Alendrial DeArchon

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Alendrial DeArchon
Storyline Cross Into Shadows
Gender female
Race half-elf
Status alive
Hometown Chastonia
Relationship(s) Stephos (husband)

Alendrial is the half-elven wife of Stephos DeArchon.


You see Lady Alendrial DeArchon.
She appears to be a Half-Elf.
She is very tall and slender and appears to be youthful.  She has beguiling coral blue eyes and flawless ivory skin.  She has loosely curled, waist-length champagne brown hair pulled back and secured by an elaborately embroidered fillet.  She has dainty ears that taper to a slight point.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a billowing black cloak, an off-the-shoulder pewter chainsil cotehardie with extensive silver scrollwork around the hem, an engraved platinum wedding band, and a pair of pewter silk slippers.


Alendrial is the wife of Stephos DeArchon and she fled with her husband to Wehnimer's Landing after their home and business in Idolone were ruined because of racial tensions surrounding her half-elven blood and being married to a human. Over the years Stephos spent less and less time focusing on his wife, while being kept busy with plotting his revenge on the Turamzzyrian Empire and funding criminal activities, that Alendrial began to grow apart from her husband. In 5114, Lord Rinhale the inquisitor came to Wehnimer's Landing to investigate the rumors that Stephos might be involved in supplying weapons to the krolvin fleets attacking the imperial coasts. In a foolish attempt to keep her husband safe, Alendrial seduced Rinhale to try to learn what he knew about her husband, and the inquisitor was eventually murdered during one of their nightly rendevous by the urnon golem Madelyne Cross. Alendrial buried the body, but her involvement was eventually discovered and she was apprehended for a time, before ultimately helping to get her husband exposed and arrested.

With the disappearance of her husband, Alendrial then ascended to the leadership role within the Brotherhood of Rooks, after Drangell was wounded during a tunnel collapse beneath town. Alendrial was often referred to as "The Mother" of the Rooks, as she tended to many of their wounds during Talador's siege on the town. The Brotherhood of Rooks kept up their criminal activity with Alendrial in charge, and soon she became allied with another member of the Rooks, by the name of Rysus.

Drangell eventually returned, healed from his wounds, and Alendrial and Rysus disagreed with Drangell's bloodthirsty methods, so a civil war among the Rooks broke out. In the end, Rysus and Alendrial worked with the heroes to help lure and imprison Drangell in a magical glass coffin that could contain him until they discovered a way to end him. However, Alendrial was also apprehended by Sir Thadston and allies, when her location was mysteriously and suddenly leaked. Rumors suggest that Rysus helped to both capture Drangell, and Alendrial, making way for him to rise to the top of the Brotherhood of Rooks.

Alendrial was held in custody by Sir Thadston in the Hendoran Outpost for several months, where she was kept fed and taken care of, in hopes she might provide information to the whereabouts of her husband, Stephos. After the Brotherhood of Rooks helped to orchestrate a slaughter of some of the Hendorans' families, Alendrial's life was put in danger and some of Thadston's men tried to burn her alive in her cell. Thadston had those men executed for their crimes, and eventually freed Alendrial, sending her back home to the Swale. Reports came back from Chastonia that Alendrial's escort was attacked, and while no one died, she was taken by the raiders and her whereabouts are unknown.


  • Born in Idolone, forced to flee with her husband Stephos due to her half-elven heritage.
  • Married to Stephos DeArchon, on and off again relationship due to his criminal activities.
  • Once was "The Mother" to the Rooks, led a faction of them for awhile until rumors say Rysus helped get her apprehended by Sir Thadston.
  • Was released by Sir Thadston, went missing for awhile. Wards had been placed on her wedding band to track her, hoping to lead imperials to Stephos. It did not work.
  • Recently returned, as a leader among the Scions of Shaundara, helping to smuggle half-elves out of the Turamzzyrian Empire and into safer areas during the holy crusades led by Prelate Chaston Griffin.