The True Meaning of Sorcery (essay)

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: The True Meaning of Sorcery

Author: Lord Silvean Rashere

It is necessary that the reader understands that sorcery is an art before attempting to comprehend what follows. This work is designed to praise the glory of our magic, pay tribute to those who have made sorcery fearsome in the Wehnimer's area, and enlighten those who are blind to the beauty of our arts.

With the help of Fash'Lo'Nae I continue this work...

-- Lord Silvean Rashere

I. History

A. The Brilliance of the Faendryl

It is widely believed that the Faendryl are responsible for the introduction of true sorcery into the lands. Depending on your own definition of sorcery you may consider this to be the truth or you may feel that sorcery is older than time itself and none can claim to have given birth to the power. Regardless of your personal feelings about the noble Faendryl it is necessary to respect their work in developing our powers into what they are today.

During the age of the Elven Empire the Faendryl were those Elves who were under the banner of House Faendryl which was the greatest of the seven houses that made up the empire. House Faendryl was founded by a man known as Korthyr Faendryl and its power held the empire together for years. The Faendryl Elves had a tradition of focusing their studies upon powerful magics that mixed both elemental and spiritual powers. In other words - sorcery.

The Faendryl were recognized as the masters of both elemental and spiritual magics in the time of the Elven empire. Elemental magics draw from the elemental forces that exist naturally on Elanthia and spiritual forces draw from the power of the Arkati themselves. It is understandable that many of our spells are offensive in nature when you look at the warlike era in which they were designed. Some would argue that sorcery is naturally evil or violent. However, it is truth that magic is always neutral and it is the forces or people shaping its endless power that craft it into anything that can be described as good or evil. When you consider the warlike era in which the Faendryl existed and the minds of those molding sorcery then you have a better understanding of the offensive nature of our great spells.

In what historians refer to as the "Age of Chaos" a "woman" by the name of Despana raised the first of the undead using a work of origins that date back to the Ur-Daemons known as the book of Tormtor. Despana soon used the powers of this book to raise an army of undead creatures of such power that it created an open path for her plans to take control of the entire world. Despana soon set out to start her plans by destroying the main force of government upon Elanthia, the Elven empire. Undead forces swept across the empire leaving a path of destruction behind them in their mindless fury. There has been no greater loss of knowledge both arcane and otherwise than that caused by the sacking of the undead during Despana's war. The forces of Despana were finally brought to a stop by the combined might of the Elven empire led by house Faendryl. The Elves needed a plan to end the war and finally after several years the Faendryl had one that involved the powers of sorcery.

After much debate the Faendryl decided to perform a lightning strike on the main fortress of Despana. They knew that without her leadership the undead were not a threat. With great effort the combined might of the armies joined to battle the undead led a group of Faendryl sorcerers through Despana's hordes and to the walls of her great fortress. The sorcerers then inscribed intricate circles of arcane power upon the ground before them and summoned a flight of lesser demonic beings to do battle with the pressing forces of Despana around them. The lesser demons forced the undead armies back through the massive doors of the keep and closed them within and then the Faendryl moved. With their immense powers they created a massive black void that imploded the keep upon itself and ended the terror known as Despana.

After the Faendryl exile from the Elven empire for using evil powers at the hands of jealous Vaalor political leaders, the Faendryl used the natural power that flowed through Rhoska-Tor (their new home) to strengthen their own powers and trim the edges of countless spells that were drawn from that immense power. Soon, these secrets were revealed to all as the Faendryl spread out across Elanthia after their destruction of House Ashrim and the fall of the Elven empire without strong leadership.

B. Muylari

Muylari is perhaps a simple man in many aspects. He was a sorcerer and quite skilled in the arts. Muylari was a master, but he is not deserving recognition as one who used his powers to their fullest potential. Muylari was a well educated gentleman, but his origins are not vital to his tale. Muylari's tale is widely known throughout these lands and I shall only relate a short summary here.

Muylari was a sorcerer who had powers that were heightened by his own personal research into various magics of the world. Soon after his wedding he was traveling to a town to enjoy a vacation with his wife when a group of barbaric giants descended upon them with an intent to cook them for some ritual or another. Muylari was saved at the last minute by a mysterious Faendryl. After Muylari and his wife were safe the Faendryl indicated that Muylari now owed him his life. A number of years after this event Muylari's wife had died and now it was time that Muylari went to repay the favor that the Faendryl had done for him. Muylari served this Faendryl with the extent of his abilities as a sorcerer and this led him to work as the head of a mining operation in the Silver valley. Soon after the start of this mining the true nature of the valley was revealed. A force came from beneath the earth there and it lashed out at Muylari's miners. All were soon dead at the "hands" of this unseen beast and Muylari was left completely alone to face the horror. Muylari was dumbfounded since there was no flesh and blood target for him to focus his powers upon and so he decided to destroy everything around him. With the powers of sorcery and other magics he had picked up in his lifetime, Muylari ripped at the very fabric of the valley and shattered it forever. From that moment on the valley was known as Shadow Valley. This massive display of sorcery at its finest makes Muylari a man worthy of respect.

