Rinhale Hurrst

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Rinhale Hurrst
Storyline Cross Into Shadows
Gender male
Race Human
Status Dead
Hometown Estoria
Alias/Title Preeminent Inquisitor

Rinhale Hurrst came to Wehnimer's Landing in 5113. He was sent to investigate suspected illegal weapon dealings.


You see Lord Rinhale Hurrst the Preeminent Inquisitor. 
He appears to be a Human from Estoria.
He is tall and appears in his prime. He has squinted chartreuse eyes and tanned skin. He has short, wavy dark red hair. He has a lean face, a sharp nose and bushy dark red eyebrows. 
He is in good shape.
He is wearing some silver wire-rimmed glasses, a long cobalt blue overcoat, a silver-threaded grey saddlebag, some crisp black leather gloves, a pleated black tunic, a woven silver belt, some tailored black cloth pants, some oiled black poulaines, a capped vial of seawater suspended from a thin silver chain, a polished krodera tool kit and a wide grey cloth pouch. 


Lord Rinhale was the second cousin of the late Earl Hurrst of Estoria. He had a wide reputation for being a ruthless, yet effective inquisitor for the Empire. He was a vocal supporter of Chaston's Edict and human supremacy over elves, half-elves and other non-humans. He had a nearly perfect record of uncovering the truth of crimes and other scandals, but many speculated he often created false information or testimonies to help perfect his record. He was sent to Wehnimer's Landing in late 5113 where he began his investigation into the weapons being supplied to krolvin fleets attacking the imperial coasts. He directly suspected Stephos DeArchon among many others. He questioned countless townspeople and adventurers, even once being accused of apprehending and torturing Maags.

He later disappeared, and his body was found a week later. He had been murdered by the urnon golem Madelyne Cross, while meeting Alendrial DeArchon for a nighty rendevous. His death helped to spur the Earl of Estoria to launch a group of ships to attack Wehnimer's Landing, but they never reached the town, as their numbers were annihilated by a krolvin fleet led by Kragnack who was in the employ of Elithain Cross.

One of the most notable items Rinhale used, was a "Black coral amulet" which was said to have been created by dark magic, and could record thoughts and sounds, and was a device to transmit information long distance to the wearer of a matching pair. The use of these dark items was frowned upon by the Church of Koar, and it was later discovered Lord Thermon in the Talador Noble Council had the other one, which Lheren Hochstib recovered and destroyed, to stop incriminating evidence from further plaguing Wehnimer's Landing with troubles. Rumors also insist Lord Thermon was framed, and perhaps many black coral amulets still exist, and are in use.

In the course of a month, before his demise, Rinhale had interrogated the following adventures:

  • Avalera
  • Raincail
  • Maags
  • Glyhne
  • Seomanthe
  • Balantine
  • Sareyna
  • Rowmi
  • Reawing
  • Azimar
  • Cruxophim
  • Myharl
  • Bisco
  • Loralaii
  • Anru
  • Alasatia
  • Masrath
  • Kiske
  • Bellaja
  • Talman
  • Wariquan
  • Greganth
  • Raelee
  • Neathon
  • Ichiko
  • Greycrown
  • Shanng
  • Cryheart
  • Eleonore
  • Leozande
  • Giogionni
  • Rhayveign
  • Rtune
  • Chamorr
  • Savaard
  • Constal
  • Bekke
  • Wintersylph
  • Alesse
  • Nairdin
  • Kaedra
  • Guerand
  • Anru
  • Oritori
  • Bristenn
  • Roelaren
  • Riend
  • Gnazzy
  • Zeminar
  • Alafaya
  • Caence
  • Praytus
  • Malrocky
  • Kerl
  • Sovine
  • Puptilian
  • Xoryl
  • Mohrgan
  • Rozy
  • Geijon
  • Ewin
  • Evialla
  • Jynai
  • Sarvia
  • Ravashaak
  • Semiera
  • Mikeke
  • Ondreian
  • Elbromo
  • Aurla
  • Psyryn
  • Hapenlok