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Decay Timer 14 minutes
Spirit Regeneration 1 per 3 min, ×2 on node
Height 5' to 6', max 6.5'
Weight 90 to 270 lbs.
Languages Common

Humans are of average stature, between 5'5" and 6', are rather stocky and show a wide range of variation in hair, skin and eye color. They tend to be somewhat rustic appearing, the men often sporting a beard or mustache. The women tend to be sturdy and good-natured.

Before the rise of the humans after the Age of Chaos, they lived a nomadic life and barely survived in the infertile wastelands they were "allowed" by the Elves to inhabit. The rise of the Turamzzyrian Empire gave humans nearly as much land and control as the Elves had in the height of their Empire.


Bonuses and Penalties
Strength Constitution Dexterity Agility Discipline Aura Logic Intuition Wisdom Influence
Bonuses +5 0 0 0 0 0 +5 +5 0 0

For statistic growth rates by profession, see List of statistic growth rates#Human.

Other Characteristics
Spirit Regeneration 1 per 3 min Decay Timer 14 min
Max Health 150 Base Regeneration 2
Weight Factor .90 Encumbrance Factor 1.00
Maneuver Bonus Average Elemental TD 0
Spiritual TD 0 Mental TD 0
Sorcerer TD 0 Poison TD 0
Disease TD  ??

Humans receive a moderate hiding bonus in town.


Humans have diverse cultures influenced mostly by geographic location and political activity.

Western Empire

Crest: A crimson sunburst on a field of gold
The political and cultural center of the Turamzzyrian Empire, Selanthia hosts the Hall of Mages, most prestigious of the arcane colleges, and the Imperial Drakes, magical branch of the military consisting solely of skilled wizards.
Crest: A white stork on a field of light blue
Married to the sea, the lands of Torre consists mostly of scattered fishing villages and a single large port town. Most locals regularly pay homage to Charl, god of the sea or his daughter Niima.
Crest: A golden sheaf of grain encircled by a grape vine on a field of silver
Rich in farming and cattle, Oire draws little attention and the people like it that way. The lands remain untouched by the wars and political intrigues that plague the surrounding nations. The people of Oire love the simple life.

Southern Empire

Crest: A gold ram's head facing left within a crown on a field of two horizontal black and white lines
Dominated by the Gattrof mountains, Aldora provides an abundance of hilly terrain perfect for the grazing of goats and sheep. Most citizens of Aldora are of humble origin.
Crest: A white horse clenching a black rose in its teeth on a field of blue
Harsh weather is common in Estoria making farming difficult and thusly the people rely heavily on fishing and whaling. Locals tend towards superstition and are slow lend their trust to those not like themselves.
Crest: A golden hawk head facing right on a field of Kestrel blue
Home to simple folk, superstitious and wary of strangers, Chastonia provides much of the lands food and wine. Here can be found the ruins of Toullaire, a city destroyed in a magical catastrophe many years ago.
Crest: A white seagull with widespread wings facing to the left above a mountain peak on a field of dark blue
Smaller than most, Allace is of strategic importance to the Empire for its coastal regions. The fishing industry is dominant here. The people of Allace are friendly, easy-going and great lovers of nature.

Eastern Empire

Crest: Crossed purple lances on a field of silver
Land of chivalry and home to the noblest of warriors, Honneland hosts great tournaments and festivals where knights compete to gain fame and glory.
Crest: Two black towers on a field of dark green
The hills and mountains of Trauntor are protected from the Scourge by the Demonwall. Crime is almost non-existent due to harsh punishments for all offenses. The people are militaristic, baring many warriors stalwart and loyal, but untrusting and particularly wary of magic and the ways of sorcery.
Crest: Three black yew trees on a field of white ringed by five hawk feathers
Land of legend and folklore, Bourth is home to the mysterious Wyrdeep Forest. Close contact with elves has increased understanding and tolerance between the two races, yet there are still some conflicts.
Crest: A white bear in manacles facing left on a field of red
Bordered by impassable mountains, Highmount is mostly forested land. The people are a contrast of personalities, city folk being open and friendly, while small towners keep to themselves.
Crest: A red bighorn ram facing right before white mountains on a green field
Harsh and mountainous, Dragach hosts a fierce tribal people, respectful of nature and sporting a hearty appetite for life. Nature dominates the folklore where even the wind is considered alive and in need of feeding to calm its roaring gales.