The events in the Shadow Valley somehow served to give Muylari the gift or curse perhaps of everlasting life. He finally set out to find his death in the end and the possibility of his emerging ever again is slight.

C. Bandur Etrevion

Bandur Etrevion is quite possibly the most brilliant sorcerer of our time. The story of the brothers Etrevion is also widely known and I will do my best to capture its significance in a summary of the tale. Bandur Etrevion was a writer, priest, scholar, and above all a man who was dedicated to the cause of furthering sorcery. Bandur found himself in a situation that many great sorcerers can relate to. Bandur hit a dead end in his quest for power and understanding, but soon the goddess Gosaena revealed another path for him. In the service of Gosaena and under the influence of powerful undead forces Bandur discovered new worlds of power in the fields of sorcery and necromancy. Bandur used these powers to their fullest potential and he developed a most powerful cult in his honor. Bandur Etrevion also used his powers to aid his beloved brother, a fearsome warrior known as Kestrel.

However, with power comes a price. Bandur's price was his soul, but he ended up paying with his sanity as well. Under the subtle influences of undead power Bandur began to lose control of his emotions and one evening that loss of control crushed his life. In a fit of temper Bandur broke into an argument with his brother and by the end of a few moments Kestrel had fallen to Bandur's superior powers. This deed ended in the last shred of sanity left in Bandur being lost.

Bandur decided that his brother and his nephews must be buried in a rich manner. The sorcerer designed a massive graveyard and crypt to be placed in the forest near Wehnimer's present location. Bandur Etrevion used his powers of sorcery to bring stones for the building of his massive crypt and then he used necromancy to create golems and undead followers to aid in completing his designs. Soon the monuments and buildings of the graveyard were finished and Bandur felt it was time that he rested with his brother. Bandur filled the crypt with his most famed manuscripts of sorcery and other powers then went to sleep eternally with his brother and give his soul to Gosaena as he promised.

The works of Bandur Etrevion are irreplaceable.

II. Applying the Spells

It is assumed that the reader knows the basics of sorcery and the writing about our spells is more detailed than merely stating their function

A. Blood Burst - Break Limb

Blood Burst is a most attractive spell to invoke fear in even the most determined flesh and blood foes. The explosion of the most vital vein brings any man to his knees in terror at the horrid wound. To use Blood Burst effectively in your quest for power I suggest using the spell on flesh and blood creatures then letting others finish them off. This could be used as an effective way to learn and keep the others pleased if you are hunting with a group of persons or it's a fine way to learn in passing if you wound creatures then leave them to roam into the blade of some crude warrior. I made the best use of this spell on the marmots in the hanging inn (Keeping a great deal of power on hand was of the essence in this period of my youth and the warriors loved bashing the large rats).

Mana Disruption is one of our most useful spells in day to day combat with intent to kill. The spell causes damage that is similar to a great fall to the enemy at hand. It has been proven that the spell is more effective when the sorcerer has an empty right hand. I personally rely on strong defenses and great care in my hunting. I do not suggest keeping your hand empty in an attempt to make the spell more powerful (the results are generally rather small). This spell is especially useful in the first thirty or so years of your training as your main form of attack with intent to kill. The spell becomes less useful at this point with the exception of those creatures who do not respond well to Dark Catalyst (lava golems) and those creatures who are extremely weak and fragile to the spells deadly effects (humans or wizards).

Forget is definitely the one main circle spell that gets the least everyday use from the sorcerer. However, it is a highly valuable spell if one knows how to take advantage of it. The forget spell causes a short memory lapse in the victim which can cause your foe to lose concentration of a spell and lose the ability to prepare another for a few seconds. Other uses include a safe way to test your ability at casting and defending against spells. Also, the forget spell will eliminate a nightmare. If another sorcerer casts the nightmare spell upon you then quickly use the forget spell and you will feel no ill effects from his nightmare spell.

Phase is a lovely bit of sorcery and one of our most unique spells. Some doors are not immune to the spell (trust me) and it's a magnificent way to make an imposing entrance. The spell is also useful for removing expensive gems from boxes (worlds more useful before the traps became so bloody difficult). Another fine way to make the spell worthwhile is a flashy way to take objects from your cloak or pouch.

Break Limb is a spell that lets the young sorcerer know that he is truly on the road to developing his arts. It is the first useful torture spell and it is also one of my favorite spells even after so many years. The snap of the limb and look on the face of your foe is priceless after a successful casting of this spell. If you are one who enjoys hunting among a group then the spell is very useful for removing weapons and bringing foes to the ground so that the others can crush them. It provides a way to learn, impress others, frighten others, and show the true power of sorcery all in one spell.

