Shattered Continent

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The Shattered Continent is a chain of both large and small islands, otherwise known as an archipelago, that resides west of the continent of Elanith. Between the two landforms churns the Great Western Sea, and together with Atan Irith, these are considered part of the greater combined continent Jontara. The Shattered Continent is dominated by the Krolvin nations and it is believed that slavery is common there.

In Official Documentation

"Someone at some time now forgotten called the nations the Shattered Continent. It is a place of seemingly endless islands, some great, many small, and it is where the Krol are centered. It is not their homeland. It is said of their home that they were either driven out or burned it down about themselves and thereafter left. It is an exodus mostly forgotten. Their origin before the time of exodus is lost to them. All that remains is myth and tales of birth of the original Krol bursting from the stomach of a sea beast."

"Around the southern tip of Elanith they have sailed, and beyond the cursed isle of ruins and nightmares, where even the elves that slip across the waves do not visit. In the forgotten places of the continent Atan Irith, the Blood have settled. Our sails have crossed the forsaken straights of mists and maelstroms to the south of that continent to the place that reaches out to the frozen lands at the bottom of the world. It is a place new of memory, but littered with ancient ruins and mountains that shield our people from knowing the depths of its secrets. Some wonder if this was the burnt land, the origin of the krol and where they were cast out, and others wonder if it is the place they destroyed around themselves, and then others doubt the krol ever had settled its shores.

Ever eastward our sails have been pushed along by the winds of the Winged One to the place of endless islands known as the Shattered Continent. Here the Krol are strongest and the Blood is weakest. It is a land that one day we will take as we drive the krol into the depths of the seas and into the forgotten places of the conscience. This place of countless isle lies in the northern seas with its farthest islands cursed in eternal cold and winter, while to the south, joined by so many of these same islands is another place. It is three islands, but too big to be called islands, and too small to be separate continents. Perhaps once they were one continent, but by what reason Khar'ta separated them, we do not know. A race of humans once dwelled upon one of these islands, it is said by those who recall such things, but it was a time many centuries ago. Over the ages, some of them left, but legend claims others remain, hidden on one or the other of the vast pieces of land, hidden from the outer world, hidden from the krol. These small continents lie west as the storm eagle flies from the human occupied bay of Maelstrom. The Shattered Continent lies in the same manner, but away from the place the krol call Glaoveln."