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Non-corporeal refers to creatures that do not possess material substance in the physical plane. In the context of GemStone, it is usually in reference to undead creatures that are insubstantial and possess only a spiritual or ghostly form. Coding-wise, the creature has no body parts that are corporeal and has several body parts which are specifically marked as non-corporeal. Creatures such as this have a number of factors that cause them to be different in combat than regular creatures. They cannot be killed by a standard melee critical injury, nor do they receive wounds from damage, and some types of attack are less effective or entirely ineffective at injuring them.

Two definitive characteristics of non-corporeal creatures are that (1) they can be affected by Phase (704), a sorcerer spell that can be used to force a non-corporeal creature into physical form upon a successful warding roll, which then subjects the the creature to the normal limitations and weaknesses that corporeal creatures have; and (2) Kai's Smite, which is obtained at the twenty-first step of the Order of Voln, will temporarily corporealize the creature (use the SMITE verb). These two characteristics differentiate non-corporeal creatures from creatures that have no body parts (e.g. elemental creatures), as the latter is not affected by Phase or Kai's Smite.

A vast majority of non-corporeal creatures will evaporate quickly after death, much faster than the usual natural creature decay, but that is a per-creature setting. These creatures are LOOT-able while they are unable to move as a result of the creature action timer or roundtime, which continue even after they are killed, but at the end of the combined time they will immediately evaporate.

Non-corporeal creatures have their own critical table which overrides the critical table for the attack type used on them (e.g. using an arrow will give results from the non-corporeal critical table rather than the puncture critical table). However, non-corporeal living creatures will not have the special messaging.

There is no restriction preventing the existence of living non-corporeal creatures, but none currently exist. Voln members using Symbol of Transcendence (see below), can be considered non-corporeal living.

Additional Order of Voln Information

The Symbol of Transcendence will allow a character to step into the space between the corporeal and ethereal realms for 30 seconds. While in this state, characters will take damage as if they were a non-corporeal creature (obtained at the twelfth step).

The Symbol of Disruption will cause a character and all group members to be surrounded by a churning spectral aura. Any non-corporeal undead struck while under this symbol's effect will be dealt roundtime based on the critical rank of the attack and will suffer a temporary penalty to AS/DS/CS/TD/CMAN while disrupted (obtained at the twentieth step).

Additional Sorcerer Information

Disintegrate (705) is particularly powerful when used against non-corporeal creatures, stronger than when normally used against corporeal creatures.

Non-corporeal creatures cannot be animated with Animate Dead (730).

Creature Level Realm Hunting areas
Ghost 2 Wehnimer's Landing Coastal Cliffs
Lesser frost shade 2 Icemule Icemule Environs
Lesser shade 2 Wehnimer's Landing Coastal Cliffs
Moaning phantom 2 Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing Glaise Cnoc Cemetery - TV, The Graveyard - WL
Phantom 2 Icemule, Wehnimer's Landing Icemule Environs, The Graveyard - WL
Revenant 4 Solhaven, Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing Cairnfang Forest - SH, Glaise Cnoc Cemetery - TV, The Graveyard - WL
Dark apparition 5 Icemule, Ta'Vaalor Icemule Environs, Glaise Cnoc Cemetery - TV
Mist wraith 5 River's Rest, Solhaven, Ta'Vaalor The Citadel - RR, Cairnfang Forest - SH, Glaise Cnoc Cemetery
Firephantom 6 River's Rest, Solhaven, Wehnimer's Landing The Citadel - RR, Vornavian Coast -- SH, Glatoph - WL
Spectral fisherman 6 Solhaven, Wehnimer's Landing Vornavian Coast - SH, Coastal Cliffs - WL
Death dirge 9 Solhaven, Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing Vornavian Coast - SH, Plains of Bone - TV, The Graveyard - WL
Snow spectre 9 Icemule Snow Fort
Shadowy spectre 14 Ta'Vaalor Plains of Bone
Spectre 14 Solhaven, Wehnimer's Landing Vornavian Coast - SH, Old Mine Road - WL
Wolfshade 15 Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing Plains of Bone - TV, Sentoph - WL
Wraith 15 Icemule, Wehnimer's Landing Icemule Environs, The Graveyard - WL, Wehnimer's Environs
Ghost wolf 16 Icemule, Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing Icemule Environs, Plains of Bone - TV, Danjirland - WL
Ghostly warrior 18 Wehnimer's Landing Old Mine Road
Sacristan spirit 25 Ta'Vaalor Lunule Weald
Spectral monk 25 Solhaven, Wehnimer's Landing Castle Varunar - SH, The Monastery - WL
Tree spirit 26 Icemule, Solhaven, Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing Icemule Environs, Foggy Valley - SH, Lunule Weald - TV, Danjirland - WL
Darken 28 Ta'Illistim Wraithenmist
Moaning spirit 28 Wehnimer's Landing Castle Anwyn, The Graveyard
Elder tree spirit 30 Icemule Icemule Environs
Ghostly mara 32 Ta'Illistim Wraithenmist
Ghostly pooka 33 Wehnimer's Landing The Graveyard
Spectral warrior 34 River's Rest The Citadel
Barghest 35 Ta'Illistim Black Moor
Spectral shade 35 Solhaven Foggy Valley
Spectral woodsman 35 Icemule Icemule Environs
Troll wraith 35 Zul Logoth Troll Burial Grounds
Spectral lord 36 Ta'Illistim Wraithenmist
Shadow mare 37 Wehnimer's Landing Shadow Valley
Shadow steed 38 Wehnimer's Landing Shadow Valley
Spectral miner 40 Wehnimer's Landing Shadow Valley
Bog wraith 41 River's Rest Miasmal Forest
Phantasma 42 Solhaven Castle Varunar
Gaunt spectral servant 44 River's Rest Marsh Keep
Ice wraith 45 Icemule Arctic Tundra, Nightmare Gorge
Bog spectre 47 Ta'Vaalor Fethayl Bog
Warrior shade 48 Ta'Vaalor Fethayl Bog
Banshee 50 Teras Isle, Wehnimer's Landing Fhorian Village - KD, Darkstone Castle - WL
Ethereal mage apprentice 54 River's Rest The Citadel
Eidolon 55 Solhaven Bonespear Tower
Nightmare steed 55 Wehnimer's Landing Darkstone Castle, The Broken Lands
Wind wraith 61 Teras Isle Temple of Luukos
Phantasmal bestial swordsman 62 River's Rest The Citadel
Warped tree spirit 68 Ta'Vaalor, Wehnimer's Landing Red Forest
Seething pestilent vision 70 Icemule Den of Rot
Naisirc 75 The Rift Plane 1
Seraceris 78 The Rift Plane 1
Lost soul 91 The Rift Plane 5
Fallen crusader 97 The Rift Plane 4
Spectral triton defender 98 Teras Isle Ruined Tower
Spectral triton protector 98 Kraken's Fall Atoll
Ethereal triton psionicist 103 Kraken's Fall Atoll
Ethereal triton sentry 103 Teras Isle Ruined Tower

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