B. Elemental Defense I - Elemental Detection

Elemental Defense I is the first spell available to the sorcerer that provides both physical and magical protection. The spell creates a silvery luminescence around the caster and is a fine way to add a little helping hand to the needy defenses of the younger sorcerer if he should be caught unawares. As with all defensive spells it is useful throughout the entire lifetime of the sorcerer.

Presence is another very useful spell. By detecting those that are hiding and invisible it's a fine way to secure a room for private discussion.

Picking Enhancement is a spell that is useful for aiding rogues if they should request such aid from you. The spell also aids the chances of the sorcerer for one cast of the unlock spell. The spell creates a glow around the sorcerer's hands which can also be useful to the creative caster who may want to see in a dark room or what have you. Be warned that if you use the picking enhancement spell then you learn less from the lock you open.

Disarm Enhancement makes the sorcerer more focused which aids in disarming traps upon doors or boxes. It also aids the creative sorcerer and the disarm spell just as the picking enhancement spell aids the unlock spell.

Elemental Detection is a fine spell that has just recently become quite vital to the sorcerer's spellbook. It reveals all magics in effect upon the sorcerer and gives an idea to the duration of those spells. You will be looking for a "great amount" of time remaining if you want a spell to be lasting in excess of three hours. This spell can also detect magical spells that are contained in artifacts such as twisted wands or glass amulets.

C. Spirit Protection I - Poison Resist

Spirit Protection I is a fine way to provide minor protection from spells early on in your career. It is useful throughout all of your years when you are planning to face magical foes in combat. It causes a light blue aura to surround the caster.

Spirit Barrier is one of our finest spells. This spell creates a churning barrier of air around the sorcerer and it makes attacks by lesser creatures harmless to the sorcerer. This spell is priceless and should be learned as soon as possible. This spell does not maneuver itself and any physical attacks that the sorcerer makes are harmed greatly by the effects of the "airwall" around him. It is useful only when the sorcerer is powerful enough to rely on his spells and not his sword arm. Also, this spell can be cast on a foe to provide the same helpful and harmful effects to him. Your opponent does have a chance to ward off the effects and they last for only a short while depending on how powerful the cast is. The wizard's "call wind" spell will eliminate a cast of Spirit Barrier.

Spirit Defense makes the sorcerer appear more powerful and provides small physical protection to him for two minutes for every training he possesses. I suggest learning this spell fairly quickly since it is a rather useful defensive spell in your early years.

Disease Resist is not a spell I have really taken advantage of. It gives you a second chance to ward off a disease and must be cast before you are exposed to the disease. I suppose this is most useful when facing rabid animals or Dwarves.

Poison Resist is equally boring. I suppose you could use it if your wife slips poison into your wine glass.

D. Mind Jolt - Energy Maelstrom

Mind Jolt is one of our most incredibly powerful spells. Mind Jolt used to be effective against most all creatures, but now it is basically limited to those that have a developed mind to jolt. That even includes orcs (most flesh and blood creatures). The spell makes the target unable to do anything except watch and listen. The creative sorcerer can make this a valuable spell both within and without the walls of town. When a target is stunned for any reason (including Mind Jolt) an implosion will instantly vaporize him.

Eye Spy is a very visual spell (so to speak). This spell is indeed an illusion - just as illusionary as my pull a silver from the ear trick. The spell lets you "rip out an eyeball and cause it to grow bat wings" then you may direct the eyeball by telling it to move or look. The eyeball will show you what is in another room just as if you were there. If the spell ends before you have told the eyeball to return while it is near you then you will lose your eye even if it is an illusion. The reasoning behind this is that our nightmare spell is an illusion, but it will still harm you. Thus the Eye Spy spell can harm you even if it is an illusion as well. The wizard spell of "call wind" causes your floating eyeball to splatter on the ground without any ill effects to you.

Pain Infliction causes the target to cringe in pain and is another useful spell of torture. It cannot be cast multiple times until the first effect has worn off. It is only useful if you plan to quickly kill the target while it is still under the effects of the spell. It is basically worthless after you learn the "Throes of Pain" spell. Some sorcerers who have a love of pain enjoy casting this spell on themselves (it's not a real threat to your safety if nothing is out to kill you at the time).

Quake is another spell that is merely an illusion in the mind of your foes. It is more effective than tremors (wizard spell), but not nearly as effective as Elemental Wave. This spell causes those not with you in a room to fall down and it also causes everyone in the rooms beside of you to fall down. It also causes those who fall to lay on the ground for a number of seconds depending on how hard the spell hits them. There is no warding and if they are anywhere close to your level of training then they will fall. It's not too useful in your everyday hunt I am afraid. Beware the effects on those around you, this spell angers.

