she began her education in elemental magic at the College of the Hall of Mages in The Swale. At the age of fourteen, Raelee completed the necessary work for her basic certification and registration as a user of elemental magic and continued on to a more advanced track with the goal of joining the ranks of the Magisters as the prior three generations of her paternal ancestors did. Before she began, Raelee arranged to transfer her enrollment to the college located in Elstreth, citing that the degree of supervision she was under in The Swale was constraining her academic progress.

Able to fully dedicate herself to her studies without interference, Raelee flourished in Elstreth. In 5101, after five years of study in Elstreth, Raelee began a sabbatical, citing a desire to travel and broaden her education beyond of the confines at the Hall. Though the exact catalyst for her decision remains unknown, rumors suggested it might relate to the arrest of several members of a local cell of the Erudites of Fash'lo'nae following an experiment gone awry. Raelee began journeying northward up the Imperial coast, spending a year in Tamzyrr before continuing north to Vornavis and pausing her travels in the town of Solhaven in 5103.

Gryphon Sword Saga

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The Cataclysm

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Ride of the Red Dreamer

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Cross into Shadows

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Keeping up with the Kestrels

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Ghost Ship (The Library Beyond the Walls)

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You see Magister Raelee Svala the Scholar of the Hall of Mages.
She appears to be a Human from Chastonia.
She is shorter than average and has a small-boned build. She appears to have come of age. She has distant, gold-flecked snow white eyes and milky white skin. She has long, loosely ringleted copper red hair. She has a slender, porcelain-like countenance, made more striking by the rounded angles of her face.
She has a quartet of tiny glyphs tattooed vertically along the inside of her left forearm, a pale pattern of gold lines and sigils tattooed up her right arm, an inky black sigil on her wrist, and a complex gold circular tattoo on the back of her right hand.


In her professional academic career, Raelee is both an accomplished author and lecturer. She is responsible for many notable works of scholarship:


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In her years working in and around Solhaven and Wehnimer's Landing, Raelee's local presence can often be recognized by the presence of her familiar: a pale-faced coppery barn owl.

Physically, the owl is a typical male barn owl specimen. However, he is more more overtly friendly and social with people than one might expect of an owl. In addition, the owl has a penchant for eating sugary pastries, particularly muffins. Yet, the owl appears to suffer no ill-effects from such an unusual diet, perhaps due to his magical nature as a wizard's familiar.

Officially, the owl does not have a name. However, many of the citizens of the towns Raelee frequents have dubbed him with the simple moniker of "Owly."