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A scrying mirror allows the user to cast locate on an individual within or beyond the current realm. There are a few different versions of the scrying mirror that offer different levels of viewing and actionability.


For a 2-3 times a day Locate version:

You analyze your obsidian mirror and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This is a scrying mirror.  You need to WHISPER MIRROR the name of the
person you want to scry on, and then GAZE into the mirror to activate it.
PEER will work as a normal mirror.  This item will work only if you have
thirty ranks of MIU, and if the target is cross-realm, sixty ranks of MIU
is required.  The item will work twice a day, for ten minutes if the target
 is not cross realm, three if the target is.

It is currently used up for the day and will not reset until 10/31/2019 20:24:27 CDT.
It is not currently scrying anyone.
You get no sense of whether or not the mirror may be further lightened.

Additional Information


For a 2-3 times a day Locate version, which allows the user to visually follow the target for a time:

a carved obsidian mirror with an inlay of diamond slivers

Show: The depthless black of the mirror's obsidian frame holds a gloss and shine unmatched but by the slivers of diamond that have been inlaid into the handle and along the edge.  Each minute piece glitters in ambient light, tiny winking stars against the velvet black of an evening sky.  The piece is near flawless with its umblemished mirror and pristine frame, though when turned just so, scrawls of crude etchings can be found to mar the back of the mirror, tangling the beauty of the piece in unknown mystery.
There appears to be something written on it.

In the Common language, it reads:
"The mind's eye, once opened, wary of what you seek, for you may surely find it."

Usage Log

Person123 just arrived.
Person123 just went northeast.
>whisper mirror Person123
The obsidian mirror grows warm beneath your touch, and you feel a tingling sensation run up your arm.
>gaze mirror
As you gaze intently at the obsidian mirror, the image of where Person123 is suddenly fills your mind...
[Ta'Illistim, Shimmarglin Court]
Two paths snake out of the courtyard and around the imposing facade of the Shimmarglin Inn, with its tall, arched doors and cracked stained glass lancet windows. Large piles of debris and rubble block the entrance. Above, the floating dais spins slowly in the air. You also see an enameled silver signpost.
Also here: Person123
Obvious paths: northeast, southwest, northwest
[Ta'Illistim, Hanging Gardens]
The dais is ringed by a series of slender columns, each one simply fluted and carved from perfectly white marble. Within the circle of the columns' embrace, and elevated high off of the ground, a tiny garden of cultivated plants grows. Roses climb around the carved legs of a mistwood bench, which sits alongside neat beds of columbine and a tended plot of white jasmine. Over the whole enclosure is a coffered dome set with an oculus. You also see the Guard Captain, a fickle glacier spirit that is flying around, ta sturdy mithril strongbox, a bunch of disks, a short-nosed pygmy bat and a silver trash receptacle.
Also here: Person123, and several other people
Obvious paths: out
[Ta'Illistim, Shimmarglin Court]
The bottom of the floating dais overhead falls over this patch of the courtyard, shrouding the cobblestones below in a dim, perpetual gloaming. Nonetheless, the space is filled with impermanent shelving and carrels, set out with no regard for order, placement, or easy passage through the morass. You also see an elven aristocrat and a silver trash receptacle.
Also here: Person123
Obvious paths: southeast, southwest
The images of far off places in your mind cease...
[Person123 had logged out]
Scrying mirror Information
Type Mechanical
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to Mirror
Alterable No
Light/Deep Unknown
Spell Locate Person (116)
Item Verbs