Energy Maelstrom is a very dangerous spell. It summons a "raging tempest" that after a few moments begins to shower a room with hail, lighting, and other ill effects. The spell harms all of those who are not with the sorcerer and can instantly kill anyone unlucky enough to walk in. It is extremely bad for the sorcerer to kill an innocent with this spell in this day in time and I suggest that you never make use of the spell unless you are absolutely sure that there's NO chance of anyone coming by. Use of this sort of spell without care for those walking by is sadly misunderstood by most sorcerers and all of other professions. You have to take care not to both embarrass yourself and all sorcerers with this powerful magic. Do not take this magic lightly. The Elemental Dispel spell will destroy a cast maelstrom if you target it at the tempest. Be certain to remember this at all times and think quickly when such deadly magic is involved.

E. Elemental Defense II - Elemental Wave

Elemental Defense II is another highly useful defensive spell that I still cast every day. It creatures a bright aura around the caster.

Unlock is a fine spell for opening closed doors or objects even if they are not locked. It also unlocks some latched doors from the outside and more from the inside. It is a fine way to get inside of a box, but beware the traps - it's a fine way to meet an unnecessary death! From opening your cloak or the graveyard gate to opening a locked door in a deep dungeon. This spell is more effective when the sorcerer has more trainings and it also gains from a strong aura. You cannot unlock enruned, mithril, or glyph trapped boxes. Glyph traps are easily identified when you are disarming a box in search of traps upon it. There's a chance that you can disarm them if you are skilled in scroll reading and the only results of a failure are a trip to a place known as the rift. In this mysterious area you just keep walking to you appear where you started with the box. Even after the trap is disarmed and made harmless the box canNOT be opened by the unlock spell. Picking enhancement now aids this spell's effectiveness.

Disarm is a spell that can either disarm or set off a dangerous trap on a box or door. Beware using this spell on deadly traps - I do not cast the spell on an orc box if I see an explosive on it. It does not work on mithril, enruned, or glyph trapped boxes. Beware this spell, it is not safe to use if the trap is deadly. Disarm Enhancement now aids this spell's effectiveness.

Elemental Blast is similar to Mana Disruption and due to the weaker casting strength that the properly trained sorcerer will have in the elemental circle it is rather useless unless you want a chance of pace for some reason. This spell has been compared to an invisible broadsword that has various elemental powers.

Elemental Wave causes the mana that flows throughout all Elanthia to pulse in the room with the caster and knock everyone/thing down. It works on people, familiars, flower girls, and most creatures. This spell will bring the law down upon you in most towns under the charges of disturbing the peace. The spell will pin people down for up to twenty seconds if they are beneath you in training and it will just bounce of those that are far your superior or well trained in combat maneuvers. This spell can be dangerous - be careful if you use it in your hunt. Also, it will anger persons if you use it without responsibility. This spell will knock people from hiding and invisibility if they are not stalking or joined to the caster.

F. Spirit Fog - Unbalance

Spirit Fog is useful in certain situations and in certain locations. The spell is somewhat similar to Spirit Barrier with the exception that it puts an entire room under this effect. This spell is certainly annoying to those who do not enjoy the benefits of sorcery. It also aids in hiding. The spell is quite perfect for when one sorcerer or a group has a chance at privacy when hunting.

Spirit Protection II is another useful spell for protecting against magic.

Stun Relief is a fine spell. One key thing to remember when in the fray is that if anyone dies around you that you do not want to die then you have failed as a sorcerer. Make use of this spell and keep your fellow sorcerers alive.

Dispel Invisibility really angers mages. Don't forget that you have this spell.

Unbalance is another spell that is similar to Mana Disruption and Elemental Barrier. This spell tends to knock creatures to the ground and please warriors. Problem is that it relies on the minor spiritual spells and is harder to connect with. The only use I can think of for the spell is to weigh the value of torment on a creature (If unbalance works then torment probably will). They operate in a similar manner as far as the type of damage goes. For instance, a lava golem will not respond to the torment spell and one way to learn this without putting yourself in danger is to notice that unbalance does not work on lava golems either. This is your best bet for attacking if a foe is especially weak against spiritual magic and not sorcery.

G. Limb Disruption - Curse

Limb Disruption is quite possibly my favorite spell in the sorcery circle. This spell causes a limb (or hand) to explode in a shower of flesh and blood. If creature's hand explodes then whatever object it is carrying in that hand falls to the ground. If its arm explodes then the same reaction occurs. If its leg explodes then it falls to the ground with no chance of getting back up unless it flies or floats (or some other oddity). Also, if a full limb (arm or leg) explodes then it falls to the ground and twitches for a while. This spell is truly a beauty.

Throes of Pain causes the target creature to gasp in pain. It can be used over and over again. It is mildly useful if the creature is extremely sturdy and you normally have trouble finishing it off with a broken neck or whatever. It's also very useful if you are in a group and want to provide simple support. This is a fine spell for torture.

Nightmare is another fine spell. Everyone has their own special nightmare and this being based on their true fears never changes. I suggest that you discover your own nightmare at least once. This spell causes significant damage to any person you cast it on and has been known to kill quite often if the person is not very healthy. Also, it knocks a person or creature to the ground, causes them to sob, and/or stuns them for quite a while. In the past this spell has been known to cause a stun effect that does not wear off unless dispelled with the unstun spell. Two things to keep in mind about this spell are that if it's cast on a creature then the creature WILL die eventually and that the forget spell cancels out its effects.

