Shield Push

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Shield Push
Available To Warriors, Paladins
Mnemonic [PUSH]
Cost 15 (-5 rank 1, -3 rank 2)
Requirements None
Prerequisites Shield Bash rank 2
Rank Cost
1 2  
5 10

Shield Push is a shield specialization maneuver allowing you to push your opponent into another room, following them and giving them roundtime. You can specify a direction in which to push them, or leave it blank for a random direction.


[Lower Dragonsclaw, Forest]
The moss grows like a blanket up the trunks of the oak and modwir trees here.  The large trees stand, indifferent to the encroachment of the harmless fungus.  You also see a forest troll.
Obvious paths: east, southeast, west
>shield push troll se
You raise your villswood greatshield before you and attempt to push a forest troll away!
[Roll result: 158 (open d100: 94) Penalties: 3]
Your push connects!
You manage to push the forest troll hard enough that he stumbles southeast!
You attempt to follow the forest troll!
[Lower Dragonsclaw, Forest]
Modwir trees predominate this section of forest, as though the oak, satisfied with its allotted space, has made room for the tall pines.  You also see a forest troll and a charred skull on a pike.
Obvious paths: north, south, northwest
Roundtime: 4 sec.