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The First Tier of Holy Receptacle (325) creates a low-powered philosopher's stone, capable of transmuting Silver to Gold. At this point, only the silver slabs created by blowing up boxes via Call Lightning (125) and silver wands containing Minor Shock (901) can be transmuted, yielding either a more-valuable slab of gold, or a golden wand containing the spell Minor Fire (906).

A gem thus blessed is usable by anyone the Cleric may give the gem to, although the gem will not work if the slab or wand in question is more valuable than the stone was to begin with.


In order to make a Silver to Gold gem, the cleric must have:

Any character may use a Silver to Gold gem, once created. However, those without training in Spiritual Lore, Religion will find it more difficult to activate the gem.


Syntax - bless deity common 1
As you chant a short litany, the (gem) (movement) in the palm of your hand.  Once the motion has ceased, you take notice of the (quality) detail contained within the (gem).

During the creation of the stone, a visual prompt of the stone's apparent quality is provided, as does a verb indicating the number of charges . As the stone is used, charges are consumed and the apparent quality will degrade. The maximum value of the transformable item does not change, however.

Syntax - look (gem)

The (gem) (movement) in the palm of your hand causing specks of light to illuminate its (quality) form.

>look pearl
The pink pearl twitches in your hand causing specks of light to illuminate its good form.
  • One charge remaining: "The pink pearl twitches in your hand."
  • Two charges remaining: "The uncut diamond turns in your hand."
  • Three charges remaining: "The emerald spins in your hand."

Quality is based on the quality of the gem as APPRAISEd. Note that the spell will yield the true quality of the gem, which is independent of its value. Skill in Trading or seeking a Bard to loresing the gem will indicate the quality prior to casting the spell. Quality affects both the value of converted slabs and the chance for success.


Syntax - rub (gem) on (silver/wand)
>rub diamond on wand
You carefully rub the surface of your uncut diamond over the silver wand.  Emerald green sparks appear between the diamond and the wand that soon cover the entire surface of the silver wand in an aquamarine mist.  As the aquamarine mist dissipates, you notice the coloring of the silver wand has changed to golden hue.  Green fractures quickly spread across your uncut diamond causing the diamond to shatter and evaporate in a puff of jade smoke.

Using a Silver to Gold gem will raise the weight and value of a slab of silver, or convert a silver wand into a gold one, at the expense of a charge from the gem. When all the charges are used the gem will shatter, as shown above. This process is not reversible.