Seamist Hall

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Seamist Hall is the Premium Hall located within Solhaven.


To reach it, enter Solhaven by way of the Market Bridge (or go to the place where the Market Bridge terminates in Solhaven), head SOUTHWEST three times, look for a white steel gate, GO GATE, and CLIMB STEPS. Or, if you prefer--from North Market, go SOUTHWEST, WEST, SOUTHWEST, GO GATE.

Premium Teleportation Jewelry

A table stocked with Premium teleportation jewelry is located on a small wooden table covered with gold silk on the Front Porch (Lich #20718).

On the small wooden table you see a cord-strung slim driftwood pendant, a shell-inlaid golden linden armband, a twine-strung navy blue hemp monkeyfist, a bas-relief scenic zoo pin, a gold-tasseled naval shoulder knot, a carved linden blossom wristlet, a polished wide modwir wristcuff, a banded onyx Lorminstra cameo, an etched cypress tree stickpin, a thistle and laurel leaf brooch, an enameled blue pelican brooch, a white hemp sailor's knot bracelet, a braided blue suede armband, a coral and ivory wristlet and an interwoven silver and alum band.

Food and Drinks

Central Lounge (Lich #20721)

On the circular modwir bar you see a slim decanter of Seamist's Favor, a huge jug of Deep Sea bourbon, a decanter of creamy liqueur, a bottle of garlic vodka, a barrel of dark ale, an ewer of golden apple brandy, a carafe of red-hued rum, a tray of melon cordials and a bowl of pomegranate sangria.

Dining Room (Lich #20726)

On the glass-topped sideboard you see some black truffle salad, some apple pan-seared sweetbread, a bowl of seafood pasta, a massive pot of mousse, a bottle of white wine, a bottle of red wine, a tureen of pumpkin soup, some root spinach salad and a platter of baked sunfish.

Gathering Hall (Lich #20727)

On the large brass cart you see a platter of skewered scallops, a bottle of berry-etched champagne, a pale pink carafe of coffee and a basket of cyclops eyes.

Gazebo (Lich #20729)

The cookies are sugar cookies.

On the small circular table you see a frosted pitcher of lemonade and a tiny pile of blue cookies.

Day Room (Lich #20723)

On the brass tea cart you see a dish full of chocolate tarts, a silver carafe of tea, some upright spears of pears, a plate of salt-rimmed margaritas and a porcelain platter of cheese.

Smoking Room (Lich #20724)

On the modwir sideboard you see a tall bottle of port, a crystal bottle of whiskey, a pebbled bottle of cognac and a bowl of red-coated peanuts.

Other Amenities

The Central Lounge is a supernode.

The Smoking Room features pipes, tobacco, and cigars.

On the crystal tray you see a match, a thick cocoa-hued cigar, some dark brown coconut pipe tobacco and a rough-carved thanot pipe.

Through a carved mahogany door in the Smoking Room is a Game Room (#20725) with BlackDrake tables.

The Back Lawn (#20730) contains a flower bed with flowers that can be picked.

In the flower bed you see a fresh tulip, a fresh daisy, a fresh orchid, a fresh rose and a fresh carnation.

Seamist Hall is unique among the Premium Halls because it has a beach where you can swim: To reach the beach, go to the Central Lounge, GO DOORS, GO PATH, WEST, CLIMB STEPS. From there, just GO SURF and SWIM.