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Lorae'tyr is one of a number of valences from which demons may originate. Demons from Lorae'tyr may be summoned into Elanthia either by sorcerers with knowledge of Minor Summoning (725) or other powerful entities such as GM characters.

Lorae'tyr is a humid, swampy realm, full of vegetation. Its various environments include bogs, forests, and plains. Its vegetation is not entirely alien, many plants even bearing extreme similarities to those of which could be found in Elanthia. Oddly, the plants in Lorae'tyr are much more vibrant and dark in color, and more pointed and sharp in shape. A yellowy hue colors the sky and air everywhere in the valence, only offset by the array of colors portrayed by the igaesha which inhabit the skies of Lorae'tyr.

One of the most outstanding features of Lorae'tyr is its timeshifting. The passage of time in this valence lacks uniformity, or in other words, time changes at different speeds in different locations, and these speeds are subject to change at any time. A single field may age three hundred years in less than an Elanthian minute, while other areas may slow to a crawl while the world around them passes them by. Because of this, there is very little permanence within Lorae'tyr. Due to these shifts in time, Faendryl sorcerers would disappear for decades, only to return having spent mere minutes in the valence. Because of such dangers, the Faendryl Patriarch Unsenis Ignaas had travel there outlawed, and the valence was sealed with a magical barrier called Shieltine's Ward. This ward not only makes travel to Lorae'tyr extremely difficult, it allows the Basilica to monitor travel to and from the valence.

Lorae'tyr is home to at least four known demon archetypes, the igaesha, verlok, grantris, and abyran. While the others seem to pay no heed to the timeshifting qualities of their home, the abyran seem to have recognized this issue and have taken measures to deal with it.

The igaesha and the grantris do not appear to possess any sort of community or society, although the igaesha often tend to float through the skies in clusters. The verlok, on the otherhand, tend to inhabit large piles of metal in communities, living together peacefully. Moreover, the abyran have an intricate society, comprised of various castes.

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