Life Burst does not work. Plenty of debate over what it will do and if it will be replaced by some other spell.

Curse is a magnificent spell. This spell is sometimes referred to as "five spells in one". This spell has a varied effect in every stance except offensive for every sorcerer. In offensive stance this spell causes a drop in the magical defenses of a creature or person that cannot be blocked. The drop is based on the trainings of the sorcerer. The other curses have various effects including three that I find quite amusing. One effect is the ever-famous spell of fleas. This causes the target to scratch, take damage, and drop whatever he is carrying. Another lovely effect from this spell is a set of damage caused to the target that is similar to the nightmare spell - very painful. The third of the effects that matter and my favorite is the curse of clumsiness. This curse causes the target to take damage and trip over his own feet, then stand, then trip, then stand, then trip.... The other effects in various stances can cause drops in defensive or offensive abilities. These curses can be useful when in a group with others. The curse spell can also be used on most any item to cause it to stick to whoever is unlucky enough to pick it up. Some sorcerers keep a cursed gem in their cloaks just for the hands of any prying rogue. If you happen to cast the curse spell at a person then some or all of his worn items will be cursed just as if the spell was cast directly upon them. Beware casting any type of curse on a creature and then trying to take anything it was wearing or holding in its hands - the objects may be cursed as well! Also, if any type of blessing spell is cast upon a weapon that is cursed, the weapon will explode. This spell is extremely powerful - use it with wisdom.

H. Elemental Weapon - Elemental Strike

Elemental Weapon is a very useful spell. The spell allows the sorcerer to turn a normal weapon into the equivalent of vultite with a magical ability of fire, ice, or lightning that varies from sorcerer to sorcerer. The magical ability that you give to a weapon never changes. The spell lasts for three swings for each of the sorcerer's trainings and this can be a very long time in later years. Since the sorcerer usually relies on his magic, it is a wise idea to avoid vultite and make use of this spell for your battle needs. The wise sorcerer can also make use of this spell upon ruby (or any material that gives a weapon a diminishing effect) to make it the equivalent of ora for a less experienced ally. I have used my own Elemental Weapon for over seventy years now.

Weapon Deflection causes a target to lose a bit of his attacking strength. The spell blurs the vision and can be used for other means than just combat by a creative sorcerer.

Elemental Saturation creates a dark shadow on the target that causes it to suffer a reduction in its ability to ward off all magics. Usually only useful in combat when you are far more powerful than a creature and want to aid a younger sorcerer. Remember that your spell casting will be weaker in the elemental and spiritual circles.

Elemental Defense III is a very powerful spell that deflects both magical and physical attacks. Don't go hunting without it.

Elemental Strike is one of our most amusing and useless spells. It blasts the target for an amount of damage and then sometimes has a little extra elemental effect. The amusing part is that if you are very powerful, it can blast a rolton with enough power to kill it a hundred times over.

I. Fire Spirit - Spirit Burst

Fire Spirit is a clever little spell that launches a flare into the air. It is useful for making a show of power, killing birds, or showing your location. The spell will also warm objects for a brief moment when cast at them, burn some objects to ashes (cigars), and act as a fireball bolt spell if cast at a proper target. The spell will hit the roof and come back at you as a fireball based on your own abilities if you cast it while inside. Be creative with it.

Water Walking creates a misty halo over the target that allows them to walk on water instead of swimming in certain areas. This spell does NOT replace the swimming skill and is only applied in very few areas for an amusing pastime if anything. The misty halo is very annoying to some people...

Undisease removes a disease from someone. Helps with certain traps, people who are dying from disease, and if you ever happen to be in a pinch. The spell does NOT clean Dwarves or make it safe to go near them.

Unpoison removes a poison from someone. Helps with certain traps, people who are poisoned, wasp stings (Certain wasps cause your muscles to slow and this helps to prevent falling over), and if you ever happen to be in a pinch.

Spirit Burst is a weak and pathetic excuse for Mind Jolt. Only spell that I'll say is useless.

J. Disease - Counter Warding

Disease is definitely a favorite spell. It causes a target to lose great amounts of blood. The spell is very nasty and puts on a show of flaking skin, oozing sores, and worse when cast upon a target. Cruel and beautiful.

Evil Eye is a very useful hunting spell in later years. When a creature can be taken in by the Evil Eye spell it may be unable to move for a moment, dropped to the ground, put to sleep, sent running off in insanity, or instantly killed depending on how bad it fails its warding. (An insane creature that runs off is as good as dead except for you having no body to search) This spell can also send a person running all the way to the town gates if cast exactly right. This spell can also be used on a group of creatures if you combine it with a floating eye. Send the floating eye into a room full of creatures and then cast Evil Eye as if you were just casting it upon yourself and all the creatures (or people!) will feel its effects. The spell may be weaker when cast this way, and it's a fine way to kill people on accident. Be careful with this ability and use it very sparingly.