Northern Empire

Crest (South Hendor): A majestic silver oak tree on a field of blue
Crest (North Hendor): A blue phoenix rising on a field of silver
A land of lush forests and mighty rivers, Hendor thrives as a natural paradise. Its people are hearty and strong of mind, but wary of the icy Dragonspine mountains nearby.
Crest: A red eagle before a golden sun on a field of deep blue
The land of sand, sea and mystery, Seareach offers lucrative fishing, mining and rare spice trade along the borders of the Sea of Fire. Locals favor divinations of many types from predicting weather and success of harvests or marriages.
Crest: A black triskelion on a field of gold and red
Hills, rivers and fertile plains mark Jantalar, largest region of the Empire where military presence is a constant. The people of Jantalar suffer few fools, often going to extremes to point out the foolishness of others.
Crest: A white square on a field of black
Thickly wooded, Talador is bordered by wasteland and elven forests. Mining is the principal resource of the area. The people are peaceful and great lovers of nature.
Crest: A gold crown in a circle of white on a field of red
Known for its honey meads and brown ales, Mestanir is host to several important religious sites. Religion is important to the people and the Church of Koar holds a strong presence. Aside from this, the area breeds many unconventional magic users.
Crest: A single ivory swan facing right on a field of emerald
A coastal province, Vornavis hosts the free port of Solhaven. Most tolerant of all humans to those unlike themselves, their beliefs have caused political friction with their neighbors.
Crest: Two interlocking circles of blue pierced by a red arrow on a field of white
The plush wooded region of Riverwood provides plentiful game and many natural resources. The people favor Imaera and are highly superstitious and ceremonial.

Sea of Fire

The Tehir Tribes
A nomadic people, the Tehir live within the Sea of Fire. They migrate from oasis to oasis living off the sparse desert bounty. Men of the tribes wear veils over their faces, a sign of adulthood. Women wear head scarfs and sport elaborate tattoos on their faces and necks.
The Shakat
Still considered Tehir by many outside the Sea of Fire, the Shakat are emerging to become quite a different people. They are descendants of the Tehir who left the Sea of Fire for some years, when a rare escalation of land temperature caused a severe drought and many deaths. When the Shakat attempted to return to the desert, those who had remained refused to let them stay. The Shakat slinked back to their small settlements outside the Sea of Fire, where a set of wholly unique cultural and spiritual beliefs have developed in the centuries since.


Verb First Person Third Person
BOW CONTEMPTUOUSLY You make a contemptuous half-bow [to (target)]. Human makes a contemptuous half-bow [to (target)].
BOW GRANDLY Sweeping your arm outward, you bow low in a grand fashion[before (target)]. Sweeping his arm outward, Human bows low in a grand fashion [before (target)].
BOW MOCKINGLY You bow mockingly [before (target)], your every move a grotesque exaggeration. Human bows mockingly [before (target)], his every move a grotesque exaggeration.
BOW RESPECTFULLY Fixing your eyes firmly on the ground, you bow respectfully [before (target)]. Human bows respectfully [before (target)], his eyes fixed firmly on the ground."
BOW SUBMISSIVELY You bow low, abasing yourself before all. Human bows low, abasing himself before all.
SHRUG You shrug your shoulders a few times, rolling your torso from side as you loosen up the muscles along your upper back. Human shrugs his shoulders a few times, rolling his torso from side to side in concert with the movement, stretching out his back muscles.
SHRUG (person) Your brow furrows as you give (target) a long look. You deliberately shrug your shoulders, loosening up your back muscles in order to be prepared for whatever may happen next. Human's brow furrows as he gives (target) a long look. With deliberate motions, he begins to shrug his shoulders, clearly loosening his muscles in preparation for something.
SHRUG (object) Your brow furrows slightly as you examine the (target). You slowly begin to shrug your shoulders from side to side, loosening up your muscles in preparation for what may come. Human's brow furrows slightly as he examines (target). He slowly begins to shrug his shoulders from side to side, readying himself for what may come."
SHRUG (creature) You give (target) a long look, then with the slightest of smirks creeping across your face, you shrug your shoulders in exaggerated movements, making a show of preparing to take the (target) on. Human gives (target) a long look, then smirks slightly as he begins to shrug his shoulder in exaggerated motions, making a show of preparing to fight.


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