Rhak Toram

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Rhak Toram was a Dwarven warrior at the end of the Second Age. He was one of the few hundred survivors of Maelshyve.

He was a member of the Dusk Mountain Clan, though it is unclear if he was a member of the First Legion of Khazar. Whether he survived the Red Rot is unknown.

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Behind the Scenes

Wehnimer's Landing Museum (Circa 5101 Modern Era)

>l in case
In the glass case you see a handwritten book.

>read book
It reads:
Thousands of them! Ghouls, zombies and worse, all blackened and half-rotten. They poured onto the plains like a dam-bust of screaming and stink. Now, we were all veterans of the orc wars, and there's not much what could shake us...But nothing could ready a dwarf for the banshee. Horrible! I don't care what them other folks thought. I thank Eonak for them red elves and their demons!

>l case
The case contains a weatherbeaten, leather-bound book. The book is open to show a page written in scrawled but legible common. A small mithril plaque is placed just below the book.

>read plaque
It reads:
The Journal of Rhak Toram, warrior of the Dusk Mountain Clan, survivor of foul Maelshyve.