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Emblem of Silvergate Inn

The Silvergate Inn is predicated on the thought that Elanthia's citizens should have a place where they are able to enjoy themselves in comfort and style. The age, profession, religious leanings or social status of an adventurer is of no concern at House Silvergate.

The Inn is unusual amongst Elanthian Houses in that it is a House that requires membership, yet more than half of the Inn is open to the public at large. Latchable private rooms are available to all. The interior decoration in some of these rental rooms are quite special; a must-see for visitors. There are also tables, a swimming pool, observatory, art studio, ballroom, performance hall, pub, and tea room, all open to the public. The Inn has a luxurious, private spa that is open for some events.

Major annual events in recent years include Pirate Wars, a Mayoral Race Contest, and the Winter Gala and Fashion Extravaganza. Monthly events include a Spa Night and various other games and contests. Spellups are often given to members and non-members alike, who are found resting in the lounge, courtyard, or grand hall. Official event dates and times can be found on a chalkboard in the Inn's private lounge or on blackboards in most of the House Annexes in other cities.

Silvergate Inn is located in Wehnimer's Landing at the junction of West Ring Road and South Ring Road, but has annexes available to its members in all towns and cities with CHE annexes available. It is a member of the Co-operative Houses of Elanthia.


  • Lady of Manor : Katara
  • Chatelaine: Saesa
  • Treasurer/House Cleric: Mikalmas
  • Historian : Kristabel
  • Gate Guardian : Chaddeaux
  • Ambassador : Zyllian
  • Warchief: Archales
  • HouseSeer: Rovvigen
  • Soubrette : Soliere

As of: the 21st of the month of Ivastaen in the year 5120.

Annexes and Lockers

Members can TURN their House pin to go to a nearby House Annex where they can access a House locker and enjoy some of the comforts of home. This works in most locations within most towns.

Silvergate lockers in some areas are tagged in lich: Mist Harbor, Wehnimer's Landing, and River's Rest, currently. Lich users can try using ;go2 sglocker from those areas.

Location Building Name
House Annex Name
Building Lich ID
House Annex Lich ID
Enter Locker
Exit Locker
Icemule Trace Silvermule Gaming Hall: 20015 enter: lean tart book, go curtain
exit: go curtain, pull lever
Cloudberry Room 20015, then: go cloudberry arch
Kharam Dzu
(Teras Isle)
Adventurer's Rest: 1934 enter: pull tome, go curtain
exit: go curtain, pull lever
Opal Lounge 27389
Mist Harbor Hale Hall: 3652 enter: go curtain
exit: go curtain
Annex, Silvergate Inn Lobby 27634
River's Rest Timor's Storage: 10952 enter: W, go curtain
exit: go curtain, E
Silvergate Inn Annex 23196
Solhaven Solhaven Warehouse: 5689 enter: go opening
exit: go opening
Lockers, Antechamber 5689, then: E, go stair, W, W, N, N, N, go door
Ta'Illistim The Lost Home: 13255 enter: pull sconce, go opening
exit: go opening, pull ring
The Hunting Lounge 24495
Ta'Vaalor Dancing Dahcre: 10398 enter: pull statue, go opening
exit: go curtain, pull ring
Mana Sword Dahcre Chamber 10413, then: go silver arch
Wehnimer's Landing Silvergate Inn: 3735 enter: go boar, D, go curtain
exit: go curtain, go stair, out
Silvergate, Hallway 21250
Zul Logoth Rockslinger's: 9494 enter: go curtain
exit: go curtain
Silvergate Annex 9499, then: go silvergate arch

Shield Engraving

At Wehnimer's Landing's Engraver's Shop, House Members can ENGRAVE SHIELD, to have the Silvergate Inn Coat of Arms engraved on their shield.

Silvergate Inn Coat of Arms.png

Bylaws and such


The Silvergate Inn is a working Inn. It is nonpolitical and offers its members a variety of comfortable rooms, roomy storage facilities, pleasant dining, and the use of the house workshop for those who can benefit from its powers.

Nonmembers may rent rooms for private use.

The Inn is intended to provide a focal point for camaraderie and relaxation.


The Chairperson has final authority and overall responsibility over the House's activities. The other offices to be filled by appointees selected by the Chairman.

The office of chairperson is established for life. Unfilled positions are appointed by the Chairperson. An unfilled Chairperson position will be immediately assumed by the Secretary; failing that, the Treasurer will assume the Chairmanship.

The other offices of Secretary, Treasurer and CO-offices will be appointed by the Chairperson. The length of term will be until the officer appointed leaves the house or does not wish to be an officer any longer, or is terminated by the chairperson.

For purposes of this document the term Chairperson and Lord/Lady of the Manor are to be considered the same and interchangeable.


Article I - Name

The name of this officially recognized House of Elanthia is the Silvergate Inn, hereinafter referred to as the "House".

Article II - Membership Services

The following benefits follow the guidelines as those set forth by the local government unless otherwise noted.

1) Benefit of being in an organization.
2) Coat of Arms
3) Increased Storage Capacity.
4) There will be an Armory available to house members. They may place items in it for other house members to use, or take items from it for their own use. It is to be stocked by the house members.
5) Workshop. A workshop will be available to house members for doing magical research.
6) Includes all non-membership services at no fee.
A. Does not include the Dining room charges.

Article III - Non-Membership Services

1) Room Rental (see appendix "B").
A. Rooms will be available for rent at going rates.
B. A Bridal suite will be available for a slightly higher rental.
2) Dining area
A. Fresh food will be available to all at going rates.