Torment is one of our most beautiful spells. The spell of torment calls a dark presence into our reality that will lash out at the target until it is destroyed. Should the dark presence miss the target then it will turn on the caster in its hunger. The presence will leave when either the target or caster is dead, the caster takes a serious wound to the head area, or if the concentration of the caster is broken in some other way. This spell is very dangerous to use. The less defensive the caster's stance the better chance the presence will have of hitting the target and missing the caster just in case. It is a good idea to have an excellent defense and ability at slaying a creature with magic before invoking the torment. You can walk a number of rooms away with torment in action and it will continue to work normally. The farther you are from the target increases its ability to defend and weakens your own. Having a spell prepared while the dark force attacks is a fine way to weaken your defenses and get killed. The dark presence or "it" attacks magically with the caster's strength in sorcery. Be very careful with this!

Dark Catalyst is one of our best raw attacking spells. A spell made for killing and not torture. This spell attacks a target with raw damage and then with elemental powers. Some creatures respond better than others to this spell. This can become your main hunting spell in some areas. The Dark Catalyst spell will return power to the caster when cast upon certain creatures. If you can hold no more mana and the spell returns some anyway then you will be shocked. This can be weak or devastating to the caster depending on the circumstances (Generally something that is not important). This spell relies heavily on the magical abilities of the target. Once, I cast Dark Catalyst upon a very strong wizard and he was ripped to shreds. I then cast the spell upon a warrior who could barely hold ora and it took me two casts to slay him. This is an example of the importance of power within the target to draw from for the damage done by the spell.

Implosion is without a doubt our most beautiful spell. Implosion rips open a void that sucks every object laying on the ground from a room and causes them to strike all not joined to the sorcerer, causes creatures or people that are stunned to instantly explode into bits, and sometimes just causes a target to explode right from the start. The spell's black void will then suck air from the room and surrounding rooms that will cause harm to those within that can be quite deadly. If you are vaporized by an implosion you will be dropped in your town's square in horrible condition. If you touch, walk into, or otherwise try to harass the black void created then you will be vaporized. Elemental Dispel will seal a black void - never forget this! Once, I was trapped in a dungeon before I could cast any spells that would release me from its hold and I had no options except to lay there and starve to death where no one would be able to raise my body. However, I decided to open a void and walk in which took me to town square where I was promptly healed. It was painful but necessary - always be creative!. Sometimes a walk through the void will not slay you (very, very rarely). Implosion is our most dangerous spell and is never to be used unless absolutely necessary for the greater good. its power is never to be taken lightly or imbedded for another to use. Implosion is an idea and not a common utility. Beware the results of your actions with this power.

Demonic Summoning is one of the sorcerer's most famous spells. The Faendryl used a version of it to win the day at Maelshyve, and sorcerers over the years have used it as their most fearsome power. We cannot yet invoke this spell and there's many rumors about what exactly will occur if we ever can. The general idea is that we will have a demonic being at our command. It has been said that a charismatic and well disciplined sorcerer will have better luck when the spell can be cast, but there is nothing except rumors to draw from. It is even possible that this spell will be replaced by something else one day. An important part of sorcery is at least keeping a working knowledge of the current changes. It would be a great shame to see this spell cast aside (so to speak) and I strongly urge you all to fight for its creation.

Demonic Banishing is the thirtieth spell in the sorcerer's circle and it will work with Demonic Summoning to get rid of a demon if necessary. It also cannot be cast, of course.

Counter Warding is another spell that has nothing except rumors behind it. When the spell can be cast it is said that it will work as either a way to eliminate a creatures defensive abilities against sorcery for a time or a way to attack a creature with its own magic. Only time will tell and the spell is quite likely to be replaced by something completely different if it is ever created. It is the fiftieth spell in the sorcerer's circle.

K. Piercing Gaze - Minor Elemental

Piercing Gaze allows you to see into closed containers. This spell will set off glyph traps and certain deadly traps. It is best used to look into a box and see the diamond before using phase to fetch it. If you know that a box has a glyph trap on it and you need a quick escape then use Piercing Gaze for a trip to the rift. Very amusing plot. The spells allows you a very clear look at the items within a container and is useful if you have a very full cloak or such, as well.

Elemental Dispel is one of our most widely used spells. Elemental Dispel can ruin enchantments, make the elemental blade spell less effective for younger ones, ruin magic items, dissolve wizard clouds, close black voids, dissolve raging tempests, and so on. The spell can also remove a prepared spell, dispel a barrier, or remove some mana from a person in that order with no chance of warding. The spell is very powerful and very useful. Keep it ready when casting voids or tempests. Also: If a dark cloud is cast by a Call Lightning spell then a cast of Elemental Dispel will cause it to form and throw a bolt immediately. Do not try and dispel a dark cloud of call lighting when it is over your head!

