Shimmarglin Jewels and Gems

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Shimmarglin Jewels and Gems is the jewelry shop in Sylvarraend. It is located in the southeast corner of town on Mistglin Way and the east room of the shop also serves as the town gemshop.

[Shimmarglin Jewels and Gems]
Soft garnet-hued curtains frame the cottage's glaesine-paned windows, casting the room's interior in a rosy glow. Woven multicolored rugs are scattered about the polished hardwood floor. A dark maoral counter rests near the back of the room, lined with small drawers fitted with tiny locks. You also see a dignified elven shopkeeper.


Welcome to Shimmarglin Jewels and Gems!

A dignified elven shopkeeper offers her catalog to browse.
A dignified elven shopkeeper exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a purple blazestar cloakpin   4. some cerulean glimmaerstone earbobs
  2. a moonglae opal bracelet      5. some periwinkle feystone earrings
  3. a pale green moonstone ring   6. a sylvarraend ruby pendant