Shield Swiftness

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Shield Swiftness
Mnemonic [swiftness]
Type Passive Buff
Requirements You must be wielding a shield of a size that you are maintaining the prerequisite ranks of Shield Focus in.
Available To Warriors, Rogues
Available In Shield Specializations
Prerequisites Small or Medium Shield Focus (at rank 3)
Rank Square
1 6  
2 12 
3 18 
5 -


Your shield is like an extension of your arm, barely weighing down your movements.


The shield penalty to Dodge DS is reduced by approximately half the difference between a small and medium shield per rank.

Additional Information

Each rank reduces the shield penalty by about 4%. This grants a corresponding increase of 0.04 per rank in the "Shield Factor" component of the dodge formula.

Dodge DS Penalties
Ranks Small shield Medium shield
0 22% 30%
1 18% 26%
2 14% 22%
3 10% 18%