Mana Focus is a dangerous spell. The spell is based on your aura and number of trainings for success. If you fail to cast it properly or cast it when another Mana Focus is already in place then you will be struck by a bolt which allows no chance for warding that can be very deadly. The spell causes a Mana Focus to stay in place for an amount of time as long as you stand upon it. The Mana Focus will help you regain power more quickly and has no other benefits. If you move from the Mana Focus then it will vanish after a little while.

Mass Elemental Defense casts Elemental Defense on everyone joined to you. Just cast as if you were casting on yourself and everyone will feel the effects. Fine for hunting, but I wouldn't go selling it off in town square or just offering to every stranger. Use taste. Magic is a gift that takes years of study to master - do not give it to every fool.

Magic Item Creation is a spell that sounds far more interesting and useful than it really is. The sorcerer needs a properly prepared item to be used with this spell to create a magical artifact. The most common items are wands or rods created by rangers with the imbue spell from sticks, items purchased from an alchemist's shop, or wands/rods/amulets found on dead creatures that do not already have a spell within. To make the explanation of finding the right item very simple - cast Elemental Detection at an item you suspect will work with this spell and if you feel that the flows of essence are attracted to the item then it will work with the magic item spell.

Using Magic Item Creation:

Step 1. Find an item that will work with the spell. Cast Elemental Detection at it and see if the flows are attracted to it to be certain.

Step 2. Cast Magic Item Creation upon your item. You will see that you are linked with the item. This will last for a short while.

Step 3. Imbed the item with a spell for an indicated number of charges. Then indicate how the item is invoked. (Wands and rods are waved, amulets and most other objects are rubbed).

The Magic Item Creation spell will allow the sorcerer to learn from it one time each day. The more spells you fit into an item and the more you learn. The best amulets and such to buy for the spell are tanik (When you take both the waiting period and power of the artifact) and the best for holding mana overall seem to be rods found on creatures (brass, tin, or steel). There's a guide or two about imbedding around that will explain it all in further detail. You cannot imbed any spell more powerful than the magic item spell itself (cannot imbed Wall of Force for instance), and it is a very bad idea to imbed an item with either maelstrom or implosion for anyone except yourself. Frankly, I find the spell boring. Sorcery is to be applied in combat and powerful rituals - not while sitting around with a tanik amulet.

Elemental Targeting aids your skills with the weapon. This spell also aids your abilities with elemental magics and less so with sorcery depending how well you are trained in the elemental circle. Knowing fifty spells in the elemental circle gives you the maximum bonus this spell allows.

Elemental Barrier gives you both a physical defense and a defense against all magics that depends on how many spells you know in the elemental circle. Knowing fifty elemental spells gives you the maximum bonus this spell allows.

Minor Elemental is the fiftieth spell in the Minor Elemental spell circle. This spell can not yet be cast and it was originally predicted to teleport the caster and his group to the nearest mana focus. However, it is unlikely that this spell will in fact become a teleportation spell given recent changes in various spell lists. One can only guess what the purpose of this spell shall be when it is ever completed.

L. Locate - Wall of Force

Locate Person (116) is a spell simply used to locate other people in your area. The spell can be very far reaching, but it will not allow you to see another person if they are in Shadow Valley, on Teras isle, in the Broken Lands, in Icemule, in River's Rest, in Hearthstone Manor, in Pinefar, or in certain other locations unless you are in that same area. The spell will not target those who are hiding or invisible. The spell will not be effective on those who have the "Unpresence" spell cast upon them.

Guidance is a spell that allows you to attack with far greater strength. Useful if you want to toy with your weapon or aid one who relies on it.

Webbing causes sticky webs to fly from the caster's hand and wrap up the target considering that their warding against your spiritual magic fails. A webbed target's defenses to physical attack are lowered a great deal. The spell is very amusing and useful if you want to aid a warrior in combat. If you are a sorcerer who likes to show their superiority to another in a non-threatening and perhaps almost amusing way then this is your best bet. Just be careful that you do not throw webbing onto someone in an area where they could be attacked.

Herb Production grows a random herb. You obviously cannot grow potions and such from the earth. Have to be outside to use the spell and sometimes your luck with it can be very poor. The spell can be amusing if you carry herbs around with you for some reason or have a great deal of power to waste. Use the spell with the wizard's rapid fire spell and a whole lot of power for a clever effect of growing fifty herbs in a row.

Lesser Shroud is a stylish defensive spell that is extremely valuable to the sorcerer.

Call Lightning (125) creates a cloud that appears over the target. After the cloud sits for a while it will cause a number of lightning bolts to strike it. If your target is a creature or person then the bolts will strike it a few times. If your target is an object then there will be only one lightning bolt. Some objects will be vaporized by this spell. Casting the spell on a closed chest will vaporize the box and leave the contents behind at the risk of destroying some of the contents or setting off a trap. The silver in the box will also be melted into a slab that can be sold for half the value of the silvers at the gem shop. The target may dodge the lightning, but it is unlikely. Casting Elemental Dispel once at the cloud will cause it to form immediately and begin throwing lightning bolts onto a target. Never try to dispel a cloud over your head - just move!

