Locate Person (116)

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Locate Person (116)
Mnemonic [LOCATE]
Duration Instantaneous
Utility Magic  
Subtype Scrying 
Components any player character 
Availability All 
Minor Spiritual Spells
Spirit Warding I (101) Defensive
Spirit Barrier (102) Defensive
Spirit Defense (103) Defensive
Disease Resistance (104) Defensive
Poison Resistance (105) Defensive
Spirit Fog (106) Defensive
Spirit Warding II (107) Defensive
Stun Relief (108) Utility
Dispel Invisibility (109) Utility
Unbalance (110) Attack
Fire Spirit (111) Attack
Water Walking (112) Utility
Undisease (113) Utility
Unpoison (114) Utility
Fasthr's Reward (115) Defensive
Locate Person (116) Utility
Spirit Strike (117) Offensive
Web (118) Attack
Spirit Dispel (119) Utility
Lesser Shroud (120) Defensive
Call Lightning (125) Attack
Spirit Guide (130) Utility
Searing Light (135) Attack
Wall of Force (140) Defensive

Locate Person may be cast on any player character and and will give a brief vision of where they are, provided they are in the open and within the same realm. The spell's range can be extended through Spiritual Lore (see below: Lore Benefits).

When cast within the spell's effective range, this spell returns text as if someone in the same room as the target used the LOOK verb, as it shows the room title, description, individuals present, creatures and items present, and the obvious exits of the room. In addition, everyone in the target character's room will see the text: "Suddenly you have the strangest feeling that you are being watched. The feeling fades as quickly as it came."

If the person being located is outside the spell's range, the target will not sense the spell, and the caster will receive an unique out of range message based on the realm the target is within.

Casting the spell on hidden or invisible targets will return a message along the lines of, "What were you referring to?"

Certain rooms and the spell Unpresence (204) prevent a target from being located, but the spell returns a different message (blocked by an "unseen force") versus if the target was out-of-range or hidden. The entire area beyond the rolaren gate near Icemule Trace is one such area, as are all warcamps.

If you know your geography, this should help you find someone pretty quickly. This spell sometimes fails to work in certain locations, due to magical instabilities in that area.

Lore Benefits

Spiritual Lore, Summoning allows the caster to locate more distant targets.

  • At 30 ranks, the caster can view targets in adjacent realms
  • At 60 ranks, the caster can view targets in near-adjacent realms
  • At 90 ranks, the caster can view targets in far realms

(An example of adjacent realms is Wehnimer's Landing to Shadow Valley; near-adjacent is Wehnimer's Landing to Icemule Trace; and far is Wehnimer's Landing to Ta'Illistim. Targets in the Elemental Confluence are considered out-of-range for any caster not inside the same confluence, regardless of lore training; messaging will indicate the realm from which they entered.)

In addition, at 30 ranks of Summoning lore, if the caster is present in a room where someone is located, they are able to trace back the magic and identify the origin if they cast the spell with no target within 30 seconds.

Blocked Areas


These visions are shown if the target is too far away and the caster cannot see the exact room.

Location Message
Broken Lands
Patterned as if by an enormous jeweler's hammer, the landscape is riddled with vast craters and jagged rocks.
Dark structures, alien and malignant in design, are patrolled by the haunted cries of jackals and the clacking of enormous beetles.
Dragonflies, damselflies, and bees dance upon the flower-laden winds of a city that is cradled within the trees.
The spray of a nearby waterfall creates a prismatic rainbow in the gentle mists that caress the vibrant foliage near a pebble-edged brook.
Icemule Trace or Trail
Cradled to the bosom of a glacier, the small city, filled with quaint little cottages, people bustling about their business eagerly, and the aroma of fresh-baked bread hanging in the air, is not dampened in the least by the endless leagues of snow that blanket it.
Farms, shrines, and graveyards mark the countryside, their abandoned structures only slightly paler than the ice that they rest within.
Kraken's Fall
Dark storm clouds encompass a single tropical island in its eye.  Ships cresting the horizon are racing against the wind to reach landfall to avoid its wrath.  In its center, the waters beneath the ships glitter like a bright blue sapphire.
Mist Harbor
Surrounded by mists on all sides, a small island is enclosed by glittering sapphire blue waters which are teeming with life.
Deep in the dark green of the tropical landmass, the foliage ripples like waves as the wind batters at it from all four directions.
Old Ta'Faendryl
Tangled vines and creeping grasses mar the edges of an enormous, ruined city, denoting where nature has attempted to take back what is hers.
Winged beasts creep within the shadows of the aging forest and shy away from the glowing windows of a small cottage that rests off the beaten path.
Resting amongst the clouds, a rustic trading post looks down upon the bitter winds and the biting ice of the valleys and gorges below with a cheery glow.
A tiny ring of homes is nestled in the few trees that survive the thin climate, their chimneys trickling warmth and merriment.
Long tendrils of rainbow-colored ethereal light emerge from a howling blizzard.  Just beneath them, a shadowy mass of land can be seen through the top of the ongoing storm.
The Rift
Pulsating like the heartbeat of the world, the mist-shrouded ground stretches in confusing circles that are hard to track.
Strange images, haunted and perverse, tantalize the edges of your vision and spiral away into the breath of darkness.
River's Rest
Surrounded by the vibrancy of the jungle on many sides, the small town is comprised of ruined bridges and roughened veneer.
Distant sails, many black and tattered, top vessels of ill-repute as they turn to port upon a glittering sea.
Shadow Valley
Spectral shapes dance upon a twisted and shadowy landscape.
Strange mists obscure everything and only the dull red glow of eerie, equine eyes illuminates the way.
Glittering like a thousand tears falling from the cliffs, the waterfall is fed to the north by a river that kisses the land and to the south by an enormous, deep blue bay.
Fishing boats and lobster pots speckle the tranquil waters that lick the edges of a sprawling sea port and its nearby shanty cousin.
Nestled beneath the gaze of glacial peaks is a sapphire city that glitters and sparkles amongst tall grasses, which trickle away into an enormous pass.
Speckling the countryside are observatories, manors, and shrines that gleam only slightly less majestically than their larger counterparts within the glowing metropolis.
Imposing crenellation, remarkable in design, tops the high walls of a fortress city that boasts four imposing gates.
To the north of the militant stronghold is an enormous lake that randomly ripples or swirls, its surface glittering like the tears of the fallen.
Teras Isle
Ash rains down upon a dwarven settlement, creating banks of grey that mute colors and sounds.
An enormous statue stands at the junction of two streets, its metallic features illuminated by a nearby lava tube.
Wehnimer's Landing
High walls surround a sprawling frontier-style town that is set back from the woods on the east and coastal cliffs on the west.
Ivory markers wink in and out of the lush greenery of the forest.  The foliage ends abruptly at an expansive cemetery, its gates tall and imposing.
Trail:Solhaven or Zul Logoth
Clouds race past, carrying the waters of the world within their insubstantial forms, which glisten, translucent and frail, against the hue of the sky.
Lightly, they touch upon mountain peaks, open seas, volcanic craters, twisting rivers, resplendent cities, and tangled jungles before moving on into the distance.
Zul Logoth
Toadstool-illuminated walls rise smoothly from cool, stone floors to create twisting tunnels that bend this way and that and are speckled with glittering prizes.
A rapidly moving mine cart surges past, its wheels rattling loudly upon the iron tracks, and a bright yellow canary chases after it.
Griffin (mid-flight)
All you see is the blur of the countryside as you soar along.