Article IV - Membership and Dues

1) Membership in this House is contingent on compliance with requirements specified in these bylaws.
2) Membership is restricted by minimum membership standards as set forth by the local government.
3) Membership is unrestricted by consideration of nationality, race, creed, life-style, size, color, sex or age.
A. Life-Style does not include being a known troublemaker.
1. Troublemaking includes but is not limited to the following.
a. Having your name posted on the wanted list at the constables office more than once.
b. Openly insulting any of the Silvergate Inn officers.
4) Categories of membership in this House are Lifetime member and Founding member.
A. Lifetime Member: Any member who has paid the one time sum for House membership.
B. Founding Member: An original member who joined together with other original members to form the house, before construction began. (Note: None are known to still be active in the Lands.)
5) Initiation
A. Before induction a player should read and agree to the GemStone IV House system.
B. Before induction a player should have read and agreed to the House bylaws set forth here.
C. Before induction of a player, the officers performing the induction will ensure that the player will read the House bylaws, and by reading the House bylaws that player knows they are to read the GemStone IV House system information.
D. Time and place of inductions will be biweekly (every other week) on Wednesdays from 7 to 8pm Eastern Time. More information is available in Appendix B: Becoming a Member.
E. The Chairperson reserves the right to limit the membership of the Silvergate Inn to what he/she deems a reasonable number of members.
6) Termination
A. The Chairperson may terminate a member for failure to meet membership requirements, provided the member was offered an opportunity to have a hearing if requested at which the member was permitted to defend against the termination.
1. Hearing to consist of the Chairperson, any officers that can attend, and any members that can attend.
2. Before a hearing is conducted a notice will be posted on the GemStone IV Silvergate Inn Topic boards with a minimum of one week notice.
3. No hearing will be conducted in the event of non-payment of delinquent dues (as described in (7)).
B. The Chairperson may terminate membership of any member that is caught and confirmed of committing any offense while within the walls of the Silvergate Inn that would get you arrested by the constable.
C. If terminated, a member may be allowed to rejoin by the Chairperson after demonstrating eligibility for membership.
7) Dues
A. An initial membership offering as stipulated by the local government (currently 5000 silvers in COINS, not a note) this applies to all members. Coins are required because the clerk can't read. If you're worried about theft while waiting, don't bring the coins with you, the Chairman will stop at the bank when needed during the inductions.
B. An additional 25,000 silvers (coins or note) for Lifetime Membership dues. Though not required, members are encouraged to bring an additional 2,000 silvers for a house pin.

Article V - Contributions

1) Membership contributions to GENERAL FUNDS will be considered donations to the House.
Purpose of GENERAL FUNDS: The General Funds can be drawn upon by the Treasurer for House expenses, House entertainment (parties), etc.
2) Members are not required to contribute to GENERAL FUNDS.
3) Contributions do not entitle a member to special privileges.
4) Contributions will not be accepted in lieu of dues or loan payments.
5) Contributions must be reported to the Chairperson or the Treasurer so that possible discrepancies in the accounts (system) may be found and clarified.
6) Members may contribute items and equipment to the Armory.

Article VI - Rules and Regulations

1) The Chairperson will be the final judge on what constitutes non-compliance with these bylaws.

Article VII - House Colors

1) The Silvergate Inn has chosen to represent itself at official functions under the colors of Silver and Green. The Silver was chosen to represent the commerce of the land, and the Green represents the land itself, from which we all subsist.

Appendix A


I as a person and a player of GemStone IV, wish to provide a roleplaying environment for those wishing to have a place to call home while in Elanthia.

As such, I take responsibility to maintain and rule this house structure. I have invested and I intend to invest considerable time and money (both real and fantasy) in this venture.

After careful consideration I have opted to roleplay this House as an Inn operated as a sole proprietorship by my character Katara Stormwild.

It is my hope that Simutronics will carefully consider this and allow me to play it as such or to reach a compromise.

Appendix B

Renting a Room

To rent a room, visit the concierge at the Front Desk. The various prices for the rooms are listed on the scroll there. Feel free to rent any room that is currently available. One person may rent a room for an entire party. Members of the Silvergate Inn may rent rooms free of charge.

Becoming a Member

Info on how to join the Silvergate Inn (updated 05/21/2019)

I. Joining
A. Requirements
1. You need to be 5th year training or older.
2. You need to have read the Silvergate Inn Bylaws.
a. The current Bylaws can be found
1). On the GemStone IV Message Board
a). Interhouse Discussions
b). Charters and By-laws (all houses)
2). Send a note requesting a copy of the bylaws to LadyKatara at
B. When to Join
1. Regularly scheduled inductions will occur biweekly (every other week) on Wednesdays from 7-8pm Eastern Time.
2020 Schedule for Inductions and House Tours:
We begin at 7pm ET in the Courtyard.
All below dates are Wednesdays.
- June 3rd and 17th
- July 1st, 15th, and 29th
- August 12th and 26th
- September 9th and 23rd
- October 7th and 21st
- November 4th and 18th
- December 2nd, 16th, and 30th
2. If it's not possible for you to be there that day and time, drop me a note to LadyKatara at
3. Only those that arrive in the first 15 minutes of the start time will be inducted that day.
4. Allow 40 minuters to an hour for the induction process.
C. Where to Join
1. You can meet me in the Courtyard at the Silvergate Inn.

Lady Katara Stormwild
Lady of the Manor
Silvergate Inn