Spirit Guide is a very useful spell. It will take you to the meeting area of whatever town you are in, to a usually safe place in a dungeon or whatever, or to the exit of said dungeon. If you cannot hear the thoughts of the town with a crystal amulet then you can bet that you are cut off from it and the Spirit Guide spell will not take you back to town immediately. Use this spell wisely to escape from battle. Save yourself and your party from death. You do not need to be leading a party for this spell to work on everyone.

Wall of Force is a very powerful defensive spell. It is especially useful in later years. It is not necessary that you have this spell the day you get fifty trainings, but always keep it in the back of your mind.

Notes concerning spell casting:

Keep in mind that your casting ability will be different in the three different areas of spells available to you (Minor Elemental, Minor Spiritual, and Sorcery) when using combat spells due to your training being focused on sorcery.

Some creatures will respond differently to elemental or spiritual magics than to sorcery. Try all of your options.

I cannot stress enough that you must use care with the spells of Implosion, Maelstrom, and Evil Eye (when coupled with your floating eye). Misuse of these spells can result in accidental deaths which then result in people looking down upon all sorcerers. I have seen one episode of a misused implosion turn around and become a large issue of sorcerers possibly losing their greatest spell. Never use these spells unless absolutely necessary. Never use these spells in town! Never imbed these spells!

Recent plans have been made that would change both the spells of implosion and maelstrom so that they have a less dangerous effect on the sorcerer's surroundings. As this document it is written no real and visible steps have been taken in this direction, but it is likely that some of the information concerning safety will no longer apply before the year is out.

Know when to use that Elemental Wave, Unstun, Spirit Guide, or Spirit Fog spell. Keeping your party alive as well as yourself in combat is your number one goal.

III. Accepted Laws of Sorcery

All sorcerers are members of the same family dedicated to intelligence, knowledge, and the strengthening of our great art. As this is a truth for all respectable sorcerers then it is also truth that we all must understand an unspoken code of rules.

A. Never raise sword or spell in anger against a fellow sorcerer unless he first raises attack against you or yours. It does nothing for the arts if we should die at each other's hands. Using your spells for educational purposes is another story all together...

B. Always show proper respect and reverence to those who are your elders and masters in the arts. There is nothing to learn in refusing to listen to those who shall always know more than you when it comes to matters of magic.

C. Do not use the powers of sorcery to interfere directly with political matters for your own purposes. The sorcerer holding the rank and titles thereof is not meant to use his magics to mold the history of Elanthia in any shape that does not provide for him further arcane knowledge or power. If you should participate in government matters then you do so by your own name and not as a sorcerer representing us all.

D. Use the powers of sorcery sparingly as people fear that which they have rarely seen or felt. The words of the true sorcerer are more powerful than his greatest of magics.

E. Uphold the elegance and superiority that comes with the powers of sorcery. All sorcerers should dress in attire that befits their arts and station. It is also important that all respectable sorcerers behave in a manner that represents their knowledge and power.

F. Never step on a Dwarf. The wear and tear on your boots from such an incident is hard to repair.

G. Slay Many.

Should you witness any sorcerer behaving in a manner that brings shame upon the arts then it is your duty to attempt to explain to him the error in his ways.

IV. True Power

The true power of the sorcerer and of any man for that matter is within his mind. The way you present yourself is more important than trainings, silver, and the casting of a spell. If you cannot appreciate the beauty, history, and allure of Elanthia without trying to reach one more training at every moment then you are a failure. Power is not about training, fame, or silver and it never was - never will be.

Being a powerful sorcerer is about respect for your arts and the work it takes to wield them. You should never forget that you as a sorcerer should be dignified, respectable, and commanding. Even if the people around you are idiotic - it is your goal to rise above and embrace what your position demands from you.

The men that make our arts great are not those who choose to train as many times as possible within a month, or those who wish to see how high their name can be upon some list. It is your choice as to how you shall present yourself, but remember that respect is earned through intelligence - never through hunting. Be aware of your appearance. Be aware that you are a sorcerer.

High Lord Silvean Faendryl Rashere H.S. M.S.A.

To the masters of the academies of sorcery upon Elanith soil and to all the sages at Biblia I dedicate this as my final writing required for the degree: D.S.A.

My regards to Thalior, Bleeds, Lylia, Sylvendale, Otterex, and Starsnuffer for being some of the greatest sorcerers (or sorcerer at heart) that I have met.

The true power is within your minds, sorcerers...

Contributor's Note

While a majority of this essay was originally intended to serve as a guide to Sorcery, much of the information regarding the various spells is grossly out-of-date. Because of this, this document is not included in Category:Guides and is archived instead in Category:Essays in its entirety for historical purposes only. Taken from the House Chesylcha library, c.1999.