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Storyline What Lurks in the Dark
The Blood that Binds
Gender Female
Race Humans
Status Alive
Hometown Mist Harbor
Alias/Title a perky red-haired maiden

The Breakfast Nook and Raeva are additions to the platinum instance to help Gamemasters and players engage in roleplay with a focus on current storylines. The Breakfast Nook is located on the Isle of Four Winds in Mist Harbor and is an official gathering spot where players may gather to discuss current storylines. Raeva is an NPC that will share gossip pertaining to the current storyline with players when asked.

The Breakfast Nook

[Breakfast Nook (u3209392)] RNUM: 30189
Sunlight pours in through the wide windows at the front of the shop, its golden glow brightening the slate blue curtains and whitewashed walls. Several round tables and oak chairs are arranged in social circles throughout the room, while to the back a long counter separates the kitchen from the dining area. A large easel supports a sign that is cut into the shape of a frying pan, its smooth surface scribed with tidy white lettering on a black background. You also see a perky red-haired maiden.
Obvious exits: out


Raeva appears to be an average human female with ruby red hair that rests just below her shoulder blades and is braided in three sections: one long braid down the middle of her back and one dangling down from each side of her temples.  She has vibrant, steel blue eyes, pale skin, and a beauty mark just under her right eye.  She's wearing a belted undercorset over a square-necked white cotton blouse, a knee-length dark brown linen skirt, and some leather boots.

June 2023 Gossip

May 2023 Gossip

ask Raeva about Ricas and Opal

Raeva leans in and whispers conspiratorially, "Oh, you didn't hear?!  Ricas and some adventurers tracked down the missing women and found a tunnel system deep under Ta'Vaalor!" She pauses to take a breath then continues, "They nearly met their match when the ceiling collapsed, and the tunnel filled with water.  Just before the end seemed inevitable, the water carried them into a cistern and landed them at the feet of the vampire, Cordahlia!"
ask Raeva about Cordahlia

Raeva's eyes go wide and leans in close to whisper, "She's a vampire!  Or at least she was."  A puzzled look crosses Raeva's features before she shakes it off and continues, "She admitted to killing men who had wronged or tormented women for their disfigurements and subsequently took the women with her for their safety.  Ricas took Cordahlia's head!  And then!"  She pauses to glance around and says, "The cistern was set on fire, burning the area and Cordahlia's remains just before Ricas and the crew made their return to the surface of Ta'Vaalor.  Ricas, of course, told Investigator Cogsmead Gizmo who then sent guards in to confirm that all that remains is a collapsed tunnelway.  With the women and the missing staff of the Goldspires returned, Gizmo signed this case as closed and removed the curfew for the cities of Wehnimer's Landing, Kraken's Fall, Zul Logoth, and Kharam-Dzu.  Crazy, right?!"
ask Raeva about what's next?

Raeva rubs her chin thoughtfully and says, "I'm not sure, but if I hear anything, you'll be the first I tell!"
ask Raeva about gossip

Raeva blushes and says, "Oh yes.  Since the murders that happened in Wehnimer's Landing, Kraken's Fall, Zul Logoth, and Kharam-Dzu, this place has become quite popular with adventurers and retelling tales.  I hear all kinds of juicy stuff!  I'm happy to share, just ask!"