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Runestone carvers are similar to imbue boxes except they change the look of smooth stones and other runestones. They are activated using RUB and cost 5 mana. Runestone boxes sold off-the-shelf are temporary. They can be made permanent by Xerria at her monthly unlocking session or Bazzelwyn at Ebon Gate.

ANALYZE will tell you everything about a runestone box, including whether or not it is permanent and the description of the item it creates. Both the description of the runestone box itself and the items it creates can be altered by any skilled merchant.

You analyze your smooth quartz canister and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:
It will produce :  a smooth quartz runestone
Long description:  a smooth rutilated quartz runestone filled with thin golden strands
This smooth quartz canister is a permanent model, that will not degrade with use.

A talented merchant could customize the appearance of the items produced from this smooth quartz canister, or change the appearance of the canister itself.  Not every merchant may be able to offer this.
Keep the following in mind when considering customization options:
First and foremost, the products produced MUST remain some sort of stone or runestone.  They should remain stone, gemstone, or something similar.

The merchant ALWAYS has the right to deny a request that he or she might feel is out of line.

Try as you might, you cannot get a good sense of whether or not the canister's pockets could get any deeper, but you can tell that the canister is as light as it can get.


You put a velvet-backed smoky glaes runestone in your smooth quartz canister.
>rub can
You sweep your hand across the surface of the smooth quartz canister and it produces a hollow rumbling noise followed by a short flash of light leaking from its interior.  You feel a trickle of power flow from your fingertips in to the smooth quartz canister.
>get run in can
You remove a smooth rutilated quartz runestone filled with thin golden strands from in your smooth quartz canister.