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A listing of the shops in the elven hamlet of Sylvarraend. Sylvarraend also has a branch of the United City-States Bank.

Shop Name Realm Type Inventory Sold Shop Specialty
The Brew and Barley Ta'Illistim eatery food
Forge and Hearth Ta'Illistim shop tableware
Shimmarglin Jewels and Gems Ta'Illistim shop jewelry
Sylvarraend Bowyer Supplies Ta'Illistim shop fletching materials
Sylvarraend Campfire Supplies Ta'Illistim shop specialty campfire supplies
Sylvarraend Clothiers Ta'Illistim shop apparel
Sylvarraend Herbals Ta'Illistim shop herbs
Sylvarraend Sweet Shoppe Ta'Illistim shop food desserts
Sylvarraend Tinkers & Whatnots Ta'Illistim shop general goods
Woodland Market Ta'Illistim shop groceries