Sailor's Solace

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Sailor's Solace is a ship shop in Kraken's Fall. Located in a sprawling structure on Siphon Street in Kraken's Fall, this is where you can customize your ship's captain's quarters.

[Sailor's Solace]
Light and dark-stained bookcases line the western edge of the large shop, their various shelves housing a variety of nautical instrumentation, while the eastern wall is filled with several plush bunks that are adorned with heavy velvet drapes. A gold and crimson knotwork carpet stretches across the floor, providing a colorful backdrop to the various chairs and tables on display. Discretely placed to one side, a small counter has a ledger, an ink vial, and a quill resting upon its leather-bound ink blotter. You also see a wooden plank sign and a captain merchant.


The captain merchant nods at you before saying, "You should try asking about something I know more about, like CHAIR, TABLE, BED, WALL, STYLE, MAP, or TRASH."


  Captain's Room Styles

  1: Sun/moonlight filters through a large, glass-paned window, illuminating [MAP] spread out on [TABLE] in the center of the cabin. A logbook lies open on [BED] near [CHAIR] piled with freshly laundered garments. Nautical charts are tacked to the [MATERIAL]-paneled walls, all scribbled with illegible handwriting, one drawn with a giant sea monster.

  2: Wrought iron lanterns sway overhead, the dancing flames casting light on [CHAIR] positioned behind [DESK] laden with charts, logbooks, and [MAP]. [BED] is made up beneath an expansive window, the view interrupted by a scaffolding equipped with water-filled buckets to clean the glass panes. An elaborate astrolabe hangs on the [MATERIAL]-paneled wall near the door.

  3: Freshly made with clean linens, [BED] stretches out beneath a clear glass-paned window at the rear of the cabin. A lantern flickers atop [TABLE] stacked with books, empty teacups, and nautical charts. [MAP] is framed upon a [MATERIAL]-paneled wall above [CHAIR], its seat occupied by a three-legged tabby cat.

  4: Luxuriously appointed with plush carpets over a polished floor, the cabin is well-lit by gilded brass sconces set with beeswax candles. The curtains are drawn back from an expansive, glaes-paned window, allowing the sunlight/moonlight to spill across [BED] and onto [TABLE] and [CHAIR] nearby. [MAP] is stuck to a [MATERIAL]-paneled wall by a dagger driven in almost to the hilt.

  5: At the head of [TABLE] strewn with sea charts, [CHAIR] is afforded an uninterrupted view out of a glaes-paned window spanning the width of the stern to the seas beyond. [MAP] and a stack of logbooks lie on the freshly swept planks at the foot of [BED]. Pushed up against a [MATERIAL]-paneled wall, a driftwood trunk packed with clothing and books sits open next to an ornate ivory and gold music stand.

  6: [MAP] hangs above [BED] situated near a window that runs the breadth of the stern, the view of the sea beyond superior to any painting hanging on the [MATERIAL]-paneled walls of this well appointed cabin. The nautical charts strewn across [TABLE] tell the ships history at sea, while the details are all recorded in the log books stacked on [CHAIR]. A large sea chest occupies one corner, a lock securing its contents inside.


Reputation tier: 0
1. with crisp linen sheets
2. with an ornately carved footboard

Reputation tier: 1
1. with plump goose down pillows
2. fitted with silken sheets

Reputation tier: 2
1. strewn with thick quilts
2. with brass side rails

Reputation tier: 3
1. with a flyrsilk-draped canopy
2. with a mirrored headboard

Reputation tier: 4
1. veiled with fine netting
2. piled high with silken pillows

Reputation tier: 5
1. with a feather-stuffed mattress
2. layered with plush furs


Reputation tier: 0
1. stool

Reputation tier: 1
1. bench

Reputation tier: 2
1. armchair

Reputation tier: 3
1. settee

Reputation tier: 4
1. rocker

Reputation tier: 5
1. throne

Reputation tier: 0
1. with well-worn seat
2. featuring silken pillow

Reputation tier: 1
1. carved with initials
2. draped with fine sea silk

Reputation tier: 2
1. covered in supple leather
2. riveted in brass

Reputation tier: 3
1. inlaid with mother-of-pearl
2. finished with a glossy veneer

Reputation tier: 4
1. stained a smoky grey hue
2. cushioned with plush velvet

Reputation tier: 5
1. with a leather-padded seat
2. set on tentacle-carved legs


Reputation tier: 0
1. cotton

Reputation tier: 1
1. canvas

Reputation tier: 2
1. flax

Reputation tier: 3
1. papyrus

Reputation tier: 4
1. linen

Reputation tier: 5
1. hemp
2. flyrsilk

Other Furniture

Reputation tier: 0
1. wood
2. oak
3. pine
4. maple
5. driftwood

Reputation tier: 1
1. cypress
2. birch
3. balsa
4. ash
5. haon

Reputation tier: 2
1. fel
2. tanik
3. modwir
4. maoral
5. hickory

Reputation tier: 3
1. hazelwood
2. elm
3. alder
4. walnut
5. spruce

Reputation tier: 4
1. willow
2. cherry
3. cedar
4. mistwood
5. cocobolo

Reputation tier: 5
1. mahogany
2. teak
3. rosewood
4. ironwood
5. zebrawood

Reputation tier: 0
1. yellow
2. indigo
3. ivory
4. violet
5. pink
6. red
7. tan
8. white
9. green
10. black
11. blue
12. orange
13. purple
14. grey
15. brown
16. magenta
17. blush

Reputation tier: 1
1. burgundy
2. aquamarine
3. gold
4. dark green
5. golden brown
6. plum
7. silver
8. taupe
9. umber
10. off-white
11. emerald
12. charcoal
13. dark russet
14. cerulean
15. apricot
16. ochre
17. blood red

Reputation tier: 2
1. ebon
2. crimson
3. golden
4. inky blue
5. ecru
6. alabaster
7. russet
8. cherry red
9. cobalt
10. dark sienna
11. fiery coral
12. glossy white
13. auburn
14. bone white
15. shiny black
16. mint green
17. terracotta

Reputation tier: 3
1. niveous
2. pale ivory
3. matte black
4. honey-hued
5. vert
6. cream-colored
7. sable
8. argent
9. azure
10. snowy white
11. turquoise
12. misty grey
13. olivine
14. sapphire blue
15. pitch black
16. obsidian
17. sanguine

Reputation tier: 4
1. murky black
2. pale blond
3. pearly white
4. peacock blue
5. pale rose
6. reddish-gold
7. smoky grey
8. stark white
9. sea blue
10. ashen
11. cloudy grey
12. jet black
13. dark silver
14. lapis blue
15. viridian
16. sand-hued
17. raven-hued

Reputation tier: 5
1. smoky amber
2. storm grey
3. rose gold
4. milky white
5. stone grey
6. vanilla-hued
7. alizarin red
8. silver-hued
9. flint grey
10. bright white
11. kohl black
12. virescent
13. smoke-hued
14. shadowy black
15. wine-hued
16. winter white
17. vermillion


A long duster enshrouds Rhys's dimunitive body.  A long, jagged scar runs down from his hairline to the center of his cheek.  His cold, blue eyes glance warily around the room.