Shieltine's Ward

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Shieltine's Ward is a powerful interplanar magical barrier between Elanthia and the valence of Lorae'tyr. It was ordered to be created by Unsenis Ignaas Faendryl, Patriarch XXXIV of House Faendryl, so as to prevent further loss of Faendryl sorcerers who were exploring the valence. Shieltine Huranya Faendryl, who the ward was named after, was tasked with leading a group of sorcerers in creating this ward. The ward itself makes travel between Elanthia and Lorae'tyr very difficult, particularly in the vicinity of Old Ta'Faendryl, but also allowing close monitoring of travel between the two. Even if a sorcerer were able to pierce the veil and travel to Lorae'tyr, on his or her return to Elanthia, there would only be the prospect of a death sentence, as travel to and from Lorae'tyr is illegal under Faendryl law.