Shop of Abdul

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Shop of Abdul is a boutique shop in River's Rest. It is located within the Khan'Kel Bazaar Premium home neighborhood.

[Shop of Abdul]
The small shop is crammed with cloth of every type and description. Vividly colored bolts sit on every surface, and straps and fragments of leather clutter the walls. The whiskery old elf who is proprietor of the mayhem sidles toward you, smiling craftily. He is wearing a striped galabia, the long, loose robe seen in abundance on the cobbled thoroughfares outside. Heavy incense scents the air, coiling up from a lit stick stuck into a brazier on the counter. You also see old Abdul.


      Item                       Price
   1. Striped galabia            200
   2. Striped yelek              350
   3. Striped tunic              375
   4. Fringed belt               400
   5. Black and white turban     200
   6. Braided leather belt       250


Abdul, the half-elf proprietor, looks like he might once have possessed a swarthy type of good looks.  However, those assets have fallen into a state of disrepair.  Noticing you studying him, he smiles ingratiatingly, his hands resting on the pronounced paunch filling out the front of the food-stained tunic he wears.